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Looking To The Future

Guest Zetti

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I have had some good news and so it made me want to do another oneshot but this is in 2 parts.

This is for Rachel who has helped me a lot through the last few weeks. shes been awesome. Thankies!

Well enjoy! *hopes* :P

Story Title: Looking To The Future

Type of story: S/M Fic - two shot

Main Characters: Jack & Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: A mixture

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings:

Summary: Martha returns to the bay after 6months

Martha POV

Oh my god I can't believe that after all this time I am finally going to see Jack again. So much has happened when we were apart.

I am going to meet him and I know it will make wounds bleed again especially after how much I hurt him and hurt my family with my so called pole dancing.

Cam made me fall for his lies and he manipulated me into dancing by exaggerating everything that Jack was supposed to do when all Jack was doing was protecting me because he cared about me.

The only person I ever needed was there for me but he was there to ruin my life not make it better. I hate Cam and I always will but I fell for him so when I found out that he was a lying loser.

I would never have met Cam or started dancing if I had stayed married to Jack.

He was the best thing that ever happened to me and I selfishly pushed him away but the ironic thing is that I don't know why I pushed him away even though it was really apparent at the time.

Jacks' POV

Well, being Martha's hero every time she got herself into trouble was a bit of a downer on my love life but I am happy that Martha is happy and has got herself a good life.

Seeing her again will bring up old feelings I had for her when we first met and how much she was arrogant and moody. Somehow seeing her again will make everything different and less normal than it was.

Normal Time

At the airport where Martha was landing from Italy where she had gone for a holiday, it was jam packed and Martha had a hard time trying to get out of the bustling crowd, after about 10 minutes of pushing and shoving Martha had finally found herself a taxi and had the driver drive them to the Summer Bay Diner where she was going back to after 1 year.

She walked into the all so familiar diner and she instantly noticed the smell of everything the Diner sold fly around her as she was glad to be home.

Colleen as normal had spotted her "Martha, its nice to see you"

"Thank you Colleen, I only just arrived here. I was looking for Granddad; do you know where he is?"

"Yes, he is upstairs"

"Can I go on up?"

"Of course"

Martha trudged her sleepy legs up the stairs and knocked tentatively on the door only to find it open, she stepped inside and Alf was slumped on the sofa after having too many tablets.

Martha shouted downstairs "Ambulance now!" she shrieked

Colleen rang for an ambulance and Jack and Ric ran up the stairs and was very shocked to see Martha there.

Next Part: Does Alf pull through and will Martha and Jack give it another go?

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My last part! Jeez I am doing way too many oneshots!! I should stop!!! :P

Anywayz this is the last part.

Chapter 2

Martha was pacing up and down the floor making herself ill and wearing down everyone else patience along with it.

Jack had noticed how much tension she was creating and didn’t want a fight or a argument to break out so he went up to her and made her sit down.

“Stop making yourself ill Martha”

“I cant help it” she began to feel woozy and she fainted.

Jack called for a nurse and they checked Martha over for any signs as to why she fainted.

About 10 minutes later, she woke up and the doctor came in with news for Martha.

“Martha, you are pregnant”

“Oh my god”

“Does the father know”

“No. I haven’t been in summer bay for 6 months”

“Well, if you want to know, what sex the baby is I can show you”

“Yes please” she breathed with delight

The doctor got the file and showed her. Martha was elated and she asked “how far gone am I?”

“2months, I would say”


Martha knew that she needed to tell the father as soon as she could but she went to see Alf before she did that.

Alf was very close to passing away but he managed to say “Martha hold onto the one you love” before passing away.

Martha was calm and tranquil as she walked out of the hospital and to Jacks flat where Jack had gone home for the night. She has to tell him how she felt.


Jack opened the door to see a tired and sleepy Martha stood there. “come in”

“Thanks. Its freezing”

“I can see that, what you doing here?”

“I need to tell you something regarding us”

“Ok, what is it, tell me when you are ready”

“I will never be ready so I am just going to say it”

“Ok, then”

“Do you remember, a couple of months ago when I slept with you out of sheer confusion”

Jack nodded

“Well I fainted today as you know and the reason for that is because I am pregnant and you were the last person I slept with”

“Are you going to keep it?”

“That depends”

“On what?”

“whether or not you will take me back”

Jack couldn’t believe that she had said that, he had been waiting for her to say those words for an eternity.

“Of course I will, you idiot” grabbing her and kissing her.


“So is the baby ok then?”

“yes. She is ok”


“Yes, it’s a baby girl”

He rubbed Martha’s stomach and kissed her. “I cant believe it, finally I have the family I always wanted”

“Yes, same here. I don’t want to lose you again”

“You are not going to. I love you and I will always protect you.

2 weeks later.

The funeral had just finished and Alf was in his grave, Martha was stood there alone with Ric and Morag while they had a few moments alone.

Martha walked over to Jack and said to hime “this is the start of the rest of our lives together”

“Yes it is”

They smiled and kissed and walked off into the sunlight together with the unborn baby and hope for a better future!!!


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