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Wed, 30 May 07 - “ Does This Mean We’ll See The Beach House Again Soon

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Does This Mean We’ll See The Beach House Again Soon??? “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 30 May 07 - Episode # 4428)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation]

Tony carries Luke [over his shoulder] into the hospital, and Rachel & Hug start treating Luke.

Kit, Ric & Kimmy [hunter house] are talking about the whole Naomi/tony situation when Irene enters with Maddie.

The phone rings - it’s about Luke being in the hospital. Maddie insists that she IS going there to see how Luke is etc, and kit & Irene agree to takes her [after Kimmy offers to stay and look after Archie].

Maddie & co [irene, Ric, kit] arrive at the hospital, and maddie starts verbally attacking Tony just about as soon as she sees him.

Hugh & Rachel approach and Rachel suggest to Tony that maybe Luke needs some counselling about the whole alcohol thing. After maddie and co asks if they can go in and see Luke, Hugh suggest that they should be non confrontational – and after maddie & co go off to Luke’s room, Rachel wonders [kinda harshly] if maddie & co really needed a lecture like that.

Back at the hunter house, Kimmy has his hands full with Archie - and when he goes to the cupboard to get some nappies, he sees atop those nappies the pics form THAT photo shoot.

Maddie, ric, kit, Tony etc arrive at the hunter house, and maddie is still WAAAAY angry at Tony. Irene & ric bail and kit insists to Tony that maddie & Luke’s behaviour has been bad, Tony is still in kit’s bad books too.

Next day, Hugh & Rachel [hospital] disagree on how a patient [the victim of an explosion in a factory] should be treated. He suggests that the patient should go to ICU, but Rachel insists that not only is ICU full at the moment but she believes that the male patient can be taken care of here [emergency].

Tony enters and Rachel & she talk about Luke. Ric then enters, and Luke says that he asked RIC here to come and get him.

Kit [hunter house] is surprised that Kimmy has been able to get Archie to sleep. Kimmy says that he sang the bub a jimmy Barnes song. Kimmy then comments about the portrait photos [sample package]. Kit insists that she not going to order them, as he thinks that she looks horrid. Kimmy insists on taking one of the small ones of the three of them [kit, Archie, Kimmy].

Kimmy bails as Luke & ric arrive home. Maddie is pleased to see Luke, but waaaaaaaaay not keen to see Ric. After Ric bails, Maddie insists to Kit that Ric should have told her [about tony/naomi], but Kit tells Maddie that SHE [maddie] is the one who should be apologising.

Rachel [hospital] can’t believe it when Hugh tells her that he sought a 3rd opinion [form the high-up Dr Richardson] about the factory explosion patient. Their discussion is somewhat interrupted though, as said patient’s stats waaaaaaaaaay degrade. Hugh & Rachel are forced to do an emergency tracheotomy [Hugh’s idea] which is successful – patient’s stats waaaaaaay improve.

Colleen [Noah’s] approaches Alf. She is looking to become the local paper’s new historian [as the previous person has recently passed away]. Colleen asks Alf to help her with her entry – a tale about a moment of the bay’s history. Colleen then bails – to go to the gym, and then Tony approaches Alf. They talk about the party, i.e. how troublesome the likes of Luke, drew & Jules were.

Rachel & Hugh talks about the emergency tracheotomy, but as they are do so, Hugh’s pager beeps, and he has to bail.

Ric is outside the hunter house and is about to bail when kit [who’s been next door] approaches him. Kit insists that maddie probably not hear him knock as she’s in the shower. Indeed, maddie exits the house [bathrobe and with hair that also looks like it's been in the shower]. Maddie says that she forgives ric for what he did, but has been way confused of late, ric insists tat maddie & co NEED to forgive Tony, or the family WILL fall apart.

Rachel enters the surf club and after Kimmy tells her about tings to do with Archie, she starts [excitedly] telling him about the tracheotomy. Rachel realises that he isn’t exactly listening to her, and she goes off at him, Kimmy insists that he doesn’t understand all the medical stuff etc, but Rachel still isn’t impressed, so she bails.

At the hunter house, kit, maddie, Luke & Tony try to talk about the situation, but they don’t get anywhere, but Luke [bags packed already] insist that he is moving out. Maddie says that she is going too – can’t live with Tony. The latter, however says that HE will move out!!!! Kit wonders where Tony will go – but he thinks that isn’t important right now, and he bails.

Rachel [hopital] is intrigued when Hugh suggests to one of the nurses that he IS seriously thinking about taking a medical scholarship in South Africa!!!

Both then mention to the other that they are heading off soon – to have dinner with Martha [Hugh] and Kimmy [Rachel].

Colleen [diner] asks Irene to help with that historian thing, but Irene is more interested in Tony when she sees him enter the eatery. He tells her that he’s moved out – and Irene has NO hesitation in telling Tony that he can “crash” and her place for a while. [note - it seems like ages since we've had ANY scenes at the beach house]

Soon after, Tony packs his things into his car [outside hunter house] and slowly droves off. Luke [who must have been in back yard] runs to the front yard, but Tony is already gone.

Rachel enters the gym – and because Kimmy is talking on the phone to kit, Rachel looks at Kimmy's open wallet which is on the counter of the gym. When Kimmy is of the phone, Rachel wonders why THAT portrait photo is now atop a photo of her !!!! This leads to another Rachel/Kimmy argument before Rachel storms out.

Rachel goes to the diner flat, and wonders if Hugh would like to have a quick drink with her. She tells him about her latest issues with Kimmy, AND she wonders why it sounds like Hugh is trying to get rid off her.

Hugh insists that he can’t believe that Rachel hasn’t figured things out. Hugh then admits that he’s in LOVE with Rachel!!!! [end of ep]


Sound like Naomi/Luke is known by more ppl

Will Rachel choose Hugh over the currently unreliable Kimmy???

Also, there’s behind the scenes footage of drew’s party on the H&A official site

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Ric’s aqua [black horizontal stripes] polo shirt

SILVER – Maddie’s pink & white horizontal stripes v neck long sleeve top

BRONZE – Maddie’s apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts


Colleen’s cream [green & pink floral motifs] blouse

Colleen’s pink “workout” jacket

Hugh’s “medical blue” top & long pants

Hugh’s black button up shirt

Hugh’s white [black topographical map-like pattern] button up shirt

Irene’s black [white rope pattern] top

Irene’s black top /green long pants

Kit’s royal blue v neck top

Luke’s white [grey splotches] t/bone shorts

Maddie’s white [gold vertical stripes] top/denim jeans

Maddie’s white fluffy bathrobe

Rachel’s black top/black jacket

Rachel’s orange [with yellow dots all over] v neck top [with red top beneath]

Ric’s yellow [black floral motifs] board shorts/brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t

Tony’s brown [white “BONT” logo] t

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