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Revenge And The City

Guest Cal

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Title: Revenge and the City

Type of story: S/M Fiction

Rating: T

Warnings: (V/D) (L) (SC)

Main Characters: Ricas, Irene, Amanda and OC's

Genre: Angst

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: A year after Belle's death, Lucas, Ric, Amanda and Irene have moved to the city to get away from bad memories. Little do they know, they are being watched by Che's old ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Lewis. She carries out her revenge with devastating consequences.




Chapter One

It had been 12 months since Che's car went over the cliff. The residents mourned the loss of Belle for months. Amanda lost her daughter, Ric and Lucas lost there friend, and Irene lost her most precious thing in the world.

Che had died soon after the accident, but nobody seemed to care that much. After what he did, people were bitter towards him.

Amanda wanted to get away from the bay. She kept on getting nightmares about Belle. She kept seeing her walking around the house. Lucas and Ric were gutted. And Irene was distraught. Amanda was the first to move. Lucas, Ric and Irene moved soon after. They hoped to get away from the drama.

The anniversary of Belle's death was coming. The gang were sad, but tried to remember the best of times. The only way Lucas could express his feeling were to write in his diary.

"Sometimes I feel like she is still here. I feel her presence in the room. It's hard to explain. Every night I think about her. I think about how I loved her as a friend and how I didn't make a better effort at releasing her from Che.

The thought of her trapped in the car while it filled with water is horrible. I still have nightmares about it. I don't care about Che. To be honest, he deserved every bit of it.

The city is OK. I mean, there is no drama. But there are the memories. You can never escape the memories... I am trying to start a new life with Ric, Amanda and Irene - but it's really difficult. Amanda is doing OK. It mustn't be easy to lose your daughter. As for Irene, she is doing fine. She still talks about her as if she was still here. Poor thing, she must really miss her. As for Ric and I, we are slowly getting there. It's hard considering we both dated her and shared special moments with her. "

Ric and Lucas had gotten jobs to support life in the city. Ric worked as a mechanic and Lucas worked in a Library. Both had got jobs they really wanted. As for Amanda and Irene, they were at home in the Apartment working from there.

They owned an Organisation for teenagers. They helped young girls with family problems and abusive boyfriends. The Organisation was called, "The Taylor Foundation" - in memory of Belle.


Sarah had a picture of Che in her hand. She never let the picture out of her sight. When she heard about his death, she was gutted. She wanted revenge on whoever possessed him to do it.

She had a list of names. A list of Belle close friends. She also heard that they moved to the City. What a great opportunity for her to seek revenge...

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Chapter 2

Luc and Ric stood in the Grocery store arguing. They were debating whether or not to get Basmati Rice or Long-grain. Ric held Luc's head, "Irene and Amanda love Basmati, you ass." He slapped Ric's hand away, "How do you know that?! Freaky boy!"

Ric put the Basmati into th shopping basket, "I know because I actually pay attention to them when they talk about food." Luc looked at him strangley, "Yeah, you're still a freak." They put another box into the basket and headed up to the counter to pay for them.

The woman behind the counter was wearing a blue-denim waist coat. She had short Reddish-Brown hair and a freaky grin. Her name tag said "Sarah". She started to unpack the basket and scan the items, "So, what's with Basmati? Does Indian food turn both of you on?!" The boys looked at each other, they finally clicked what she meant, "Oh, no. We are just mates....nothing else..." She looked surprised, "Wow, I thought you two would make a cute couple." Ric looked a bit tense, "Can we please leave now?!" Sarah looked at him, "Sure, I'll get you your change now..." She looked pissed and angry.

Ric took the change from Sarah and hit Luc on the shoulder, "Come on, Loser!" "

"Who are you calling Loser?!"

The boys walked out of the shop, bags in hands and closed the door. Sarah looked at them walk away, "Bye Ric and Luc, see you soon...."


