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Wed, 6 June 07 - “ It’s ALL About Timing “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s ALL About Timing “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 6 June 07 - Episode # 4433)

Kimmy [Rachel’s place] is way shocked by kit’s new. He also thinks that her timing is questionable [esp. in light of Rachel’s baby announcement]. Kimmy & kit waaaaaaaaaaaaay argue, before kit storms off.

Rachel enters the diner and after talking to Irene about her [Rachel] getaway to the city, Rachel accidentally drops some of the paperwork that she was holding. Hugh helps her pick the info up – he sees that it’s all about IVF. Rachel tells him about her baby plans, and Hugh doesn’t exactly look happy when he goes back to the table that, with Martha, he is sitting at.

Soon after, the annoyed Hugh is, of course, working off his frustration – by using the punching bag. Martha approaches – and they talk about Rachel’s plans.

Speaking of whom, Rachel [her place] is telling kimmy about the technicalities of the [iVF] process. Form Kimmy’s perspective, Rachel is kinda rambling [we hear her voice like the way kimmy is]. Kimmy then tells Rachel about kit’s plans to move back to the city.

Kit [hunter house] tells Maddie about her plans – kit insists that she’s just not strong enough to stay bayside [and deal with kimmy, Rachel, their baby etc].

Next door, Rachel & kimmy have a MAJOR verbal argument about all of this - incl Rachel suggesting that kimmy should be able to deal with this complicated situation, esp. since she’s had to deal with him & Kit & Archie.

Kimmy bails – and goes to [think on] the beach. Hugh approaches kimmy – and when kimmy tells Hugh about his argument with Rachel, Hugh tells kimmy that he [kimmy] doesn't deserve someone as wonderful as Rachel.

Meanwhile, Rachel goes to the hunter house, and she & kit have a verbal catfight. Both wonder about the timing of the other’s move, incl kit suggesting that Rachel is try to save her marriage by having a baby. Rachel is disgusted, and as she storms out, Maddie enters. Kit says that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Rachel & Hugh talk near the beach about what’s happened. Hugh holds, and then kisses, Rachel’s hand. She says that’s he can’t do this [Rachel/Hugh] and she walks off.

Rachel returns to her place – where kimmy tells her that he’s totally “WITH” the plan of them having a baby.

Jules [Leah’s house] shows Ryan how to use a rubber band as a sling slot. Dan enters the lounge room, just as drew awakes. Dan “suggest” that drew should either go back to school, or get a job.

Later, Dan is at the diner, and he phones drew, who says that he is looking in the paper for a job. Dan [off phone] tells Irene that he is surprised – what he doesn't know is that drawn is playing actually computer games at home.

Soon after, Dan [diner] is talking to Irene about Leah returning tomorrow when he gets a phone call – sounds like Ryan is in trouble at school.

Drew [Leah’s] is still playing comp games when Jules returns to the house – he thinks that paly games with drew is way more fun than maths.

Both drew & Jules are V surprised when Dan enters the house – withy Ryan, who’s in trouble for using a sling slot. Dan can’t believe that the paper is still in the yard. He goes off at drew & Jules – and wonders what Leah would think if she was here.

Leah [and VJ], of cause, pick that moment to enter – the plan was for Leah to spend the night in the city with parents but she REALLY wanted to get home.

Talk turns to Drew’s job search – and Leah says that drew can [read WILL] work at the diner.

Indeed, Drew goes to work with Leah that arvo.

Next day, drew & Jules are walk to diner when they are almost run down by a motorcyclist, whop turns out toy be [the UBER moronic] ALEX !!!! [end of ep]


All sorts of “fun” at a pool party – Belle discovers that Drew is STILL cheating on her, whilst Jules seems way annoyed that Alex & Cass bond quickly

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Dan’s light aqua button up shirt/brown leather jacket

SILVER – Rachel’s orange [with stylish brown V on the front] top/black long pants

BRONZE – Martha’s red [with several black elongated triangles] top


Alex’s black [with red & white stripes across chest] leather jacket

Drew’s black [green unknown motif] t

Hugh’s white [faint black floral pattern] button up shirt/denim jeans

Irene’s sky blue [with gold & black swirls etc] top

Jules’ aqua [blue very athletics looking words] t

Kimmy's purple (black cougar head motif) t-shirt

Kit’s Irish green v neck top

Leah’s grey thin strap singlet top

Leah’s off white spaghetti strap top

Maddie’s SBH uniform

VJ’s white [with a single red & blue stipes across chest] t

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