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The Glowing City

Guest JosieTash

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Story Title: The Glowing City

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Multiple characters (but particularly Maddie, Belle and Annie)

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: SC, VD, Drug references

Summary: Maddie, Belle and Annie are in danger !!!

Author Note – this story is set in August 2007, and it has a few carry-overs [Maddie/Belle etc] from one of my other bttb fan fics, "Kiss My Arse (And Other Poses)"


Maddie awakes from her slumber – but her NIGHTMARE continues!!!!

She’s in COMPLETE darkness!!!!!!!! when she says, “Belle, Annie – Are you still there?”

Belle replies, “Both here”

Maddie enquires, “Anything changed?’

Annie says, “That WAS a joke wasn’t it?”

Maddie, Belle & Annie have been locked in this totally DARK, CRAMPED room for weeks now, completely unaware of why they are here, or who has them hostage.

Each of the trio tries to keep positive in the ordeal. The youngest of the three, Annie Campbell, thinks of the much happier times that, eventually, led to her current predicament.

FLASHBACK - Annie, on her 1st day at SBH, is being harassed by several of the other girls - because of her home schooling background. Maddie & Belle, hand in hand as always, round the corner of one of the school buildings and see the harassment that is going on. Maddie & Belle rush over to where Annie is. They can see/hear that Annie is putting up a good [verbal] fight, but Annie is VERY relieved when the 2 older girls approach and “suggest” to the girls doing the harassing that they shouldn’t be so mean to the new girl.

Maddie & Belle take Annie under their wing, initially to stop the harassment, but, as they spend time with the youngster, Maddie in partic bonds with the newbie at SBH, as they both were farm girls.

Annie then remembers the 1st time she saw Maddie & Belle kiss. It was quite a shock to her, esp. given the uber religious upbringing that she’d received form her grand father Bruce. Annie, however, knows that she wasn't going to let her grandfather’s views stop her from being friends with Maddie & Belle.

Annie’s thoughts are interrupted when Maddie says,”Hey, that was weird”

Belle responds “What, my lover?”

Maddie replies “I think our baby just kicked!!!”

Belle says “Not joking again, are you?”

Maddie replies [with a definite conviction in her voice] “I can’t believe it - We’re REALLY going to be mums, Belle”

Maddie burst into tears – both at the joy of this new happening, and the sadness of being where they are … in this cold, dank, dark nowhere.

Maddie says [excitedly] “Belle, you HAVE to feel this. You too, Annie!!!”

Belle replies, “That’s amazing” – as the bub kicks when Belle puts her hand on her lover’s tummy. Belle thinks that it’s almost surreal that life should find a way even .... where ever they are.

Annie puts her hand of Maddie’s stomach. She has no trouble doing so, as, because of the lack of the light [sense of sight] in here, all 3 girls other sense has WAAAAY been enhanced.

Maddie thinks of how she got here, i.e. pregnant

FLASHBACK – Maddie is sitting on the couch of the Hunter house. Belle is beside Maddie, comforting her lover. Maddie is already deeply missing Kit, who, in the proceeding weeks, went back to city – and took little Archie with her [of course].

Over the next few days, Belle notices that Maddie is REALLY feeling “down”. Although Belle initially thinks that it’s the [bayside] loss of Kit, she realizes that Maddie is missing someone else even more.

Belle says “You’re REALLY missing the little one, aren’t you?”

Maddie replies “You sooooooo know me too well”

Belle responds “Glad that we can see little Archie each weekend. Just a bus ride away”

Belle is then shocked when Maddie says “I want to have a baby. [pause] I know that probably sounds like I’m just reacting to the “loss” of Archie, but I want my OWN little one”

Maddie almost can’t Belle’s response, “if you want to be a mum, let’s find a way to make it happen”

Maddie hugs & kisses Belle – then says, “You’re amazing, my lover”

After both have “bathed” in the joy of their decision to be parents, the realities kick in. Maddie wonders, “Mind being the breadwinner of the family? I want to drop out of school early – don’t want to be sitting in maths class wondering what our little one is doing at home”

Belle responds, “I agree with the school thing, and it’s not like you can’t go back to finish your HSC later. [pause] Anyway, unless a miracle happens, we are going to need to get a guy involved in all of this”

Maddie replies, “Totally. I don’t know how you’ll feel about this, but I’m not that keen to do this all clinically. I REALLY want to make love … will feel more “right”. Are you cool with that?”

Maddie is surprised when Belle doesn't hesitate when she says, “Who’ve you got in mind?”

Maddie replies “I know that he’s been through a lot ….”

Belle cuts in, “If you say Kimmy, I might have to kill you”

Maddie responds “No, I was thinking about Lucas. I know that we’ve both been with him, and he's had the whole Naomi business recently, but I think that he’s level headed enough to handle all this"

Maddie is snapped out of her thoughts of the past by a now very familiar sound.

To Be Continued .......

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And now for CHAPTER 2!!!

Belle, Maddie & Annie all hear the small slot in the door open, and they WAAAY instantly smell the food that their captors have given them.

Although, in previous meal times, Maddie & Belle had allowed young Annie to have slightly more of the food, all 3 know now that Maddie is eating for two – and Annie certainly didn’t mind the change, as some food, with GREAT friends, was better than being alone in a woeful situation like this.

In Summer Bay, most [if not all] of the ppl in the seaside community about frantic about the trio’s disappearance.

Sally, whose foster family now includes Annie & her brother Geoff, is beside herself with anguish. Brad, Ric, Alf and little Pippa do their best to help Sally in any way that they can, but Annie isn’t Sal’s only concern – as Cassie fled the Bay just over a month ago.

The whole vibe of Cassie’s disappearance is different [to that of the missing trio] as just before Cassie left the bay, she & Alex Poulos had got VERY close. Indeed, close enough to the point that the ppl of the bay discovered that Cassie was helping Alex sell illegal drugs!!!!!

In the city, Peter Baker, although not personally assigned to the case of the missing trio of girls, is getting the detectives assigned to that case to keep him constantly informed of their progress.

Amanda, meanwhile, is using her “clout” [as a high profile actress] to REALLY get the word to the public about her missing daughter and friends.

In the bay, Lucas is deeply concerned about the missing trio, esp. since, just days before their disappearance, Maddie revealed to him that she is pregnant – with a home test that was soon after confirmed by an appointment with Rachel.

FLASHBACK – Maddie & Belle arrive at the hunter house, where Lucas is waiting for them. Lucas says “so, what’s the deal? Whatever you girls are on about, it sounded rather urgent”

Maddie replies, “Now Luc, we want you to waaaaaaaaay think about what we are about to ask you. Belle & I want to have a baby”

Lucas wonders, “And?”