That night, Ric and Luc were in their room. They were talking about what Sarah had said in the shop, Ric turned to Luc, "Do we really look like a couple? I mean, we don't look gay, do we?"

Luc laughed, 'I don't know. Would it really matter if we were? I mean, being gay isn't a bad thing."

"Yeah, I know Luc. I just don't want to be labeled it."

"Why not? I wouldn't mind it..." Luc hid under his covers when he said it...

"Luc, are you serious? Do you think it would work?"

"I know it will, Ric."


The following morning, Ric woke up to find Luc on top of him, "Jesus Luc, you way a ton!" He started to wake up, "Did the loser say something? I could here something..."

'Hey!", Ric pushed him off and Luc landed on the ground. He got up off the floor and held his arm, "Ow, you prick. That hurt!"

"Luc, I'm not a prick. You like me and my prick."

"Shut up, Loser!"

He threw a pillow at Luc and it hit him in the face.


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Chapter 3

"I know it's been over a year since Belle's death and the death of Martha, Kit and Dad….. but I think I sould move on. I want to be with Ric. He makes me all warm and fuzzy, I guess that's a good thing, right? I guess dad wouldn't be too happy about my relationship with Ric. Is that was it is? A relationship? I don't know what to call it, I've only been with him for 12 hours! I still think about dad, Kit and Martha. Maybe they are all happy together, all in heaven. I'm not sure I believe in heaven though, but it won't hurt to maybe think about it and think where they have gone to. Gotta go! Coffee is here!"

Luc put the pen down and closed the diary. He thanked the waitress as she gave him his Coffee. He went off into a daydream about Ric and how much he likes him. He was thinking about all the good times they will share. Then, he realised that sooner or later, Irene and Amanda will have to know. When should I tell them?,He thought to himself.

He was interupted by the rather large bump as someone sat down beside him. It was the girl from the grocery store, it was Sarah.

"Hey 'Loser'"

Luc looked at her, "Hey, I'm not a loser…"

She looked down at his diary, "Ah, a diary! What are you writing about? Huh? You can tell me. Go on!"

"Sarah, it's private. Hence it being a diary"

Luc took the diary off the table and placed it in his backpack. He looked at her, "If you must know, and I have you to thank for this, I am going out with Ric….the guy I was with in the shop yesterday.."

"I knew it! You make such a cute couple!"


Luc got up, "I've just go to go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute."

Sarah watched him go through the door into the bathroom and opened her bag. She took out a sachet. Opened it and put it in to his Coffee. She stirred it and smiled.

"You'll be mine soon, My dear…"


Luc sat down after arriving back from the bathroom. He took a swig of his coffee and looked at Sarah. "Did you read my diary while I was gone?"

Sarah looked shocked, "Of course not! I respect your privacy. After all, it is a diary..."


He looked a bit weird, his pupils began to shrink and his hands began to shake. Sarah looked at him, "Are you OK?"

"I think I need some fresh air."

Luc got up, took his backpack and walked out. Sarah followed.

"What's up? Are you feeling OK?"

"No, I feel all crappy."

"Well, Luc... you certainly look it!"

He looked at her, "How do you know my name?"

Sarah hesitated. She had put her foot in it. "Oh, eh, ah, you told me just before you went off to the bathroom..."


Sarah put her arm around his shoulders, "Come back to my place and I'll get you a nice big jug of water. How does that sound?!"

"Oh, good. Thanks."

They walked off down the street. Sarah smiled....

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Chapter 4

Luc woke up. His head was spinning. He didn't know what had happened. He was sitting in the diner drinking Coffee and next thing he ended up tied to a chair....

Luc tried to see if anybody else was in the room, but his vision was blurry. He noticed that he had no T-Shirt on. What was going on? Luc tried to figure out what the hell was going on but he heard a radio somewhere near, it was playing Garbage - #1 Crush. He knew that song, it was one of his favourites. He tried to sing along with it..

