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Love In Disguise

Guest Zetti

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This was going to be a oneshot but I decided to make it into a short fic as we JM fans need some happiness with all the bumpiness on HAA.

This is dedicated to Becky for being awesome, Rachel for always updating. Lastly to my JM crew. You know who you are.

Anywayz here I go.

Topic Title Love in Disguise

Topic Description JM

Type of story: Short/Medium fic (5-6 chapters)

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Lilly

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: sexual content (mild)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Jacks girlfriend and Martha comes to blow over Jack.

Chapter 1

Jack and Lilly were walking under the moonlit sky just enjoying each others company, they were happy and they stopped to sit down under the stars and lay in each others arms.

"I wish this moment would never stop"

"Yep and that we could stay in this moment forever and ever"

"Yep would be perfect"

Jacks phone beeped, It was Lucas

Dad wants you now


"Whats up now?"

"Dad wants me" he said with a pouting look on his face

"Go, you can make it up to me by making me dinner sometime soon"

"Definitely" he kissed her and then sauntered off home

Lilly walked to the surf club where Martha was working, Lilly was envious of Martha at first for being Jacks ex wife and best friend but now she was proud to have Jack as her girlfriend.

"Hey can I have an orange juice with ice?"

"Coming up" in the nicest tone that she could muster, she hated the girl. She had got Jack just when she had realised that she still loved Jack the same way she did when she fell in love with him.

"Here you go, aren't you with Jack?"

"I was but he had to see his Dad"

'Bless you tony' she thought 'good on you'

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go on"

"Why did you give Jack up in the first place?"

"Well, I wasn't at the time ready for a relationship let alone a marriage. It happened too quickly as I needed to grow up more than I had at the time. I am more mature now than I was"

"Well I am glad to hear it" Jack said as he entered the room

"Hey, what did your dad want?"

"Oh, nothing much"

"OK, do you want to go back to mine?"

"Yep I do"

They went to leave and as they did Martha called out "Jack. Lilly. Do you want to come to dinner sometime?"

They looked at each other and Lilly replied "Yes I would love that"

"I will ring you tomorrow with the details"

"Ok see you Martha"

Inside Jacks mind, he was dreading the dinner it was going to be awkward. His girlfriend and his soon to be ex-wife.

He took Lilly home and he had a small moment of thinking it was Martha he was with as he kissed Lilly on he doorstep before watching her go inside.

"Why cant I like her the same way I used to for Martha?"

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Thanks to Rachel for proofing. I really hate this chapter!

Chapter 2

Jack and Lilly walked up to Martha's flat, knocking a small dull thud onto the fragile door.

"Hey, come in and make yourself comfortable"

"I brought wine, where do you want me to put it" Lilly said in a silky sweet voice, making Martha's stomach turn. She looked away, trying her best not to show her annoyance; she needed this dinner party to go off without a hitch.

10 minutes later, they were sat at a table eating lasagna, which Lilly commented as "Exquisite"

"Thank you"

"So, how is everything going at the bar then, dads not bugging you again is he?"

"Not any more than he used to" Martha laughed

Lilly was a bit put off, but continued to plough on, "Martha, tell Jack he needs a haircut, his hair will look so much better shorter"

Martha personally thought his hair and his other attributes were fine as they were, but she didn't want to cause an argument, so she said "I think its ok as it is, but, it may look better cut"

"Heyyyy I like my hair"

"It's like a monkeys backside!"

"Hey! It's nothing like a monkeys backside ill have you know"

"Anyway, do either of you want coffee?" Martha asked.

"Yeah I will" Lilly answered "Jack?" she asked

"Yes thank you, Martha Ill give you a hand"

"Ok thanks"

They walked off into the kitchen, while Lilly inspected the room for any mishaps that she may not like. She was a bit of a neat freak and loved insulting people over it

"Look Im sorry about Lilly, shes not usually like this"

"Well come on Jack, you don't really know her so how can you say that?"

"Yeah you're right, but I am looking forward to getting to know her a lot more, and I would hope that you will be my friend as well

'I want to be more than your friend' she thought but said "of course i will Jack"

Martha took the coffee through into the dining room. Accidently slipping on the surface, she tripped, and the two cups of piping hot coffee landed all the way down Lilly's shirt.


"Im sorry, I didn't mean to do that" Inside she was secretly pleased.

"We better go"

"Ok, I am really sorry It was an accident"

Next Chapter: The divorce papers come through

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Now I have some bad news. As of today, my sis is banning me from the computer so I cant update again for a long time or maybe never. :(

I hate this chapters anyways so its a lot easier.

Dedicated to all my readers.

Chapter 3

Martha woke the morning after and there was a note slid from under the door.

I need to talk to you Jack xxx

The letter couldn’t have come at a worse time as Jack was going to tell her that he was leaving the bay later on that very same day.

Jack rang Martha to negotiate times. They agreed to meet each other at 3pm on their cliff to avoid prying eyes and so they could talk.

Martha had done a lot of soul searching the previous day and had made a life changing decision that she wasn’t sure about how Jack was going to react so she avoided telling him when they met.

