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Fri, 8 June 07 - “ Underwater Kiss !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Underwater Kiss !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 8 June 07 - Episode # 4435)

Brad & sally [diner] talk about the Naomi situation, or more to the point, is whether brad was finished his report on the matter. Brad tells sally that the report is now complete.

Later, at the vph, brad tells sally & Cass that he is off to the school for the meeting about recent [Naomi] events.

When brad arrives, the male head of the review board tells him that, rather than their inquiry taking place in brad’s office, the other review board members are set up in one of the classrooms.

Brad & the head dude enters, and brad is quizzed by the head review dude [with variopus looks form the other 2 panel members] about the situation. The board members sound VERY critical of brad’s decision not to suspended Naomi form her duties as he found out about the luke/naomi relationship.

Later, sally is talking to Alf [vph]. The latter is about to go fishing – and he comments on the lack of fish that he’s caught lately.

Alf bails [via the back patio], and moments later, brad enters the house [via the mostly used entrance]. He tells sally that he has been STOOD DOWN [pending an inquiry] form his position at the school.

At the roadside, Jules is a tad dazed after the crash. When he gets home, Jules truly surveys the damage that he’s done to himself, i.e. he’s bleeding from a decent sized cut on his stomach.

At the vph, jack & another male police officer speak to Cass, bell & Alex about the stolen bike, i.e. wondering if they saw everyone hanging around. The girls suggest that Jules & drew might have seen something.

Soon after Cass & belle are walking on beach near the seaplane wharf. They talk about the boys [drew, Jules, Alex] before belle gets a phone call. When off the phone, belle tells Leah that she [belle] has to go to diner.

When she gets to the diner, and starts latest shift, drew is already there working there, and these to clash once more. Drew decides to bail.

He enters Leah’s house, and she that Jules is injured. The latter asks drew to cover form him, and when the police [jack & another officer] arrive, drew indeed says that he was hanging out with drew all arvo.

Jack & the other officer find the crashed bike by the road side. They also find some blood on the ground.

Dan enters the diner, and when drew comments on his “great” new job, Dan suggest that he can go back to school. Alex enters, and Leah asks about his bike – still no sign of it. leah also wonders why alex not use the money she give him to pay for van rent - he ssasy that money was to pay for about- to-be-cut-off phone.

Meanwhile, in kitchen, belle & drew clash over giving a customer the wrong order.

Jack enters the diner – he tells Alex that they found the bike, which has bee crashed. Alex is way worried – as its [her brother] Chris’ bike.

alex & sally [vph] talk about what's ahppened - and how he can't pay her for a while becasue of the bike debacle. sally says that alex can pay her when he has the money.

Drew enters Noah’s and finds Jules there. Drew can't believe that he lied for Jules now, esp. since Jules trashed the bike. Belle enters and overhears the chat, and when jules bails, belle confronts drew about what's happened.

Jules returns to Leah’s. He looks/feels terrible – and he collapses.

Drew & belle [diner] clash some more, but this means that they are not rally paying attention to other things in the kitchen, i.e. drew puts a tea towel on the stove by accident and a minor fire starts. He & bell grab the fire extinguisher, and as weal as putting about the fire, drew & belle spray the fire extinguisher at each other.

Naturally, Leah enters the kitchen as they are doing so – she is NOT impressed. She “suggests” that they clean things up. Leah bails, and drew & belle seem to be close again. Indeed, belle uses the extinguisher fun to seriously talk to Drew about Jules. She says that they only way that Jules is going to learn that what he do is wrong is a bit of tough love from drew.

Belle & drew then go to have a swim in the mansion pool [in their underwear]. The two truly cease hostilities with a KISS – which continues when they BOTH go under the surface of the water!!!!!

Dan & Leah arrive home, and see Jules in the couch. Dan sees his injuries. Belle & drew arrive, and drew tells leash & Dan that he wasn’t with Jules at the time that the bike was stolen!!!!!! [end of ep]


Will Jules loose everything – incl his freedom???

More rachjel/kimmy tension leads to a Rachel/HUGH kiss!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s brown asymmetric skirt/bone plunge v neck top

SILVER – Sally’s black [sky blue floral] dress

BRONZE – Belle’s black bra & matching briefs


Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

Leah’s dark grey thin strap singlet top

Jules’ British Racing Green [‘Norton’ logo] jacket/ white (green ‘Norton” logo) t

Jules’ British Racing Green [‘Norton’ logo – with brown sleeves] jacket/yellow t

Jules’ aqua [blue “NORTON Isle Of Man TT”] t

Head review board dude’s yellow tie/white shirt/dark suit

Drew’s black [grey naughts & crosses] t/black leather jacket/grey jeans

Dan’s Irish green polo shirt

Cassie’s white halter top/white [with blue dots] halter bikini top/yellow shorts

Cassie’s orange dress

Brad’s burgundy tie/black button up shirt & matching trousers

Belle’s white [black horizontal stripes] t

Belle’s red [gold love heart motif] singlet top/black [with gold splotches] hot pants

Alf’s brown polo/khaki shorts

Alex’s purple [white crest] t/dark blue bord shorts

Alex’s dark blue [with various white motifs on left shoulder] button up shirt

Alex’s bone button up shirt

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