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Thurs, 7 June 07 - “ The Martha Syndrome “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Martha Syndrome “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 7 June 07 - Episode # 4434)

Leah talks to Alex in the diner kitchen. Alex is keen to sort his life out, esp. since he & brodie have broken up.

In main apart of diner, drew & Jules talk bout what’s happened recently tween belle & drew.

They aren’t the only ones, as belle & cases [surf club] also talk about what’s happened. Cass is also pleased that she is no longer grounded. Belle bails to go to her shift at diner.

Leah & Alex arrive back at her place. Leah tells Alex that her luggage has been “misplaced” [on a plane to Singapore, instead of Sydney]. When Leah suggests that Alex can stay at her place, he says that it might be too crowed, so he’ll rent a van form sally. Naturally, Alex asks Leah if he can borrow some money [$300] and she lend it to him.

Belle arrives at the diner, and she and drew can’t help but get into a squabble.

Cass [vph] is surprised when Jules arrives at the back patio door, she says that she has some things to do [housework] and will hang out with him then. Sally [upstairs] calls out to cases, and this prompts Jules to bail.

Jules then breaks into one of the caravans.

Meanwhile, Alex arrives at the vph. Sally introduces him to cases. Sally and Alex talk about the break up with Brodie, and how the bay hasn’t changed. Alex asks to rent a van – but he also wonders if he can pay sally [the rent] in a few days.

Cass takes Alex to his van, but the door is unlocked. When Alex &^ Cass enter, they find Jules in is boxer shorts. Cass is NOT happy.

At the diner, drew laughs about the whole boxer shirts thing when Jules tells him. Belle wonders if drew would like to9 go on a walk with her, but after drew rejects that idea, Jules tells belle that drew is REALLY hurting over all of this.

Belle then mentions that she has to take the key form the mansion back to estate agent, and this give Jules an idea – a pool party. Drew is rather busty texting some9ne at the time.

Alex & Cass are talking at the vph, She apologises for Jules’s behaviour, and these 2 [Cass & Alex] seem to be get on well.

Leah & sally [Leah’s place] talk about Alex [incl the break up with Brodie]. They talk as they clean up a handy table/basket thing that Leah is lending sally.

Alex [his van] is on the phone, and he tells the person on the other end, that he is sending them some money today, as he wants ti stay in the game [note – Alex and something dodgy, who would have guessed].

Cass knocks on the door, so Alex puts the money Leah lend him in the [not turned on] oven. Cass give Alex the key to the van [he fixed the broken lock]. She tells him about the pool party – and Alex agrees to go too.

Drew is lying beside the pool when belle dives into the water. She thinks that drew should come in, but he not keen. Jules arrives and suggest that drew should stop freezing belle out of his life. Drew doesn't think that Jules should be giving him relationship advice. Jules is concerned about cases not be here yet, and goes out of the pool area to get his phone. Belle splashes drew – who dives into pool, abd they get close again. They about to kiss when cases & Alex arrive. Jules rtns and is not pleased ti see Alex.

Soon after, Alex tells Jules & cases a story about how ppl O/S hated him snoring – so they threw shoes at him.

Nearby, belle & drew gets close to kiss again when he gets a text msg, He says its form an old boarding school mate, but when drew exits the pool area [temporarily], bell looks at the msg – about a party. When drew3 rtns, she tells him that she thinks he still cheating on her – and throws to phone in the pool. The other 3 [cases etc] takes various side in the argument – resulting in a rather decent verbal clash.

Drew & Jules go to Noah’s about talk about the girls, whilst belle, Cass & Alex [mansion pool area] talk about the other 2. Indeed, when Jules returns [mansion], he inlet pleased when he sees the trio laughing etc at his expense [the van/boxer shorts story etc]. Jules then begins to bail – but sees Alex’s bike [you can guess the rest]

Soon after, Alex, belle & Cass are in the mansion kitchen. When Alex go outside, Cass tells belle that she likes that Alex seems soooooooo much more mature that the likes of Jules [note – don’t you just love how, just like Martha, Cass mostly has a habit of being attracted to morons].

Speaking of whom, Alex re-enters the house. He tells belle & Cass that his bike has been stolen.

Meanwhile, on the road of a back road, Jules surveys Alex’s bike – that he’s just CRASHED!!!!! [end of ep]


Will Cass & Alex get together?

[Yaaaaaaaaaaay, if they do, 2 losers together - memories of kimmy/zoe]

Will Drew lie for Jules about the whole bike stealing etc thing?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s black [with gold splotches] hot pants/red [gold love heart motif] singlet top

SILVER – Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

BRONZE – Cassie’s white halter top/white [with blue dots] halter bikini top/yellow shorts


Leah’s dark grey thing strap singlet top

Jules’ red boxer shorts

Jules’ red [white “rip curl” logo] board shorts

Jules’ aqua [blue “NORTON Isle Of Man TT”] t

Drew’s grey [with white splotches] board shorts

Drew’s black [grey crest motif] t

Cassie’s rainbow colours bikini

Belle’s black [with gold splotches] bikini

Alex’s purple [white crest]t/dark blue bord shorts

Alex’s black [with white “El Hombre” on the back] button up shirt

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