Maddie replies, “I’d rather actually sleep with someone, instead of going all test tubey with this”

Lucas [kinda in shock] responds, “You want me to be the father? [Maddie & Belle nod] and you want me to actually sleep with you? [Maddie nods] why me? Why THIS way?”

Maddie replies, “Well Luc, for the most part, you’ve got a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay great temperament, and that will be a great counterpoint to, well, my “occasionally” diva-ish antics … and Belle’s. [belle cheekily smiles at that comment] as for the actually sleeping with you, the old fashioned way just seems “right”.

Lucas responds “I’ll have to think about this. Are you cool with this Belle?”

Belle replies “Anything my lover wants, she gets. [pause] I know that Maddie & I will be the parents of this child, but if there’s ANY other way that you want into our child’s life, we’re totally cool with that.

Maddie adds, “You can be, like, cooooool Uncle Lucas - and when all 3 of us think it’s the right time, we’ll tell the child about what happened. Although, given this town’s nature for small mindedness, that day will probably come MUCH sooner than we plan it to – with our child having 2 mums and all”

Belle says “Anyway, just give the idea some thought. No pressure”

Lucas realises that he is getting way emotional inside [naturally] with all those thoughts of Maddie, Belle and the baby, so he decides to switch off his thoughts, and switch on some mindless TV.

Tony enters the room and wonders “how are you holding up, Lucas? I know how close that you & Maddie & Belle have been of late”

Lucas replies “Dad, we’re actually closer than you think. Maddie & I, well, we slept together”

Tony [in shock] responds “What!!! I thought ….”

Lucas cuts in “it’s not what you think. Belle & Maddie are MUCHLY still together. Indeed, I had Belle’s permission [to sleep with Maddie].

As Tony looks at his son with a totally confused expression on his face, Lucas continues “Maddie realised that, after Beth died and Kit bailed to the city with Archie, she REALLY wanted to be a mum – so Maddie & Belle came to me and asked me to be the father”

Tony replies “so, what's the deal now?”

Lucas responds “Just days before Maddie & Belle took Annie to the city to show her the sights, Maddie told me that she is 100%, confirmed by Rachel, pregnant. We kept it quiet just in case Maddie “lost” the child early. You know how it is with 1st time mums”.

Tony immediately phones Jack [yabbie creek police station], who contacts Peter [city], who, in turn, informs Claire Brody [the detective heading up this missing persons case] of the now added urgency of finding Belle, Annie and Maddie and her unborn child.

Whilst Claire and her team get to work, Peter phones Tony. He wonders if Lucas wants to break to the news to Amanda. After a chat with Lucas, Tony contacts Peter. Tony says that Lucas is too emotional about all of this to tell Amanda.

Peter phones home, and Amanda, after seeing [with the caller ID thing] who is phoning her, picks up the phone, and rather frantically says “Any news on Belle?”

Peter responds, “Yes, but not the kind that you’d be expecting. Lucas told Tony that Maddie is pregnant!!! Belle & Maddie are going to raise the child, so it looks like you’re going to be a grandma”

Amanda, of course, wonders how all this [pregnancy] has happened, and Peter fills her in – with the info that he got from Tony [via Lucas].

Meanwhile, in THAT pitch black room, Belle, Maddie & Annie, at various times, call out – to hopefully make their captors aware of Maddie’s condition, but they get NO response what so ever.

Also, Belle laughs - and the other two girls wonder specifically why, as the trio were ALL trying to keep their spirits up ANY way they can.

To Be Continued …..

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Time for ….. CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!

Belle says “because we’ve been in these clothes “forever” [since they were kidnapped], I was thinking of last summer, when mum kissed when VERY photogenic backside”

All 3 girls think of their mums, with Maddie & Annie hoping that somewhere out there, their mums are watching over them – esp. in this, their darkest hours. Belle, naturally, thought of how her very muchly alive mum must be “slightly” stressing right now, with her “baby” girl missing.

Annie says “I know I’ve heard the stories before, but please, can you two tell me about that awesome last summer, when you both bared a LOT more than your soul to the world”

Both Maddie & Belle laugh, and sometimes cry, as they tell Annie their tales of those saucy Baby Babes calendar photo shoots, and how Maddie & Belle 1st got [romantically] together.

See the below for more …

http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?sh...21138&st=44 [Chapter 10]

http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?sh...21138&st=51 [Chapter 13]

Maddie then says, “I hope I look just as amazing when I’m as big as Kit did during those photo shoots”

Annie replies “and hey, when your daughter is, like, our age now, how about the 4 of us appearing in a similar calendar”

Belle wonders “Daughter?”

Annie says “I can just “feel” it. All feisty and awesome – like her mums”

Maddie adds, “And can you imagine the masterpiece that Lucas will create out of all of this [hostage drama]”

Nearby, WAAAAAY unknown to the girls, are some of the ppl who have them hostage. The kidnappers are drug dealers, who also “sample” the products they sell.

Indeed, the day that Maddie and her friends were “taken”, their captors [some of whom, unknown to Belle etc, are ppl they know] were “slightly” affected by drugs as they were selling some of their stash discreetly in the streets.

As Maddie & Belle showed Annie the sights of Sydney, the trio innocuously passed a drug deal that was taking place on the other side of the street. However, the dealers saw Annie and her friends, and one of this drug gang immediately started following the girls – to make sure they didn't squeal.

A couple of hours later, as Maddie and her friends were heading for the bus depot [for journey back to the bay], they were pounced on by several ppl. Belle & Co had NO chance of fighting back, as they were “jumped” from behind – and when they awoke [Maddie did so 1st], they were in this cramped, dark room.

Maddie, Belle & Annie would be truly shocked to know that the gang that is holding them captive includes ….............. Alex and Cassie!!!!!

FLASHBACK/BACKSTORY – after Alex arrived back in the bay [June 2007], Cassie was instantly attracted by his charm. Alex secretly begins to sell illegal drugs in the Bay, and the increasingly attracted to him cassie discovers this, but Cassie KNOWS that she loves Alex and is prepared to be in this kind of life to be with him..

Indeed, Cassie herself starts [of course secretly] dealing, even whilst she live in the house of [sBH principal] Brad and the much loved Sally. Brad & sally notice that Cassie had seemed to be more distant that usual, but they were also coping with the new additions to their foster family - Annie & Geoff Campbell. The latter duo had to adjust to many things - normal school, foster brothers & sisters, the larger amount of ppl that they now encountered daily etc.

Alex, since he returned form Greece, had gained few, if any friends, whilst Cassie seemed to be losing her [incl Maddie & belle] by the day.