Luc heard someone behind him, "You are tied up to a chair half-naked....and all you do is sing?" He jumped, it was Sarah. "Seriously, you were the easiest person to drug EVER. No joke." He tried to speak, but his sentence came out slurry. She looked at him,

"Oh Sorry. You might not be able to talk properly for a while."

Sarah walked up beside him and bent down so her face was level with his, "I read your diary, you once saw a girl drink her cocktail after somebody mixed something into it. You said that you should never drink something that was unattended. That's good advice for everyone, Luc. Even you."

Sarah got up and began to walk around the room, "You know, I hate you and your friends. You murder people! Yeah! Don't think that I didn't know about your little session last year. Belle and Che. Wow, what a couple. So, did you enjoy murdering him?"

Luc successfully spoke, "Che killed himself and Belle. Get your facts right. Che was a prick. AN evil prick. He deserved every bit of it and I'm glad he's gone. He put my family through hell. He killed my dad and three of my friends!"

She spoke next, "No. That's not true. You're lying." She was clicking her fingers, she was agitated. "Now, for a little bit of fun... "


"Irene, have you seen Luc anywhere? He was supposed to meet me at the Library...", Ric was panicky.

"Yeah, he went down to the diner. But that was hours ago."

"Thanks, I'll see if he is still there."

Ric walked down the street and into the diner. It was packed, but with business men of their lunch break. He went up to the counter. "Excuse me. Yeah, you!"

A waiter came over to the end of the counter, "Are you OK, sir?"

"No. My friend was here earlier and I can't find him. He had blond hair and was *yay* high... Have you seen him?"

"Yeah, he was here earlier. But he didn't look to well. So Sarah bought him back to her place by the looks of things."

"Sarah? The same Sarah that works in the grocery store?"

"Yeah, that's her. She lives in 518 Wuthering Heights. It's the tower block 5 minutes up the street."

'Thank you!"

Ric ran out of the diner. He took out his mobile and rang Luc. No answer. He ran up the streets towards the tower block. He reached it in less than a minute. The building was a dirty Grey building with seventy stories. The front doors were hanging off their hinges and the glass was shattered. He ran up the stairs, floor by floor. He passed apartments 510, 511, 512.... He reached 518. He knocked on the door.

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Chapter 5

"If you say anything, I'll kill you. Alright?"

Sarah was hesitating. She didn't plan or arrange to see anybody, so why was somebody knocking on the door? She slowly walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Moving her way towards the front door, she began to panic. Sarah opened the door, Ric was standing there.

"What do you want?"

"I heard Luc was with you...where is he?"

She tried to act calm. Ric noticed that she was nervous.

"Sarah, where is he?"

"Come on in, Ric. I need to tell you something..."

He walked into the apartment slowly and went over to the dining table. He turned around, only to see Sarah pointing a gun at him. "Whoa, what the hell are you doing?!"

She tightened her grip on the gun, "What does it look like, Ric. You're so stupid..."

"OK, Sarah. Just tell me where Luc is and I'll go."

She walked towards a door into the room where Luc was tied up. "Get in, Ric." He slowly walked towards the room. He was being cautious. "What if it is a trap?" He thought to himself.

He saw Luc and he ran over to him. He kissed him and said, "Luc, are you OK?"

He looked at Ric and smiled, "I'm fine, loser."

Sarah looked at them being cuddly, "God, get off him! You've got a gun pointing at you and all you can do is be horny!" They both looked at her. "Now boys, time for some fun."

She reached inside her waistcoat pocket and pulled out a sharp metal object. They looked at her and both said, "What's that Scalpel for....?"

Sarah smiled, "Ha, you'll see..." As soon as she finished saying that, she threw the scalpel at Ric...

Luc yelled, 'Ric!? NO!"


Irene and Amanda were sitting at the kitchen table, they were both worried. It had been over an hour now since Ric went to find Luc. Irene put down her coffee, "You know, I'm sure they're OK. I mean, they know their way around the City...So they're not lost."

