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Revenge And The City

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Chapter 11

Irene lay face down on the ground of an old dilapidated room. The dampness crept beside her, the cold ran through her body. The fog was creeping in the broken window and it crawled down the side of the wall and onto the ground. She got up off her chest and tried to get up. Her head was spinning so much, she fell over. She couldn't feel any pain… she couldn't feel anything at all. Irene looked around the room to see if there was anything that could help her get up off the ground. She noticed a large desk, good for hoisting herself up on to it. Her attempt to crawl over was slow. So dizzy she couldn't even crawl. What was wrong with her?

Irene finally got over to the desk. She put her left arm onto the top of it and pushed her right leg out, hoisting herself up. The dizziness was wearing off….slowly…

"Hello, Irene."

She jumped around, only to see Siyan standing behind the desk. She was startled.

"It's good you came for me. It's about time we talked about everything…"

"What? Who are you? Why am I here?" Irene looked puzzled.

"It's interesting that you ask that question. I'm your worst enemy. I was Sarah's friend… I was Che's friend. Now, why are you here? Well, we have brought you here so you can feel the pain that you lot put us through. Emotional pain, obviously. We won't torture you just yet. We'll wait until we have another one of your posse."


Kyle walked up the lane towards the garage that Ric worked in. He had his camera with him. He entered th garage and walked up to Ric – who was under a car fixing a part that had fallen off.

"Hi, Ric. I was wondering if I could take more photos please?"

"Um, yeah sure…" Ric didn't really care what Kyle did, this car was more important.

"Thanks, I'll only be a minute."

Kyle walked over to the air machine and started taking photos. "Wow, this is great. All this equipment that I can take snaps of….for free! I'm going to get a merit for this…"

Ric came out from under the car, "You better get it! If any of the other guys were to catch you here they'd freak. You're lucky it's just you and me, mate!"

Kyle looked at him and smiled, "Yeah, I am lucky."

Ric went back under the car, "Just tell me when you'e done."

"Yeah, will do."

He walked over to the store room and opened the door. He went in. It was dark, but there was enough light to see what was in the room. There were gas cans, tires and … battery acid. That is what he needed… battery acid. This was going to be good. Poor little Ric with his legs soaked in acid, priceless. He picked up the can and opened it. The smell of acid hit him like a freight train, he started to cough uncontrollably.

"Are you OK in there?" Ric's voice was sweet.

"Yeah, sorry. Bad cough today." Kyle was able to get rid of the cough and smiled. He walked slowly out of the room and reached the end of the car where Ric's legs were hanging out. He waited for a second just to think about what he was about to do.

"Kyle? Are you OK? Can I help you with anything?"

Before he responed, he had already started to pour the acid slowly out of the can. It dripped down onto Ric's legs and started to sizzle.

Ric screamed with pain. He tried to kick Kyle away from his legs, but he was too far away. He was losing energy… eyes closing… pain shooting through his body… blacked out.

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Chapter 12

The fog crept past Lucas' feet as he walked closer to the Harbour house. Amanda was scurrying behind, she found it hard to see anything in these foggy conditions. She shivered as they got closer to the warehouse. It was cold for this time of year, it should have been a lot hotter… but that was the last of their concerns. Irene may be in trouble and that's what they were thinking about. Amanda stopped, Lucas looked back at her.

"Why are you stopping? he looked at the Amanda, she was staring at the warehouse – her face was plae. "What are you staring at?!"

"Lucas, look…."

She pointed to a window at the top of the warehouse. It was covered in dirt and condensation, but you could barely see inside of it. He concentrated on the window, he could see something moving…something familiar…someone familiar…

"Oh my god! Irene!"


A car pulled up outside the garage. Out stepped a young lady, late teens. She was average height, brown hair with highlights.

She walked slowly up towards the entrance – there was silence…

"Hello?" she called. Nothing.

The lady continued to walk inside the garage. She knocked on the door of the main office. Nobody there. She walked to the other side of the Garage. She picked up a few tools, but she wasn't showing the slightest bit of interest with them. She called out again while she walked over to the other side of the garage, "Hello?"

Suddenly, she stopped. There was a noise coming from one of the side-rooms. It was a groaning noise, it sounded like a person was hurt. She ran towards a few of the doors, the first two were locked. She eventually got to the final and unlocked door, she opened it and walked it…

She looked at the young man lying on the floor, his head resting on a gas can. His legs were badly burnt and the overalls had began to stick onto his skin. She ran over to him, he was barely breathing.

'Oh my god! Ric, are you OK?! Try and talk to me!"

Ric groaned again. He could barely open his eyes. He was obviously seriously injured. The girl held his hand and squeezed it, she was trying to see if he would respond. He didn't.

"Ric, you need to stay awake. Please talk to me."

He opened his mouth and he tried to speak, "Who are you?"

"Ric, it's Matilda. I'm gong to call an ambulance! You're going to be fine!"

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Chapter 13 - The Final

Siyan sat on the rusty metal stairs of the Warehouse, feeling cold and miserable. She held a t-shirt in her hand, blood dripped from one of the sleeves. The events of the past few hours were not what she expected. She didn't know that they would die. She didn't mean for them to die...

She looked down onto the main storage facility - two bodies lay on the ground. One was face down, the other was crouched over the other. Seeing Kyle and Dane's bodies made her shiver, she tried to hold back the tears. She heard the gun shots and screams - something that sounded so sweet to her, but this time it was all different.

She remembered the tension between Lucas and Dane when they stumbled upon each other. Lucas had so much hate in his eyes, he found out that Dane was in on all the stuff that had been going on. He slept with Dane for nothing, there was nothing there...no love, no chemistry, no feelings. It was all a ploy to make him suffer, and boy, it worked.

Siyan remembered the hollow sound of the gun shots. The shots that she fired. The shots that pierced Kyle and Dane. She thought to herself that maybe a new beginning was in order, a new life away from here. The only way she could accomplish this was too get rid of the past. The only things that was holding her back were the boys. Getting rid of them would sort everything out. She thought maybe if she killed the evil, then Lucas and the gang would put in a good word for her. How wrong she was. As soon as the bodies dropped to the ground, they were gone. She didn't even get time to explain why she had done it. She felt alone in this world, she wanted someone to talk to, she couldn't even get that.

It was only until she heard the police sirens that she knew she wasn't going to be free. 'No point running now... they know what you did and where you are....' The back of Siyan's mind was telling her these things. 'Killer... No killing in a 4x6 cell full of dykes and butch women. No way...'

She jumped when the warehouse door flew open. The bang rattled through her bones. The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs towards her. The look in her eyes when she saw the barrel of the gun pointing straight at her face. The sound of the police screaming 'Freeze' made her motionless. It was all over now...all over...


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