Alex knew that he & Cassie couldn’t “live” off their drug dealing in the bay, so they fled the small town for the city – on the morning of the day that Leah discovered a tiny amount of Alex’s “stash” in her house!!!

The police, including Jack & Lara, searched Leah’s place form top to bottom, but found no further drugs. Leah then went to the van park house, where sally has already reelling from Cassie’s disappearance.

Naturally, word spread throughout the bay side town about why Alex fled- and sally was partic SHOCKED when some of the SBH students went to the police, informing them that cassie has sold them drugs.

The whole town was in a state of disbelieve, esp. Sally, Brad, Leah, Ric, Maddie, Belle and newcomers Annie & Geoff. The country kids hadn’t experienced ANYTHING like this –and Annie waaaaaaaay needed need a great friend or two to deal with this, and Maddie & Belle were sooooooooooo there for her ….

Just as they still are now, even in this “hell” that is their prison.

Amanda really wanted to family to be around her, and Ryan eagerly joins his mum in the city. He wasn’t the only person who moves into Peter & Amanda’s house – Kit & Archie, on Amanda’s request, were now also living at the abode of Kit’s former enemy.

Amanda LOVED being close to Maddie’s sister and a little one like Archie. Part of Amanda sometimes thought that she might NEVER see her daughter again – but usually, one look at Archie solved these tiny losses of faith.

Bayside, Sally was having a hard time coping with the disappearance of her two children – both for completely, she thought, different reasons.

No none knew where Annie & her friends are - certainly not Sally, and not even Cassie knows that each time [in her dazed, drugged state] that she gives food to the captives, she is giving that food to 2 of her former best friends AND her foster sister.

Cassie was just too out of it to care about ANYTHING anymore!!!

To Be Continued ….

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Our story continues with …. CHAPTER 4!!!

In the city, Peter is becoming frustrated, as Claire regularly informed him that all of the leads that the police have received led to dead ends. On the plus side at least, is the news that fresh info form the public seemed to be coming in again – after the VERY public pleas for help by the likes of Amanda, Kit and Luc.

In the heart of THAT darkness, the missing trio kept on with their now quite regular practice of one of the 3 sleeping whilst the other 2 kept each other company.

Annie was steadily going accustomed to, just as she drifted off to sleep, Belle & Maddie being affectionate towards each other. Annie grew to quite like the awesome sound of the lovers kissing or, say, Belle fondling Maddie’s [clad pr otherwise] breasts. Annie esp. likes it when Belle [beside her] or Maddie [beside Belle] gave Annie a “good night” kiss. Annie loves that she is SOOOO loved – even in this “hell”, and she even grew accustomed to Belle & Maddie sensually moaning, as the lovers touch each other’s most private of parts ….. Sex by brail NEVER sounded, or [for Maddie & Belle] felt soooooo good.

When Annie is awake, she is very worried about how her brother Geoff is coping with ALL this. She knows that sally, Ric & Brad – and ALL of the seaside community - will do all they could to help Geoff, but Annie is thinking that, just maybe, Geoff is feeling even more alone than she is.

Annie couldn’t be more right – as that very morning, Ric had bailed for the van park house very early for a surf, but even before ric bailed for the beach, Geoff was already up and about. Indeed, when Ric returned form his surf [during which he’d talked to Tony & Luc about everything that’s happening, esp. Maddie’s pregnancy], Geoff still hadn’t returned to the van park house.

Sally & Brad are very worried about Geoff, and sally couldn’t resist saying “Ric, PLEASE don’t go missing, I don’t know how I’d cope”. Although the comment started out as a joke, Sally was all but in tears when she finished saying it - and Brad does his best to comfirt sally by hugging her.

Sally then contacts all her friends, incl Leah & Martha, and many ppl search the coastal town form top to bottom in a bid to find to find Geoff, but they are without success.

Martha wonders if Geoff has returned to his old family home – so Martha, Alf & Ric go to old Campbell farm to see if Annie’s brother is there. They seem to have no luck, but the hiding Geoff occasionally sees them walk by him. Indeed, it’s only a bit of old farm girl thinking by Martha which finds the missing teen. Geoff instantly tries to run away, but Ric, Martha & Alf convince him to stop, and to come back to the bay.

Geoff, braving his sad emotions, think that he’ll NEER see his sister again – but Martha & co are able to convince Geoff that, if the missing trio are still tighter, Maddie & belle would do all they can to keep Annie form harm.

Sally is sitting at the dining table of the van park house, with little Pippa, waiting for ANY news about her lost children. Sally can’t help but think of the times that she has been missing in the past, esp. when she was kidnapped, and almost killed by, the stalker.

Sally prayed that somehow, someway that Eve HADN’T faked her own death AGAIN [after Jack & Martha’s reception] and now had Annie & her friends hostage, or worse.

Sally is lost in her own thoughts, and she doesn’t even realize that several ppl have entered the house. Ric calls out to his foster mum, which snaps Sally out of her thoughts – and sally is OVERJOYED to see Geoff. Indeed, she rushes over and hugs the still way worried teen. Geoff tries to apologies, but Sally stops him – as she knows that they are all trying to deal with these dire circumstances any way they can.

So too, are those at the heart of the crisis – Maddie, Belle & Annie.

Their captors are still feeding the prisoners, but the endless darkness, and uncertainty continues. The trio wonders what’s going to happen to them, and they are also thinking of all those ppl in the bay who are no doubt worried sick about the missing trio.

It’s WAAAAAAAY a period of unease, and although the girls chat to each other, and Belle & Maddie still “get close”, but moments of TRUE laughter are rare now.

So much so, that Belle is awoken from her latest sleep way earlier than usual [as the girls had been getting a pretty “regular” amount of sleep each time]. Belle, however, doesn’t mind being woken by the rather boisterous laughter – as Maddie & Annie swap silly/embarrassing stories from their lives as farm girls!!!

Belle says “You’re not trying to steal Maddie away form me, are you Annie? Because a catfight in here could get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY crazy”

Annie responds with a bit of a laugh - and its infectious, as Maddie & Belle join in. The laughter makes Annie think of the great day they had in the city – before everything went wrong and they ended up in …. where ever they are now.

To Be Continued ….

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Many many thanks for cooooooooooooooooooooooool, and kinda surprising, comments !!!!

To the half way instalment, we come ….. CHAPTER 05 !!!

FLASHBACK : Maddie, Belle & Annie eagerly get off the bus and quickly make their way to the very fashionable heart of the city. Annie had NEVER seen this many ppl in the one place in her short life – but she waaaaaaaaaay enjoyed the window shopping, and her actual 1st big city purchases.