Amanda looked at her, "Do you want to go down to the Diner just to check?"

Irene sighed, "Alright, c'mon lets go!"

She picked up her jacket and they walked out of the apartment. A few minutes later, they walked into the diner. Amanda sat down in one of the booths and Irene went up to the counter.

"Are you OK, madam?"

Em yeah... Did you see two teenage boys here? 19 years of age, *yay* high?"

"Yeah, the blond boy went off with Sarah to her place and a few hours later, the brown haired guy went after them.... I hope that helps you!"

"Ta, love. Where does this 'Sarah' live?"

"She lives in 518 Wuthering Heights. It's the tower block 5 minutes up the street."

"Thanks, love. Amanda, c'mon I know where they are!"


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Chapter 6

"Sometimes when I think about that night, I get shivers. All the chaos that happened. Ric got a scalpel in his face, Irene and Amanda got shot when Sarah opened the front door. But thankfully, they are all OK.

Sarah has been taken to the Psych hospital on Warrener street pending further investigation. In a few weeks, she will go to prison. The best place for her!

Ric and I are stronger then ever. Relationship wise, not physical. This whole fiasco has brought us together even more. We even slept together last night. YAY! I can't wait to see what this relationship brings for us. Hopefully it will be all good and not as eventful as the previous week. Amanda is beginning to walk again after being shot in the leg, and Irene is OK considering she was shot in the stomach.

Anywho, this is the end of my diary entry for today. Hopefully you will see more of my crappy rants!"

Luc put his diary down on the side table. He turned around in his bed to see Ric sleeping. He looked so happy, even if he did have a bandage stuck across his cheek. But Luc thought that made him look even cuter. He thought 'My little lover got hurt', yeah….it's definitely cute. He continued to look at Ric, he put his hand in his and said "I won't let anything happen to you….loser..", Ric suddenly woke up, "Who are you calling loser?!" He picked up a pillow and threw it at Luc. It got him in his face.

"Hey, stop throwing pillows you big woman!"

Ric picked up his other pillow, "Oh I'm a woman am I? You didn't think that last night when you were romping me!"

"Jesus Ric, could you say it a bit louder? I don't think the woman on the fifty-eight floor heard you!"

"Oh ****! Luc, do you think we should tell Irene and Amanda? I mean, after all that has happened, they should know…"

"I think we should, they have a right to know."

"Cool, we'll do it after I'm done with you!"

"Do we have to? I'm still a bit, you know, 'sore' from last night"

"Aww, little Luc is sore from our shag last night. How sweet!"

"Shut up, Ric!", Luc laughed.

After Ric and Luc played together peacefully, with no romping involved they got up to make breakfast for Irene and Amanda. They thought of a big special brekky. Luc took out some bread and put it in the toaster and Ric scrambled some eggs. After all that was cooked, they poured two glasses of milk., stuck a few flowers onto the tray.

When both of the boys entered the room, Amanda and Irene were sitting up in the bed. They had big smiles stretched across their faces. Irene clapped her hands, "Yay! We knew we had a big brekky on its way!"

Luc put the tray between Irene and Amanda. Amanda looked at the boys, "Boys, you are too kind. What are you two hiding? No way you are being this nice without a catch…"

Luc and Ric looked at each other. 'This is it', they thought. They looked back to the girls, who were downing their glasses of milk while locking their eyes on them. They put the glasses of mlm down quicky and exactly at the same time.

Ric stard, "OK, that was weird!"

They laughed, "OK, what do you boys have up your sleeves?"

"Well, em, it's a bit weird. And a bit of a big thing to tell you. Em… Luc has something to tell you!"

Luc looked shocked, "Me?! ….Prick.."

Ric laughed, " Loser."

Amanda looked at both of them, "C'mon guys! Just tell us."

Luc began to speak, " Well the thing is, em, Ric and I are …..Ric and I…"

Irene and Amanda looked at each other and then looked back at them. "What?! No way!"

