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Fri, 15 June 07 - Call To Jacinta

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Call To Jacinta ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 15 June 07 - Episode # 4440)

Jack has just exited the surf [with board under his arm] when Martha approaches. She invites him to a dinner party tonight – she says that Hugh will be there, and that jack should bring Cody. Jack agrees.

Soon after, jack [hunter house] tries to phone Cody, but he gets her answering machine. Alf enters, and jack talk to him about the dinner parry situation. Alf suggest that one in the past at a dance. He asked one of his mates to arrive soon after dance started [as Alf didn’t exactly have the prettiest of dates] and tell Alf that his father is way ill. This seems to give jack some ideas.

Later, jack arrives at the diner flat. he tells Martha that Cody has been held up. As the evening progresses, Martha gets a call from Hugh – he has to work a double shift. Jack then secretly text Lucas - ask him to ring jack.

Just after Martha tells jack that some of the rocket club girls showed an interest in him [although Martha said that jack was damaged goods because of their marriage break up], Lucas phones, but jack tells Martha that it was Cody – whose car has broken down.

However, when Martha goes downstairs to rhe diner to get dessert, Alf accidentally tells her about jack’s situation.

Martha rtns to the diner felt, and tells jack that there’s a hot looking girl waiting for him downstairs, but then they both come clean about things, incl jack telling Martha that he thinks that she & Hugh are close. Martha tells jack that she is just being a good flatmate.

Soon after, jack bails – but you get the felling that there could be a future [again] for these two.

Dan [Leah’s] is annoyed at how lazy drew is being. He also not like it when drew say that he ha things to do so he can’t baby-sit VJ tonight. Dan suggest that drew shod go back to school, and when Dan hints at phoning Drew’s mum, drew thinks that she sooooo won’t care what he is up to.

Cass [Van Park] approaches Alex’s van – but he’s not in there. Cass then goes into the vph, where sally is dealing with some of the admin work that involves with being acting principal.

Dan arrives – looking for Alex. Neither sally or Cass knows where he is, but when Dan mentions the baby-sit thing, Cass offers to look after VJ.

Dan also speak to sally about drew – suggesting that maybe sally should speak to him [lack of family mbr telling him could help]

Soon after, sally [beach] approaches drew – and he’s not all that keen on the idea of gong balk to school he sites rich as an example of dropping our of school early, but sally insists that ric had a PLAN when he did that, and is now doing what he always wanted to [with the mechanic stuff].

Belle & drew talk in the diner about Jules [how his parents don’t care about him] and how drew isn’t keen t g back to school.

Cass enters – she tells belle etc that she not swim as there was lots of blue bottles at the beach. Drew & Cass wonder about going to the mansion tonight and using the pool. Bell not keen – but agrees.

When the trio enter the mansion, they hear noises. There’s someone in there. Drew tackles the person – its JULES !!!!!!! [Note – form the sounds of her comments a few days ago, Jane WILL be pleased that he is back]

Jules tells belle etc that his dad was leaving to go on business O/S the day Jules returned home. Jules adds that once that food ran out in fridge he headed back hear – only place he feels happy. Belle initially insists that Jules can't say here at all – prospective buyers will be coming through the place in a few days, but she relents [and let him sty in the interim]. Bell suggest that drew shouldnl;t spend all his time here with Jules either, whilst Jules tells Cass that his dad wrote out a cheque for the damage to Alex bike.

Dan [Leah’s place] is about to go out, when drew retuned. Dan suggest that drew can look after VJ now [instead of Cass] but drew says that he has places to be [picnic with belle].

Soon after, Dan is in the diner, buying a thank you for babysitting treat for Cass when Dan sees belle working oat the diner. Belle says that she has plans later with drew, who pick that monet t enter the diner. Dan ha a go at him for his behaviour. Drew responds by saying that he is moving out of home. After drew bails, Dan makes a phone call – to Drew’s MUM Jacinta.

Jules [mansion] is worried when he hears noises, but its only drew – who says that he is moving in.

Dan [Leah’s] thanks Cass for baby-sit VJ. He also tells her that drews’ mum didn't seem V interested in what was going one.

Talk turns to Alex – with Cass tell Dan about the cheque form Jules. Both agree that Alex seem to acting all cagey at present.

VJ is playing in the lounge [whilst Dan & Cass are in kitchen]. VJ reaches behind metal palate at the front of the fire place, and he pulls THAT backpack don the chimney a little, before Dan comes into the room. Dan picks up VJ – telling him that they are takkinng Cass home now.

When they are out of the room, the bag slips down a little more!!!! [end of ep]


VJ is missing !!!!

Who will leave bay forever???

Will Rachel/kimmy stay together???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s purple [with black lining at the top] tube top

SILVER – Belle’s white (silver swirl across the bust/orange cloud like motifs elsewhere) singlet top

BRONZE – Martha’s royal blue [with a silver V across the bust] thin strap top


VJ’s royal blue [white “ultra street” etc] polo shirt

Sally’s blue [with lighter blue swirls etc] top

Jules’ blue t/grey “hoodie”

Jack’s red [white dove] t/white [black splotches] board shirts

Jack’s light green button up shirt

Jack’s light blue board shorts

Irene’s blue [tropical motifs] blouse

Drew’s dark purple (“AI” with white stars surrounding it) t

Dan’s dark green button up shirt

Cassie’s orange halter top/white [multi colour] bikini top

Alf’s light yellow [black check] button up shirt

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