The trio, naturally, visits all the mayor sites of the city : the Opera House, the needle like AMP tower, the BIG aquarium near Darling Harbor – with its underwater travelator type walkway, and all kinds of sea life, incl sharks, passing overhead, and one of the pylons of the Habour Bridge, which inside contained lots of great info about the mighty structure’s history.

Annie was feeling partic brave, so she suggested that the ride on one of the jet boats which “hoons” around the habour – with its sudden stops, 180 & 360 degree spins, waaaaaaaaaaaaay fast change of direction. All 3 girls, and their fellow passengers were a tad soaked, but Belle & co didn’t care – it was SUCH a rush, as [kinda] was going on the monorail around much of the inner city.

Annie thought to herself that it had been a fantastic day – one of the best of her pretty sheltered life -until whatever happened to land them in this dark, cramped room.

The 3 girls could only JUST sit side by side, and there was barely enough room for their legs to be fully stretched in whilst they were sitting, and NONE of the trio could fully stand up. The girls realized VERY early on that they seemed to be in a what appeared to be a cut down version of a room with a single toilet in it – cut down in a way that the roof on said room was JUST high enough so each of the girls could just sit totally in the upright position where they on the loo. The girls couldn’t even stretch back a bit where tween the toilet and the walls either side, as the room was set up in a way that the area in front of the toilet was the widest part of the small room [see diagram below – a view of the small room from above, with the small rectangle at front representing the food hatch, and the oval at back for the loo].


Belle and her friends, each day, did any kind of exercise they could – esp. things that kept some strength in their legs, or, say, pushing hard against the walls with their arms, to maintain strength there too.

Annie recalled those VERY early days in this “hell” – adjusting to the confines [LOTS of bangs of heads, arms & legs against the walls & ceiling], the now totally constant darkness, all 3 crying out for HEEEEEEEELP at the top of their lungs, then deliberate banging against the walls etc, hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE could hear them, and come to their rescue.

After all the banging & shouting proofed ineffective, Maddie & her friends tried to use the food “drops” as a way to launch an offensive of some kind, but those deliveries always appeared to be at different times, with no set pattern what so ever, and that inconsistency has continues to today, weeks after the girls were 1st captured.

What Belle, Maddie & Annie didn’t know is that one of their captors is having a crisis of conscience - as in between the drug dealing and drug taking, CASSIE knew that she is doing bad things, but her insistence on keeping the captives alive is her way of fighting her current circumstances!!!

If only Cassie knew WHO she is saving.

Peter is at his desk at work when Claire eagerly approaches. One of the uniformed police has called in – with a report of a backpack much like Annie’s that have been found!!!

Claire goes to the scene of where the backpack was found – in an alley way in the city. Claire puts on some gloves [so to not have her prints on the bag] and open the bag – it seems it be completely empty, but Claire feels that something small is in there. She unzips a tiny compartment in the bag, and removes a roll of “old school” camera film.

Claire quickly gets the roll developed, and she is pleased to discover that the pics are, indeed, of Annie, Belle, Maddie & their day in the city!!!

As Claire pieces together where/when/what time are pics was taken, she contacts the like of Amanda, Irene & Sally, to see if they had any more info on where the girls planned to go that day.,

Amanda was really taking all of this hard, as she’d had lunch with the trio the day they went missing. Indeed, when Amanda gets to the city police station, she looks at the developed pics, and ADORES seeing belle’s face again, albeit just a photo of it.

Amanda tells Claire where she remembers that the girls said they would be heading after lunch – and some of the photos match the places that Amanda has said.

Claire, after getting word that no other fingerprints [beyond those of Annie & her friends etc] were on the backpack, goes to where the bag was found. She does so with several uniformed officers. They also check out various other places that the trio had planned to go that fateful afternoon – but no further clues are revealed.

Claire is further concerned by the info that, despite constant media pieces about the missing trio, the amount of leads form the public has all but dried up.

Inside that dark, cramped somewhere, Maddie, Belle & Annie are getting REALLY worried – as meal times have become much unless frequent. Maddie tries her best to hold in her anger, but she’s partic worried about the little one growing inside here.

Maddie just can't help it – she SCREAMS wildly AND bashes the walls with ALL her might, without success of course.

Belle hugs her lover – and the just [waaaaaaaay startled by the unexpected commotion] awoken Annie makes it a group embrace.

To Be Continued …..

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sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool that you are LOVING this tale.

comments are AWEOME !!!!

Time for things to get intriquing ...... CHAPTER 6!!!

Nearby THAT room, Alex – who has been put in charge of the captives, and knows who the captives are, incl [through the media] Maddie’s pregnancy – is keen to “do way” with Annie & her friends, but Cassie insists that she doesn’t want any more blood on her hands, so to speak.

Alex is worried that Cassie will let the captives escape if she knows who they are, so he keeps her in the dark about their identities – and its not like Cassie has ever even asked that question, as knowing who is in the cramped room would makes her feel all of this [dread] even more.

Cassie, however, does “put her foot down”. She insists on going back to more frequent food "drops", albeit at random times – and Alex allows this, as he imagines that Cassie might try to discover who’s in THAT room if denies her “request”.

In the Bay, Sally can see that Ric & Geoff are waaaaaaaaaaay just moping about. She suggets that they should get away from the bay for a few days.

Ric contacts Drew & Lucas and the 4 teen males head up the coast [in Ric’s van] for a bit of a recharge.

After Drew and co arrive at another coastal town [with a beach that quite good, but not as great as the one in the Bay], Geoff tries to put aside his thoughts about what Annie might be going through right now. Geoff does this by asking the others to teach him ho to surf.

Luc & Ric, trying to also take their minds off what’s happening for a while, agree to teach Geoff, and whilst the other 3 are in the water – doing the teaching/surfing thing – Drew, on the beach, decides on a different way to channel his feelings about the missing girls.

Indeed, Drew starts making life size 3D sculptures – of each of the 4 girls [belle, Maddie, Annie AND Cassie] sunbathing – with the sand.

Drew painstakingly goes to work of the sculptures, and by the time the other 3 boys return to the beach into [after surfing], Ric, Luc & Geoff almost can’t believe what they see – as Drew is already created about 1/3, from the feet up, of the 4 sand sculpts. Geoff in partic is affected, as these 3 new friends, that he’s only known for a few months, are totally “here” for him.

The 4 teens go to work on the rest of the 3D sculptures – Geoff with Annie, Luc “takes” Maddie, Drew with Belle and Ric for Cassie.

Back in the bay, Sally tells Leah that she, because of the length of time since Maddie & her friends disappeared, contacted the like of Angel & Shannon. Sally tells Leah that she hoped with her famous friends spreading the word overseas, that she might have obtained some new leads that the police etc could follow up on – but there have, unfortunately, been no new leads from outside Australia.