Ric was nervous, "Yep, please don't kill us!"

"What? We think it's great! It's so sweet too!"

Luc looked shocked, "So you're not angry?"

"No, why would we be angry? You're still the same. Nothing changes that!"

The boys looked at each other, "Phew!"

Amanda spoke next, "OK, a celebration is in order!"

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Thanks! OK, I need to warn you about this next chapter. I'm having major writing problems.....so the chapter sucks! :P


Chapter 7

Luc sat in the diner. He watched the rain pour down from the sky and hit the ground. The sound of thunder made him feel safe for some reason. He felt nice and cosy in the Diner, something that he really liked.

Ric came back from the bathroom and sat down opposite him. "Luc, are you OK? I've got to go to work now, I'll see you later?"

"Yeah…" Luc sounded down.

"Why don't you walk me to work? I would like the company…" Ric was hoping he would accept.

"Yeah sure, lets go."

They both got up out of their seats and walked out of the Diner. The rain lashed onto the top of them. They were soaked within seconds. Ric grabbed Luc around the waist and pulled him in closer to him,

"When the sun shines, We'll shine together, told you I'll be here forever, that I'll always be your friend, took an oath Imma stick it out 'till the end. Now that it's raining more than ever, know that we still have each other. You can stand under my Umbrella, You can stand under my Umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh."

Ric pulled an umbrella out from his backpack and opened it.

Luc looked at him in a weird way, "It's raining, Ooo baby it's raining, baby come into me, Come into me, It's raining, Ooo baby it's raining, you can always come into me, Come into me..."

Ric looked at him, "Okay, I have to quickly"

"Ric, I'll think I'll stay here. Do you mind, Loser?"

"No, that's fine. Have a good day." He leaned in to kiss Luc on the cheek.

"You too…"


A few hours later, Ric was in the garage fixing the engine of a car. A tall, handsome guy walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Ric jumped. "Jesus! You gave me such a fright!"

"Oh. My apologies. My name is Kyle, I'm a Photography student. I'm just here to take some photos of Industrial style workplaces for a project. A garage is a perfect place! You don't mind, do you?"

"No, that's fine. Have fun!" Ric giggled.

Kyle smiled, "Thank you…"


Luc sat down at the Johnson road corner. He was waiting for the next bus to the park, the place so peaceful that it was his favourite place he has ever been. He looked at the people around him…normal people waiting…people getting on with their work.

He noticed a guy sitting a few yards away from him. He was well built and had dark hair. He glanced at Luc and smiled.

A business man walked up to the guy and stopped in front of him, "Since when did fags get in the way of straights? Get the f**k up or I'll beat the crap out of you, fairy boy!"

The guy jumped up, he was clearly upset. Luc got up and went over to him, "Hey are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't know people can be so bitter towards gay people."

'Yeah, well…. I've had good luck so far!"

'No way! You're gay?!"

"Yep! Only for a week and a bit. I like it so far."

"Wow. Oh, sorry. I'm so rude, My name is Dane. Who are you?"


"Great to meet you Lucas, so where are you heading?"

"The park."

"Cool, me too!"

"Cool, I'll make sure the rest of the business men aren't so f**ked in the face."

"Oh great! Gay and protective!"


Irene and Amanda were in the apartment watching TV. They both sighed, "I never knew TV could be so flippin' boring!"

"I know what you mean, Irene. I think I'm sick of Jerry Springer!"

Before Irene could agree, the helpline phone rang. They both looked at each other. Irene walked over to the table and answered it, "Hello? The Taylor Foundation, how may I help you?"

There was silence.


Before Irene could say anything else, she heard somebody whispering on the other end, "I didn't mean to do it.…"

"Do what?! Who is this?"

