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Tues, 29 May 07 - “ Teen Drunks “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Teen Drunks “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 29 May 07 - Episode # 4427)

Note – this guide is mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation]

Maddie [hunter house] is devastated by the “bomb” that Luke had just dropped, and, making things worse for her, she discovers that Ric already knew about this.

As Maddie bails, kit enters with Archie, and she also can’t believe what Tony has done.

Outside the house, Ric catches p with Maddie and tries to talk to her, but she wants to be left alone. Maddie continues to walks down the street, and when Ric goes back into the house, he walks in on kit’s disdain of Tony. Ric decides to bail.

Alf enters the gym with kimmy appears to be V distracted. Kimmy then tells Alf about only seeing kit & Archie in his “vision” [after being electrocuted]. Alf insist that kimmy shouldn’t pay to much attention to tis, as the mind plays tricks on us sometimes.

Jules & drew are on the beach, and ppl have already arrived for the party. Drew is still unsure of all of this [he’s afrraid of getting caught by Dan], but Jules insists that since their bedroom door is locked, Dan WON’T find out that they aren’t at home studying.

An unknown teen girl, with a guitar over her shoulder approaches. She insists that she will sing the birthday boy something later – the blonde looks she like she’s REAL keen on drew.

Meanwhile, at the van park, Cass & belle are talking about the party – and whether they should go. Belle is keen, and she eventually convinces Cass to come with her.

Belle & Cass then encounter Ric – who says that he’s not gong to the party. Naturally, Ric looks preoccupied.

Tony [outside hunter house] approaches Luke. Tony insists that they need to talk about this – but Luke doesn’t want to know, so he walks away.

Belle & Cass arrive at the party, and the amount of ppl there now has increased [lots of teens there]. Belle gives drew his pressie – a wristband that she made herself. She ties it on his wrist, whilst Jules is acting like his usual self – ignoring Cassie’s insistence that she isn’t interested in him [after what happened with the car].

Luke arrives at the party – or more to the point, he grabs a bottle of alcohol form the party, and walks off down the beach.

Tony enters the diner, and Irene can see that things aren't so brilliant. She wonders what is happening, and Tony ask her to sit with him – so he can tell her.

Maddie [beach] approaches Luke. She’s still way steamed up about tony/naomi. Luke offers her a drink, and although Maddie clearly hates the taste [after her 1st swig], she continues to drink.

Kimmy enters the diner and kit thanks him for coming. Kimmy agrees to kit’s request for him to look for Maddie.

Back at the beach [it’s dark now btw], drew & belle kiss, and drew is REALLY keen to go further, but belle insists that this isn’t the time or the place, esp. since drew is drunk.

Nearby, jules hands Cass another drink. He insists that he not know her previous one had vodka in it. Jules insist that Cass doesn’t accept his offer to dance, he’ll have to ask himself to [dance].

Back to drew & belle, and drew continues to be way keen, but belle spots Maddie walking oddly near the water’s edge, and as belle goes to Maddie’s aid, guitar girl starts singing – and drew looks at her as though something could happen tween them.

Belle quickly realises that Maddie is drunk, and when she wonders if Ric knows that Maddie is near, Maddie says that she not have to tell him, as there are things that he not tell her [i.e. Tony & Naomi]. Belle insists tat Maddie should stay exactly where she is – whilst belle gets help.

Belle approaches drew – and she finds him kissing guitar girl. Neither belle or guitar girl are pleased when drew insists that he thought guitar girl was belle.

After Irene [diner] tells Tony that he secret is safe with her, Irene insists to Alf that she’ll be pleased when Leah returns soon [no more double shifts etc]. Dan enters – looking for drew & Jules [after he got into Drew’s locked room and discovered that they weren’t in there].

Belle & the drunk Maddie arrive – and as soon as they see Alf & co at diner, they try to bail, but Dan & co wonder what’s gong on. Maddie [loved Indiana’s drunk acting btw] tells them about Drew’s party.

Meanwhile, kimmy enters the hunter house. He tells kit that he hasn’t found Maddie as yet. Kit then goes off bout Tony to kimmy. The latter responds by telling kit that he doesn’t see any difference tween what happened when they were LOST, and what happened tween Tony & Naomi.

Kit answers the phone – it’s Irene telling her about Maddie.

Ric [vph] hears Luke calling out to Naomi. Ric go outside – where Luke is banging on the side of Naomi’s van. Luke insists that Naomi is in the van but is ignoring him, but Ric says that she’s not in there. Luke then walks away.

Alf & Dan arrive at the beach, and find ALL those party goers – incl. the V drunk Drew, who is vomiting.

Alf & Dan insist that all the party goers should WAAAAAAAAAY bail, and whilst Dan concerns himself with drew, Alf finds Cass & Jules [beneath a blanket] kissing.

Tony arrives, looking for Luke. Alf or Dan trow him a torch, and after Tony walks up the beach a bit, he finds Luke UNCONSCIOUS. Tony yells out for HELP!!!! [end of ep]


Hugh tells Rachel that he has feeling for her. Will Rachel get together with Hugh, esp. in light of Rachel tell Kimmy that she feels she’s being ignored in favour of kit & Archie?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s royal blue tube top/matching [with yellow circular motifs] skirt

SILVER – Maddie’s white [gold vertical stripes] top/denim jeans

BRONZE – Cassie’s purple tie die headband/orange (polo shirt collared) halter top & matching shorts


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Dan’s black button up shirt/brown [velvety] jacket

Drew’s black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t

Guitar Girl’s black low cut top

Irene’s black top

Jules’ yellow (black silhouette of cooooool sunglass wearing man) t

Kit’s red (white leafy motifs all over) crossover top

Luke’s light blue [black bridge etc motif] t

Ric’s yellow [black floral motifs] board shorts/brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t

Tony’s olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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