Up the coast, Luc & the boys look are their now completed sand sculptures of the missing girls. Drew & the other look upon their creations with both sorrow [that Maddie & co are still missing] and hope [that the girls are still alive].

All of a sudden, Drew, Luc, Ric & Geoff have a vision of similar things. All 4 see a different V8Supercar in action – Luc “sees” Todd Kelly, Ric has a vision of Mark Winterbottom, whilst Drew & Geoff, respectively “see” [the cars of] Mark Skaife & Steven Richards !!!!

All 4 are perplexed as to why, at exactly the same time, they each saw one of the 4 “works” V8Supercars, i.e. cars entered/prepared by the competition department of a car manufacturer [skaife & Kelly drive for the HOLDEN Racing team, whilst Richards & Winterbottom compete for FORD Performance Racing].



In THAT darkness, Belle & Annie can tell [form her breathing] that Maddie isn’t “looking” so good. ALL are worried about the unborn child – esp. given that they are being fed more frequently again.

Belle & Annie are partic concerned when Maddie doesn’t wake from her slumber when they expect her too – esp. since all 3 girls had been VERY regular in how much sleep they were getting [apart from the occasional early unexpected wake up].

Belle kisses Maddie on the cheek without success, and not even a kiss on the lips brings maddie into the land of not sleeping

Maddie, however, isn’t in danger, as, in her dreams, maddie is in an open clearing. She is trying to listen to a faint voice. As Maddie walks in the clearing, she can hear that that the voice is getting louder, but she its still VERY faint. Maddie finally gets close enough to hear, in a voice that kinda sounds familiar to her, the words “help is on the way”

Maddie awakes – Belle & Annie are relieved, but they are both cautious AND excited at Maddie’s news.

Gypsy, in Queensland, has just got off the phone with Sally. They talked, of course, about the missing girls esp. the couple who waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay got together during Gypsy’s [wedding] calendar photo shoot.

The redhead tends to her baby daughter Shannon, and Gypsy’s 1st child Lilly helps out her mum.

Gypsy has just finished breastfeeding Shannon when she has several quick visions. The 1st is of her own calendar photo shoot, quickly followed by Hunter family Bay Babes photo shoot. Gypsy finds it strange that the longest of the 3 visions that she has is of the calendar shoot featuring the Bay’s current and former policewomen.

Gypsy’s at a loss as to why she “saw” the police photo shoot longer than her own shoot, or the one featuring Maddie - but Lily & baby Shannon don’t exactly allow her the luxury of enough time top think about it right now.

Maddie’s recent dream has bought cautious optimism to the girls stuck in ”hell”, allowing the happy memories, that kept the girls “sane” in the early days of their capture, to resurface ….

FLASHBACK - The Hunters and Amanda & Belle gather together when they 1st look at their [just received] copies of the 2007 Bay Babes calendar.

The overjoyed Maddie says, ‘Mum, I KNOW Belle & myself have already told you this a ‘few’ times that we LOVE our ‘toys’, but …

Belle cuts in, ‘we REALLY REALLY love our new toys”

Amanda, Belle, Maddie, Kit and Beth all laugh, but then Maddie stops laughing and gets all serious. She says, ‘Belle, my soul mate, I KNOW this won’t be for a long time, and I soooo want to wait it actually is.’

Belle wonders, ‘what are you talking about?’

Maddie replies, ‘waiting until it’s TOTALLY legal of course’

Maddie then gets down on one knee and says, ’Belle, my awesome lover, will you marry me?”

Belle [slightly in shock] replies ‘of course, I will’ .....

and Kit & Beth [and Jack Hunter, somewhere out there] share a knowing smile.

Amanda is about to head for home, having just filmed her last scene of the day for her latest acting gig – a full time role as a nurse in the Aussie drama series “All Saints”.

A thought comes to her, and she is about to phone Kit, when Amanda’s mobile rings. Kit can’t believe it when Amanda says that she was about to call Kit – with a “suggestion” that they should both do the Sydney Habour Bridge climb – as Maddie’s sister was about to suggest that same thing to Amanda.

The duo are VERY fortunate that there has been some late cancellations for the climb that begins at 10.45 tonight.

Kit & Amanda, with peter looking after Ryan & Archie, do the climb with a group of UK tourists. When their group reaches the very top of the “coat hanger”, Amanda & the others admire the view of the habour city by night.

Kit almost can’t believe it when ALL the buildings etc in sight, incl the Opera House and even distant houses, seem to “glow” VERY brightly. Kit thinks that it must be, somehow, part of the show, but the only other person to experience this glowing phenomenon on the bridge that night was NOT the tour guide – the other person is Amanda!!!!

Both women are at a loss as to what they saw that night, but Kit wonders if – just maybe – that someone is trying to “speak” to her.

Next morning, as Maddie sleeps, she is once more “transported” to THAT clearing. When she awakes, she tells the intrigued Annie & Belle that “the voice” told her that their meal delivery would exactly 2 ½ hours after Maddie wakes.

Sally is talking to Leah & Irene at the beach house – about everything that’s happened. Irene, of course, hopes that Belle esp. is OK, whilst sally has similar thought about Annie & Cassie, and Leah thinks to herself of the day that Maddie & Belle announced their relationship to the “world” – by deliberately kissing in front of Colleen in the diner.

Irene is mid sentence when she goes into a trance-like state, and the same thing [trance] happens to both Sally & Leah.

To Be Continued …..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Before i get to the next instalmet of TGC, just let you know that i've added a couple of race car images - the vehicles that Drew & co had visions of - to previour chapter !!!

Our story continues in ….. CHAPTER 7!!!!!!!

Irene has a vision of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek TV series, whilst Sally has a similar vision - but she “sees” the Enterprise E [Captain Picard’s ship that was 1st featured on the big screen in "Star Trek : First Contact"]. Leah also has a vision of a ship bearing the name Enterprise - but the Greek girl sees not a fictional spacecraft, but the real life US nuclear powered HUGE aircraft carrier.




All 3 women snap out of their visions and they can’t believe that there’s a connection tween what they’ve seen.

Irene & the other two “jump” when they hear the phone ring – its Amanda, and Irene is quite surprised by what Amanda tells her about seeing the city glowing atop the harbor bridge. Irene is also intrigued about Kit’s thoughts – that someone is trying t “speak” to them.

Irene contacts Hayley, who, whilst worried about the missing girls, hadn’t had any unusual [visions etc] experience of late.

Drew and the other 3 male teens return to the bay for their trip up the coast, and once they discover where Sally & co are, they head on over to the beach house. Leah & co are intrigued that the boys had visions too, and Luc etc are equally surprised about sally’s etc visions of the Enterprise and the glowing habour city.