Jack sat down on the cliff alongside Martha and they made small talk till Martha finally said “Jack tell me whatever it is that you want to tell me”

“I will but first remember this decision is not influenced by you at all”

“Fine, what is the news?”

“In about 2 hours, Lilly and I are going to leave the Bay for good”

Martha didn’t know how to react to the news so she stood up and said in a composed calm voice “I hope you are really happy”

She walked away letting the tears flow freely and walked back to her flat. Jack let her walk away as he didn’t know how to soften the blow anymore and he needed to get away from the bay where all his happiness and heartache walked hand in hand. He didn’t know how much more problems he could handle.

2 hours later

Jack was at the car hoping Martha would wave them off but seconds passed turning into minutes and he gave into the fact Martha was his past.

“Come on Jack, I told my mother we would be there for later afternoon, early evening”

“Yes, Im coming”

He got into the car, started it and drove away from Summer Bay forever.

3 months later.

Jack and Martha went to pick the post up and both opened the same envelope at the sane time like digital robots.

Martha opened the letter and reacted in a calm manner He thought ‘Now I can move on from that chapter in my life’

Jack reacted in a different way. he broke down in tears and Lilly left him to deal with the closed chapter that had just happened in his life.

“Hey I am off to the city today but I will be back later on tonight, see you”

“Hey, I will make dinner to make up for being so distant this past week”

“Its fine, you’ve had a lot to deal with”

“It’s no excuse”

He looked at his watch “crap Im running late. See you later”

Martha smiled and he left the flat to head off to the city. Ash went to the headquarter and was shocked to see…..

Next Chapter: Who did Ash see?

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Yep it was supposed to be a oneshot but i made it into a small fic instead.

Chapter 4

Jack was called into the headquarters where he saw Ash and he was talking to Sam who was in tears.

Jack's heart soared; she had come back just like she said she would.

He approached them but heard “Lilly is in place, she is with Jack”

“What did you say?” Jack said flabbergasted

“Lilly is my sister, she wasn’t meant to be here with you but she seems intent on ruining my life. She knows where Rory is and I can’t let her get away without telling me where he is, he is my life and now Shane is gone I am free”

“Lilly knows?”

“She is intent on destroying everything I care about, including you”

“Tell him Sam”

“Tell me what?”

“I realised after I left you for the second time that I was….”

“Was what?”

Sam hesitated and Jack knew what she was trying to say “Nooo, you cant be pregnant”

“I am sorry; I am about 5 months gone”

“Well I cant do this now”

Jack phone rang. “Come home Jack” Lilly asked him

“Come to Headquarters in a hour and I will take you out”

“Ok I will see you then”

Jack hung up the phone “I can’t believe I left you alone, I should have stayed”

“I didn’t let you remember so it’s not your fault at all. Don’t blame yourself please”


“The baby’s fine”

An hour later, Lilly came in, Jack had told McGrath who was there for a meeting.

She was arrested and Jack had finally admitted to Ash that he cared about Sam but he loved Martha, he didn’t ever stop.

“Jack, tell her how you feel” Sam urged him

Next Chapter: Jack and Martha talk.

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Chapter 5

Jack tossed and turned battling his thoughts left, right and centre about what he was going to say, how he was going to say it and whether or not Martha would listen to him after all the time they had spent apart from each other.

Jack got up at 6am and went for a run then a shower and finally got ready to go to Summer Bay. He had agreed to meet Martha at her flat to talk about them.

Jack walked up to the door, braced himself to see Martha again and then knocked the door a couple of times and then stood there waiting like he was waiting for a court verdict on whether he is to have what he wants or he loses the most treasured thing in his life.

Martha heard the knock and said to herself “here goes. I cant do this but I know I have to”

She opened the door and smiled before saying “Come in, do you want anything?”

“no, we need to talk”

“Yes we do”

“Ok, you go first Martha”

“Ok, when I first received the divorce papers. I was happy as I could move on and be my own person again. Now, I realise I cant be with you at all because I don’t trust you, not because of Lilly or Sam or anything like that. Its because of Ash and Cam and how much they hurt me and I cant do it again”

“I wouldn’t hurt you though, I never have”

“I know but you have to understand how I feel”

“I do so what we going to do”

“Jack, I know Sam is pregnant and I am not unhappy or happy as its life, but I do want us to be friends and maybe who knows we can be together again”

“No, I cant, I cant hold on to the thought of it and then realise one day we will never get together again”

“I am not saying we never will”

“Yes I know but it’s a possibility isn’t it?”

“Yes it is”

“So can we be friends and try again?”

Jack thought about it and said “I need to think, I will tell you when I am ready”


Jack went on the beach where he saw Sam and Ash talking and laughing and generally enjoying himself



“She wants us to be friends while she figures out what she really wants”

“What do you want?” Ash asked him

“He wants her” Sam cut in before Jack could say anything.

“Yes I do” finally realizing that is what he really wants.

He walked back to Martha flat and told this and they hugged each other.

Jack was happy he finally had Martha as a friend and he would never stop letting go of the fact they could be together again.



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