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Chapter 8

Ric never knew what woke him up. One minute he was in the middle of a deep sleep and the next he was wide awake, the light duvet tangled around his legs and his heart was beating fast. The silence around him was as deep as his sleep had been. It couldn't have been traffic that woke him; it was too early in the morning for that. He turned around to see if Luc was sleeping. He wasn't there. Ric thought maybe Luc would've come home last night….he said he would. He sat up in the bed and looked around to find his t-shirt. He eventually found it underneath his pillow and put it on.

He slipped on a pair of flip-flops and made his way out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of milk. He poured himslef a glass and downed it in one. He stuck some bread in the toaster. Then he looked at the kitchen wall and smiled at the photo of him, Luc, Amanda and Irene. Ric heard a rattling noise coming from the front door. He walked over and opened it. Luc was standing there trying to open the door in the dark.

"Luc! Where have you been?"

"Oh sorry… I went for a walk…"

"A walk? Since when did a walk take the whole night and morning?!"

"Can we just leave it, Ric?"

Luc walked in and pushed past him. Ric followed him to the bedroom.

"Hey, I'm just worried."

"You have nothing to be worried about, can we please leave it?"

"OK, Mr.grumpy!"

Luc got into bed and Ric got in beside him. He put his arms around Luc and said, "You know, you can always talk to me about stuff. I'l always be here for you."

"I, I know, Thanks…"

Luc wiped a tear away from his eye…


"I'm still freaked out by that flippin phone call I got yesterday", Irene said while munching on a piece of toast. Amanda was drinking her cup of coffee,

"Don't be that worried about it, Irene. It was probably some kids messing."

"Yeah... You're right.. I just can't stop thinking that there is somebody out there that might need our help."

"If she wanted our help, she would have said something a bit more helpful!"

"Yeah, you're right. Flippin kids."

Ric and Luc walked in to the kitchen.

"Oh, look who it is. Lover boys!"

They bothed looked at Irene, "Shut up!"

*beep**beep*... It was Luc's mobile. Ric looked at him, "Oh, someone's popular!"

Luc walked away from them and looked at his mobile. It was a text message, he opened it. "We need to tlk about what happened last night, please ring me. Dane xxx". He sighed...


Dane, Kyle and a woman were in an empty room in a dark apartment. The woman was beside a telephone.

"Come on, Siyan! Atleast get your plan to work already!"

She looked around, "Shut up, Dane! Just because your One-night stand with Luc was so successful, doesn't mean everybody else's plans are a success too. Oh, and atleast I bloody tried to freak the helpline out, Kyle hasn't even hurt Ric yet!"

They both looked at Kyle, "Guys, it's a bit hard to try and find a big can of battery acid lying around. I'll try again later"

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Chapter 9

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I did this to Ric. I'm so stupid. Sleeping with Dane was the biggest mistake of my life and now my future with Ric is on the line. What the hell do I do?! Do I tell Ric and let it all out into the open? Or will I hide it and hope Ric doesn't find out? Eugh, I'm so screwed.

I'm finding it hard to talk to him after I betrayed him. I feel like I have let him down and I have let myself down... Every time I try and talk to him, I get flashbacks of that night back at Dane's place. I think Ric might be a bit suspicious about my behavior. It wouldn't surprise me if he was, it's the not the easiest thing to keep secret. I really can't cope with this, I'm so confused.

I don't even know why I slept with Dane in the first place. I didn't really fancy him. But maybe I was seeking comfort after the events a few weeks ago. Maybe I haven't fully gotten over it yet. Yeah, that's it... Being with Dane didn't even feel good, I didn't feel like I loved him, you know? It's totally different with Ric, I feel like I belong with him and I feel the love we share. I would do anything for Ric...

I see Dane's face everywhere I walk and I can hear his voice every time I'm talking... he's like poison, but in human form. I can't get him out of my head. Oh, I really don't know what to do, I really don't...


"Siyan, just get on with it." Kyle was getting annoyed. Siyan was taking her time phoning the foundation helpline. "F**k off, Kyle! I'm trying to come up with a story that's bloody believable!"