Sally and the girls and Ric & the boys talk about what all of this could mean – with Amanda & Kit chipping in via Irene’s [on speaker mode] landline phone. Everyone had no real idea what all these elements – incl “works” race cars – had to do with each other.

Sally breaks off from the conversations – to answer her weekly phone call [to sally’s mobile] form Gypsy. Sally tells Gypsy about this new excitement in her life, and gypsy responds by telling her old friend about the visions of the calendar photo shoots. Gypsy then joins in the massive chat about what ALL of this could mean.

In THAT dark somewhere, Maddie & Belle eagerly await the time that Maddie was told that the next food drop would be and, to the second, their latest meal is delivered.

Maddie & Belle grab hold of the incoming food tray. They immediately start to try to push it back towards the person doing the delivery. They also waaaaaaaaaaaaay call out for help. Both girls feel that the person on the other end of the tray is muchly fighting their actions initially, but said person seems to stop fighting, as the voices sound kinda familiar, but delivery girl Cassie is “slightly” out of it because of the drugs so she can’t properly process the voices that she is hearing.

Belle & Maddie think they they’ve got somewhere with this encounter, so they don’t fight any further as the food tray is delivered to them – as they have no idea when their next meal could be [if they rejected this food].

After the multi person chat about all those visions concludes, without a logical explanation, Drew contacts Peter [city police] about what‘s occurred.

Peter tells Claire all the info that he received from Drew. She is immediately more skeptical of the visions than Peter, but Peter urges her too at least try to work through the new evidence – as its come from friends, and not “crackpot” psychics.

Claire then gets to work – of trying to find a connection tween the calendar photo shoots, the Enterprise, the glowing city and “works” racing cars.

Meanwhile, as Belle & Annie chat about all the things they are going to do when they get out of this “prison” [in a bid to keep spirits up], the sleeping Maddie has another “dream”.

She is in that wide open clearing and once more follows a faint voice. Maddie follows it to the end of the clearing – and she come across a seemingly endless beach. In the far distance is a kinda familiar looking person. Maddie walks closer & closer – then she starts running towards the person.

When Maddie gets close enough to where the person is standing, she has NO hestistation in hugging her MUM!!!

The two seem to hug forever, before Maddie release herself form the embrace.

Maddie [fighting back tears] says, “Mum, its soooooooo good to see you again. It’s been you that’s been “talking” to me this whole time, hasn’t it?”

[Ghost] Beth responds, “yes, my sweetheart”

Maddie replies, “You’ve so kept me going the last few days – you’ve kept us ALL going”

Beth says “we can’t talk for long now – we sooooo will when you are free, but I have another message for you. The next food delivery will be an hour and 40 minutes after you wake. More importantly, I can tell you that I’ve given the likes of Sally, Kit and Luc cryptic clues as to your current whereabouts. The clues are a puzzle so that I can help you “get to” one of yours captors so they can help you escape”

Maddie is intrigued, and wonders “why with the cryptic?”

Beth replies, “Although she doesn’t know that it’s you, your lover & Annie that she is feeding, the person who is delivering your meals each and every time …… is Cassie!!!”

Maddie [in understandable shock] says “WHOA!!! That’s heavy”

Beth replies, “But it’s in your favor. You & Belle & Annie can “get to” Cassie. There’s still a good, but messed up, girl in there. You KNOW that she’s been led astray by Alex. Really REALLY call out to her - by name - when she does her next food drop. I can’t tell you for sure if it will work, but I URGE you to try.”

Maddie gathers herself together, after the amazing news that her mum has just told her, and she asks “Mum, about all these cryptic clues, where IS the real me sleeping right now?”

Beth responds, “Somewhere in Sydney. I can’t expand on that right now as I KNOW that you are about to wake up, so all I’ll say is that I love you, and my unborn grandchild, more than ever”

Before Ghost Beth vanishes from Maddie's [dream] sight, the teen indeed awakens.

To Be Continued ….

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY glad that you are enjoying - and hope you continue to do so with the latest TGC action ....

The finale is drawing closer with …. CHAPTER 8!!!!!!!

Maddie excitedly says “Belle, Annie – it’s been my mum that’s been talking to me this whole time in my dreams … and brace yourself for even BIGGER news – it’s CASSIE that’s been delivering the food to us all the time we’ve been in here!!!!”

Belle & Annie don’t say a word, but Maddie knows they are in as much shock as she was when Beth told her the amazing news.

Maddie says “mum wants us to call out to Cassie when she feeds us next, which will be in hour and 40 minutes time. Oh, and mum’s send cryptic clues, through visions, to help ppl realize where we are.”

Belle wonders “which is?”

Maddie replies”still in Sydney, somewhere. Mum gave the like of Geoff, Amanda, kit & Sally those cryptic clues so we could try to get to Cassie 1st [pause] Annie, I know its your sleep time now, but o you ant us to wake you when its almost the next meal time?”

Annie responds “are you kidding me? I’m not letting the two of you take ALL the credit for getting us out of here!”

After Annie drifts off to sleep, Belle consoles Maddie who, although she is pleased that Beth came to her in her sleep, still wishes that her mum is very muchly alive .. and is worried sick at home. Belle hugs the sobbing Maddie and kisses her fiancé gently on the cheek.

Maddie, trying to compose herself, hugs Belle and says “I’d never have got through ALL of this with you Belle”. The lovers then lock lips for a VERY passionate kiss.

When they’ve stopped kissing, Belle says “when we get out of here, you’re never going to leave my sight again”

Maddie [less seriously] replies “when we get out of here, I think I’ll look like a complete mess”

Belle replies “you’ll ALWAYS be the most beautiful girl, no, woman in the world to me”

Maddie can’t help herself – her sobbing picks up once more, but Belle can hear that they sound more like happy tears this time”

Its early morning, and Peter [having had a pretty sleepless night at home, knowing that this missing persons case is WAAAAAY personal] arrives at work, and heads straight for Claire’s office. She’s already in – and seems rather upbeat this morn.

Claire says “peter I know you want to help, but you know the deal. This isn’t some 2 bit country town that you are working in right now”

Peter replies “I know that. Just want to check on your progress”

Claire says”well, the calendar photo shoot version of Gypsy’s is “throwing” us a little. I know that I’m part of the police photo shoot, but it seems too obvious that that’s the only reason Gypsy had that vision. The girls’ location could be reveled in the other 3 visions though.

Peter enquires “how?”

Claire replies “we are thinking that Amanda seeing the glowing city could mean that the girls ARE still here in Sydney somewhere ... which leads me to the visions that your son & his friends had – of those racing cars. Drew and the other described them as “works” cars, and my team has been doing some research …”

Peter cuts in “that they are also known as “factory” cars …..”

