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Thurs, 31 May 07 - “ 4 Seasons In 1 Bay “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ 4 Seasons In 1 Bay “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 31 May 07 - Episode # 4429)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation]

Rachel [diner flat] is more than a tad shocked at Hugh’s revelation. She suggest that they are just good friends. Hugh tells her that he thought, given time [after they were together ages ago] that those feeling would subside for him, but they HAVEN’T. Hugh continues by saying that Rachel always come to HIM when she’s been having issues with kimmy, and when rachel tries to refute this, he asks her what is she doing her right now.

Martha come to the door and wonders if Rachel is stay form dinner, but Rachel bails, and Martha wonders [to Hugh] what is going on.

Rachel is standing on the beach when kimmy approaches. She insisted that she needed some fresh air. Kimmy hugs Rachel – and insists that things WILL change.

Hugh & Martha [diner flat] talk about the whole Rachel situation. Whilst Hugh is keen to find out how Rachel feels, Martha insists that Rachel IS married and that Hugh should let things happen [Rachel/kimmy fall apart?] naturally. Hugh still insists that he MUST know.

Jack enters the diner [on lunch break form police conference], and colleen tells him that she is looking fwd to today’s announcing of who has scored the historian job at the paper. Colleen hopes that she scores the job, esp. since Madge Wilkins is in the running.

Colleen also comments on how Luke got drunk, and after jack defends Luke [off course], he approaches Naomi, who has just entered the eatery. Jack majorly has a go at her – telling her about Luke enduing up in hospital, Tony moving out of home, and how sick & twisted that she must be.

Colleen & alf are setting up the surf club for the big announcement today – there’s “search for a historian” poster up all around the room. Alf waaaaaaaaaaaay takes offence to colleen suggesting that Alf should use his friendship with the newspaper’s editor [a fishing buddy of Alf’s] to help colleen’s cause.

Hugh [hospital] asks Rachel for a 2nd opinion about a patient, but when they go into one of the rooms, Rachel just knows that this has nothing to do with a patent. When Hugh asks her about her feelings, Rachel insists that she thinks of the 2 of them as best friends, nothing more. Rachel then bails form the room.

Jack is exercising at the gym when sally approaches. She wonders where Tony is – and jack tells her that he is away on gym business. Jack also comments that he’s been away recently – so he doesn’t know everything about what’s gong on with Luke. Sally tells jack about how aggressive Luke has been towards Naomi, and jack suggest that it’s because of all that’s happened of late – Beth’s death, Tony moving out]. Sally suggests that counselling might be a good idea. She then bails.

Jack goes to the van park, where he confronts Naomi. Jack insists that Naomi MUST leave town. Naomi can’t believe what she is hearing. She tells jack that to get this job at the school straight after finishing university is pretty amazing – and she shouldn't have to pay for Luke’s lies [being a student] and her mistake of sleeping with Tony. Jack walks away = “slightly” in disgust.

Kimmy approaches Rachel [note – I initially typed Kit] in the diner. She is surprised when he shows her some familiar brochures – the ones for the honeym9on that she planed for earlier this year. Kimmy thinks that a few days away together will be great – and that kit will have to deal with that. He also suggests that Rachel can use her influence on Hugh to get him to cover for her.

Meanwhile, at the diner flat, Hugh tells Martha that he thinks he’s a BIG fool for thinking that Rachel would come out and say that she loves him too [when he talked to her at the hospital earlier].

Hugh & Martha then talk about what they wanted to be [when grown up] as a kid. Hugh insists that he always wanted to be a doctor – told a girl he liked that she has a fatal disease that would be cured if she kissed him. Martha responds [eventually] by admit that she wanted to be a ballerina!!! – but the local teacher regularly had a go at her about her weight, which is why Martha is soooooooo in shape these days.

Sally & Brad [sBH] are talking about his evaluation of Naomi. After he suggests that he’s all but done, sally reminds him about the presentation for the historian job. Brad suggest that maybe he’s not as finished as he thought he was, but sally insists that if she has to go …. [you can guess the rest].

Naomi approaches sally &brad, wanting to talk about her future here. Brad offers her a PERMANENT position at the school.

Naomi [who I’m guessing went there to perhaps tell them the whole Luke situation] is taken aback, and sys that she will let them know soon if she will accept. After Naomi bails, both sally & brad wonder what Naomi didn’t “jump” at the offer.

At the surf club, many ppl [sally, brad & colleen are only regulars though] for the announcement. Alf enters – and introduces the boss of the paper, dale Jenkins. The newspaper dude announces that, with a piece about a 100 year old resident of the bay, the winner of the comp is …. MADGE Wilkins. Alf, however, says that the winning piece isn’t so factual as one might think – Alf KNOWS that “100 yr old” dude is ONLY 95, as the guy in question was born on same day as Alf’s father!!! Dale then announces that Colleen [the competition’s only other applicant] is the paper’s new historian, after she submitted a piece about the fierce storm of 1956, entitled “4 seasons in 1 bay”

Kimmy & Rachel are talk on the beach about the holiday, before kimmy phones up about it. They see Hugh in the distance [also on the beach]. Kimmy [whilst on hold] wonders if Martha & Hugh might be a good couple.

Alf, colleen, sally & brad enter the diner, and Alf is concerned when colleen insist that they will make great team [note – wonder what colleen will “dig up” in her new role”?]. Sally & brad are talking about the Naomi thing. Sally suggests talking to her informally at the van park, whilst brad wonders what could made Naomi react the way she did to their offer.

Naomi is at Noah’s and when she tells Martha that she’s just been offered a permanent job at the school, Martha REALLY wonders why Naomi looks sooooooo “down”. Jack enters as they are talking, and he can’t believe what’s happened [the possibility of Naomi accepting the job]. Naomi insists that she’s NOT going to let one mistake ruin her career/life. After Naomi storms out, Martha wonders what is happening.

After jack tells Martha the full story, she suggests that it’s NOT his call [to tell sally etc]. Jack insists that he won’t let his family be torn apart any further. Jack then bails.

He goes to the vph, where, after sally and brad tell him that Naomi hasn't approached them recently, jack tells that them the Naomi slept with Luke!!! [end of ep]


What’s Belle got planned for revenge on Drew [for kissing guitar girl]?

Brad asks Luke about the whole Naomi thing

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s aqua [double ended triangles all over] scoop neck t

SILVER – Kimmy’s light blue [white cloud motifs and fluffy white “73”] t/denim jeans

BRONZE – Naomi’s aqua bikini top/tropical [multicolour] short shorts/ red sports top


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Brad’s white [purple vertical stripes] button up shirt

Colleen’s cream [green & pink floral motifs] blouse/black [white floral] skirt

Colleen’s orange & green [kinda jungly] top/red beret

Hugh’s black button [occasional white floral] button up shirt

Hugh’s bluey-grey t/dark blue [occasional yellow circle motifs] board shorts

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jack’s maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship with yellow background) t shirt

Martha’s choc brown (Noah’s) dress

Naomi’s red [wide collar] dress

Rachel’s orange [with yellow dots all over] v neck top [with red top beneath]

Sally’s purple thing strap singlet top

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