He got up off his chair and walked over to Dane, who was listening to his iPod. He grabbed one of his earphones and put it into Kyle's ear, "Ew Dane, Garbage? They're crap."

"Whatever. So... Are you even going to bother hurting Ric, Kyle?" Dane had a cheeky smirk on his face. Kyle looked pissed, "Shut up, Dane. Just because you rode the ass of Lucas doesn't mean you are 'it'...Besides, at least I don't have to sleep with a guy to hurt them. But whatever floats your boat."

"Kyle, how about shutting that mouth and actually do something?!", Siyan was getting impatient. "I know what I'm going to say on the phone. Are you ready?"

"Hell yeah babe, I'm ready."

She picked up the phone and dialed the number. It began to ring.

"Hello, the Taylor Foundation" Irene's voice sounded sweet to them.

Siyan began to speak, "Em, I think I'm in trouble... He's going to hurt me..."

Irene spoke, "Who's going to hurt you? Please tell me!"

"My boyfriend. I'm really scared that he'll kill me. Please help."

There was silence...

"Okay love, just tell me where you live and I can be over as soon as I can!"

She began to cry, "Do you know the Harbour house on the docks? I'm there."

"Alright love, I'll be right over!"


She put down the phone and looked at Kyle... he looked shocked. She wiped her fake tears off of her face. "Now, see how easy it was? Kyle, you are going to play the part of the abusive boyfriend."

"So, what do we do when she arrives?"

"We make sure she doesn't leave..."

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Chapter 10

Lucas walked in to the sitting room and threw his backpack onto the table. He noticed Amanda hadn't heard the large bang, "Amanda? Are you OK?"

"Lucas, can't you see that this ho on Jerry Springer is about to beat the crap out of the other ho? It's important!"

He gave her a confused look. He walked over to the couch and sat beside her. "What is your obsession with this show? I mean, it's so trashy it's not even funny!"

She glared at him, "It's entertainment! Besides, I have no other things to do. Irene just decided to get up and run off to some randomer."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

She turned to him, "We got a call in from a young woman 'claiming' that her boyfriend was going to beat her up or something. I wasn't really paying attention, I was thinking about Jerry Springer..."

"So she just went to see her? Just like that?"

"Yes Lucas, just like that." Amanda looked at the TV and jumped up and started screaming, "Throw the chair you ho! Woo!"

He thought she might had lost her mind. He slowly got off the couch and walked away. She sat back down and said, "Luc, if you want to know where she is, you just have to ask."

"Eh OK, where is she?"

"She's at the Harbour House on the docks, do you know it?"

Lucas looked stunned, he was speechless. "The Harbour House?! That's an old ababdoned warehouse! No-one lives there!"

They looked at each other for a few seconds. They shared the same horrifying thought and both said, "Oh sh!t"


Irene rushed down the docks towards the Harbour House. It was cold and there was a thick fog surrounding her. She had thoughts in her head, 'why am I going to this place? I don't even know this girl!'. She saw an outline of a huge warehouse just a few hundred metres away. She began to walk over towards it. She got close enough to see the sign "Harbour House". She stood there, 'this couldn't be it? It's an old deserted warehouse...'

Just as she started to cross the yard, lights hit her. Bright lights. Aimed right at her. Irene squinted. All she saw was fog, swirling around two yellow light. "Flippin heck!" Then she heard a low, rumbling noise. Suddenly, an engine roared. A car shot forward, it's lights piercing the fog. Irene stood frozen in the glare like a deer on a highway...


She hadn't forgotten. Even with her body so filled with pain that her mind had closed itself to everything else, the memory was there, just waiting to surface. When it did, she wanted to scream. The painful memories of Belle were coming. The memory came back whole, not in bits and pieces. She saw Belle's face, heard the laughter, felt the tears as she tried to forget. She couldn't move. And when she did move, she wondered if she'd died.

Irene heard footsteps and voices coming towards her...

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