Claire cuts in “which means we are thinking they are being held somwhere in Sydney’s industrial district.”

Peter wonders “what about the visions of those ships?”

Claire replies “I’m glad that you asked. I’ve just discovered that, in the industrial district there just happens to be a stretch of road called Enterprise Drive. I’m about to head out there now”

Peter says “come on Claire, this is BELLE that you are talking about”

Claire responds “alright, you CAN accompany me, but …. “

Peter cuts in “I know, nothing stupid”


AS peter, Claire and some uniformed officers head for the west Sydney suburb of Glendennig, where Enterprise Drive is located, Maddie & Belle kiss once more, before they awake Annie – as it’s almost time for Cassie to deliver their next meal.

Annie suggests “I think Maddie should be the only one who should try to call out to Cassie. The way I see if is that 3 voices should get waaaaaaay confusing for her”

Maddie & Belle agree to Annie’s plan, and 10 minutes later, EXACTLY when ghost Beth had said it would happen, Cassie slides the latest food drop into small room. As she does so, Belle & Annie grab hold of the tray and begin to push it back in cassie’s direction whilst Maddie calls out [with her voice getting more emotional as the sentence continues] “Cassie, its me, Maddie. Tell me you remember Maddie. You HAVE to remember”

Cassie [out of it a bit on drugs] hears Maddie but wonders if it’s just another side affect of the drugs.

As cassie tries to push THAT food try into the small room, Maddie continues [again, her voice gets more emotional as her sentence goes on] “cassie, I know you’re probably freaking out fright now – thinking that you are hearing things, but I’m REAL. Myself, Belle & Annie are the ones that you’ve been feeding these past few weeks. You HAVE to believe me. Please, PLEASE, let us out”

This seems to strike a chord with Cassie, and she moves away from the door to the “prison” and searches for the keys to the small room. Maddie, Belle & Annie are, very literally, in the dark about what’s going on – and each of them takes a mouthful of what they hope to be their last “prison” meal.

As Cassie searches for THOSE keys, Claire & the other police turn into Enterprise Drive, and Alex enter the room that Cassie is in. He is NOT pleased when she senses what Cassie is up to.

Alex goes to stop Cassie, and a scuffle ensues. Cassie is initially muchly to out of it to out up much of a fight, and Alex is easily each to grab her and wrench her away from the drawers in which the key is kept. Indeed, Alex is able to remove the key and put it in his pocket.

However, Cassie – with the imprisoned Maddie’s recent words ringing in her ears – starts to WAAAAY fight back. She begins to remember the self defense classes she took after the Macca debacle, and starts using them in a bid to best Alex, and free her friends.

Outside the abandoned factory where the girls are being held, Claire & peter etc arrive. They enter the building and find nothing/no one in the ground floor of the building.

Claire, with Peter & the others behind her ascend that stairs leading to the offices in the 1st floor. Claire begins to hear the sounds of a struggle as she ascends, and when she, Peter & the uniforms arrive upstairs, they are able to just see, through a doorway, the fight tween Cassie & Alex.

Claire is taken aback – as the calendar photo shoot vision makes sense now, as Claire is [for real] trying to apprehend Cassie, just like in the photo shoot.

To Be Continued ….

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Soooooooooooooooooo glad you are enjoying ….. Hope you enjoy the action below

It’s time for the penultimate part of our story with ........ CHAPTER 9!!!!!!!

As far as Claire & the other place can see that the only other exit to the room [bar the door way that they are looking through] is a window is one one of the perimeter walls of the building. Claire quietly radios the uniformed officers who have remained outside the abandoned building – to pay close attention to THAT window, in case Alex or Cassie tries to escape that way.

The cassie/alex duel continues – as Claire & peter slowly enter the room. Claire calls out to Alex & Cassie to STOP what they are doing. Cassie is STUNNED to see Peter and stops dead in her tracks, whilst Alex tries to charge his way past the police to the doorway, but Peter grabs and handcuffs that known drug dealer.

Claire goes over to where Cassie is sanding – Cassie [whilst crying] keeps on saying “sooooo sorry, didn’t know”.

As the unformed officers take care of Alex, peter approaches Cassie, and says “do you know where Belle & the others are being held?” and cassie responds by pointing to a door that’s on the wall opposite to the one with the doorway where the police enters the room. Claire goes over to the door – which has a desk right in front of it, and confirms that the door is locked.

Peter enquires to Cassie, “do you know where the keys are?” and Cassie points at the nearby handcuffed Alex. One of the uniformed officers [a female] searches Alex’s pockets – she finds a keying which has a few keys attached to it. The female officer wonders who she should give the keys to – and Claire says “peter, I think you should be the one to free them. After all – Belle IS all but your step daughter. I’ll look after Cassie”

Peter & the female officer move the desk away from in front of the doorway, whilst, inside THAT dark room, Maddie, Belle & Annie wonder just what IS going on outside [esp. since they can’t hear anything that if happening, as their prison in a sound proof room].

Peter approaches the door. He turns around and looks in Cassie’s discretion, but even before he starts speaking, Cassie says “Use the flood “flap” – let them know its YOU”

Peter follows cassia’s instruction and then says “Belle, Ma.....”

The trio of trapped girls cut in …. with a BOSITEROUS joyful scream from each of the them.

The screaming stops and Belle [mostly calmly] says “yeah, peter – it’s me, and Maddie & Annie are in here too”

Peter replies “I’m about to unlock and open the door”

Maddie responds “slowly Peter. We’ve not seen daylight I really don’t how long”

The trio shut their eyes – so to not be TOTALLY blinded by the no doubt intense, for them, daylight. Peter unlocks, and opens the door – but even with their eyes TOTALLY shut, Maddie & co can still tell that it’s a VERY bright sunny day outside.

Peter, meanwhile, although have a look of steely resolve on his face, is waaaaaaaaaay emotional on the inside – as he sees Belle & Maddie for the 1st time in a while, and Annie [in person] for the 1st time EVER.

Belle says “I think its best if you gently grab my feet and pull me out of here peter” – and peter ever so gently complies. Once Belle is free, she WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY hugs peter.

Annie then says “I think you should be next to get out of here Maddie?”

Peter wonders “need a hand?”

Maddie replies “it wouldn’t go astray”

Knowing the “cargo” that Maddie is carrying, Peter gently helps Maddie out of THAT room, and even as Maddie goes to hug peter, Belle comes over and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay embraces her lover - so much so that Maddie goes backwards to the point where Peter cradles Maddie in his arms, so there’s no chances that anything can happen to the unborn bub.

Maddie and Belle get back into a position of sitting upright [just like peter] once more, and peter, with Maddie & Belle’s assistance, helps get Annie out of that evil place. Maddie & Belle MUCHLY hug the young companion.

The joy of being out of “hell” takes their minds off the fact that their eyes ARE now very mucly open.

Indeed, when Maddie sees Cassie [with Claire], she goes over to her old friend, and says “thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for all your help”

Cassie can’t believe it – she is one of the reasons that the girls were imprisoned, and yet here is Maddie THANKING her. Moreso that that, cassie is astonished when Maddie HUGS her, and Belle AND Annie join in – they ALL know that Cassie has waaaaaaaaaaaaay taken risks to keep the trio alive.

When the group hug ends, Maddie says [in Peter’s direction] “you’ve GOT to call Kit, and Luc, and Tony …”

Belle cuts in”and Amanda, and Ryan, and …..

Annie cuts in “Geoff, and Sally and …..”

Maddie exclaims ”EVERYONE!!!!!!!”

Claire phones McGrath [yabby creek police] and informs him of the rescue – McGrath subsequently informs Lara and esp. Jack, who is over the moon at the news that he has just received.

At the rescue scene, Peter makes a call to Amanda, but even before she starts speaking, Peter joyously exclaims “we’ve FOUND them!!!!!” – and Amanda screams with joy.

Belle “suggests” that peter should hand her the phone and belle says “Mum, soooooo great to hear your voice”

Amanda responds [cautiously] “is it really you? It is isn’t it? [more assured] I soooooooooooooooooo can't believe this – I love you sooooooooooooooooo much, Belle”

Belle responds “can’t wait to see you again”

Amanda replies “can’t wait to also see that preggers fiancé of yours”

Belle [to Maddie] says “they all know you are pregnant”

Maddie YELLS “Hi, Amanda”

Amanda notices that Kit entered the room – no doubt due to the emotional way that Amanda has been speaking on the phone. Amanda says [to Kit] “they’re free!!!!!!!”

Kit yells out, “Hi, Maddie”

Amanda hands the phone to Kit, who says “so, you couldn’t let me be the only one with a baby, could you?”

Maddie [with Peter’s phone firmly in her hand] responds “well, I was just thinking that you owe me PLENTY of baby sitting time” - and Kit can hear that Maddie is way just trying to make ANY words out through ALL those happy tears.

As this multi person chat continues, McGrath calls a town meeting in the Bay. It will take place in the surf club – since all but EVERYONE is town is affected by the [as yet unknown by the towns folk] news.

To Be Concluded …..

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Many thanks for ALL these coooooooooool comments.

I [in TGC9] REALLY loved Kit’s line to Maddie about babies, and Amanda's initial apprehension to believe that it was really Belle that she was speaking to.

And now to the FINALE ……… CHAPTER 10!!!!!!!

All the Baysiders gather in the surf club – with Sally, Brad, Geoff, Alf, Luc, Tony, Ric, Martha and Irene in the front row of seats, with the likes of Colleen, Drew, Leah, Dan & Rachel right behind them, and then the rest of the intrigued townsfolk.

When McGrath announce the AWESOME news that the missing trio has been found and FREED, the roof of the surf club is all but blown off by the boisterous yells of joy form ALL the assembled crowd.

As the celebrations at the surf club continue, Sally, Tony, Luc, Geoff, Ric, Brad, Alf and Irene slip away form the gathering and quickly make their way to the city – to the hospital where Maddie, Belle & Annie are being treated.

Leah & Dan [having been informed about Alex’s capture] also begin the journey to the city.

Whilst Sally & co are on the way, Kit phones Luc and tells him that she, Amanda & Ryan are about to enter the hospital room of the previously missing trio.

When Kit is off the phone, she & Amanda & Ryan enter the room in which Maddie, Belle & Annie are all being looked after in. Amanda rushes over to Belle and hugs her daughter, whilst Kit eagerly embrace Maddie AND Ryan makes sure that Annie doesn’t miss out on a BIG hug either.

Soon after, Sally and the others arrive – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more joyous hugs etc. Luc is especially WAAAAY happy that Maddie AND the unborn bub are totally 110% in good health !!!!!!!

Sally, Brad, Alf & Ric then make their way out of the hospital – to the city police watch house, which is where both Cassie AND Alex are being held. Sally & co AND Leah & Dan know that there are hard times ahead for Cassie and esp. Alex.

A few days later, ALL of the Bay is in MASSIVE party mode - to celebrate the homecoming of Maddie, Belle & Annie!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all the hugs & celebrations, Maddie [somehow] gets a quite moment to herself. She thinks of the visions that she had of her mum when she was in THAT evil place.

Maddie slips into a bit of a daydream, where she's once more “transported” to the endless beach with her mum.

Maddie emotionally says, “It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo great to see you again”

[Ghost] Beth replies, “Same here, my girl. Soooooooooooooooo wonderful that you & Belle & Annie are free”

Maddie says, “And it’s ALL thanks to you”

Maddie REALLY starts balling her eyes out - and Beth eagerly hugs her daughter.

As the embrace continues, Beth says, “Just because I’m not here on earth in person anymore, I DO hope that you’ll STILL make the journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower on your 21st birthday - with that FINE fiancé of yours taking my place by your side”.

Maddie's increasingly happy sounding tears indicate to Beth that Maddie likes the idea.

Beth then says, “Know that I will be you ALWAYS.”

Maddie then returns to the real world and gives Belle a BIIIIIIIIIG kiss – before Maddie says, “Fancy going over to Paris with me in a few years time?”

Belle replies, “Of course – you’re always worth travelling to the ends of the earth for”

The lovers PASH, before finding Annie and heading off for some quiet time amongst themselves. The trio talks, on the main beach, about all they’ve been through – and how they kept each other going during their massively traumatic ordeal.

After they've have been talking on the beach for quite a while, Annie hugs Belle & Maddie, before she stands up and says, “I think you two could do with some alone time – although I’m kinda hoping that there are no ‘toys’ in either of your handbags”


Maddie & Belle laugh as Annie walks away, before the lovers gently start kissing before they start pashing – and both enjoy being able to REALLY caress the body of their lover, which was completely impossible with the cramped confines of the EVIL place where they were being held captive.

Maddie leans back – so she is totally lying on her back on the beach, and Belle puts her head waaaaaaaaay close to [without touching] her fiancé’s tummy. Maddie sees this and says, “This baby is going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo loved. Now, come up here and kiss me”

Belle doesn’t need to be asked twice – she eagerly lies [with her short shorts clad backside facing the sky] beside her lover, and Maddie & Belle begin to PASH once more!!!!

THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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