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You're All I Have And All I Want

Guest Lilone

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Topic Title – You're All I have And All I Want

Topic Description – Panda

Type of story: One Shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Peter And Amanda

Genre: Romance and volience

Warnings: Sexual Content

Is Story being proof read:

Summary: Amanda has just left the Bay but will Peter follow his heart and go after Amanda?

Amanda sat at the bar trying her best not to think about Peter but it was hard because he was one the only one that she wanted to be with and all she could think about.

As she slowly drank her drink she had a sense she was being watch, she turned and saw a man in his 50's smiling over at her. She just looked at him and turned back and carried on drinking her drink.

Pete sat in Noah's bar thinking over and over in his head about last week; last week when he felt the happiest he had been since his morning on the wedding day.

As he kept on thinking all he could remember was Amanda's face when he told her he was sorry and how he saw her eyes building up with tears. He felt the pain as much as she did but so many others had hurt him that he just didn't know weather he could go through it again. Knowing that Kelli was to blame for everything still didn't make the situation any better even though Peter knew deep down Amanda and he should be at home cuddling up on the sofa watching a dvd right now but because of Kelli, she changed everything.

Amanda still could feel she was being watched so she decided to order another drink and move to a table towards the back of the bar.

"Why are you still sitting here?" Drew asked his dad.

"I'm having a drink that's why" Peter replied softly.

"No dad you should be on your way to the City by now"

"My family are here not in the City"

"Yes I'm here but deep down you know you want to be in the City with Amanda"

Peter stayed quiet as he could feel his heart sinking further, "dad after everything we have been through we are cool now…. Don't think you have to stay here just because of me"

"Drew its too late"

"Dad nothing is to late if you really want it to happen"

Dan walked over looking at Pete and Drew as he said "you ready?"

"Yeah" Peter replied and walked out of Noah's with Drew and Dan.

It had been about 3 hours and Amanda was still drinking well more likely drowning her sorrows but that's the only thing she could think of doing if she couldn't have Peter.

Drew sat watching the TV with his dad clearly noticing that Pete wasn't happy, "dad I'm sorry but I can not sit here with you like this I'm going to see Belle"

Pete managed to smile softly as he saw Drew leave the house.

It hadn't even been 5 minutes when Peter jumped up of the sofa and grabbed a pen and paper, he quickly wrote 'I'm going to make everything right' then ran out of the house and raced over to his car.

Another hour had passed and Amanda felt like she had enough to drink and decided to get an early night after she finished the last drop of wine in the bottle.

All the way to the city Peter couldn't believe how he just raced out of the house like that. Amanda was all he could think about.

After slowly finishing the wine Amanda started to make her way to her hotel room, she wasn't drunk but she was quite tipsy. She managed to open the hotel room door and she immediately ran and jumped on her bed laughing at herself.

After about ten minutes she was still lying on the bed, she heard the door knock. Heading over to the door she looked through the little peephole and couldn't see anything so she began to open the door.

Peter drove into the hotel car park as he caught sight of Amanda's car parked near the front, he drove next to Amanda's and turned off his engine as he looked up at the hotel taking a deep breath before getting out of the car.

Amanda stood by her door looking at the man who was watching her downstairs, "hello!"

"Your beautiful you know that" the man said moving closer to a shocked Amanda.

Amanda didn't know what to say, she moved further back into her room as she stupidly left the door open and the man walked further towards her.

Peter walked straight up to reception, "could you tell me what room Amanda Vale is in", the man at reception looked up as he said, "I'm sorry sir but I am not allowed o give out information like that".

Peter knew he wasn't going to get the room number unless he used his shown his id card, Peter quickly shown his card to the man. The man started to look through the database on his computer and told Peter, "3rd floor room 35c". Peter smiled as he headed towards the lift.

Amanda fell back on her bed as the man was leaning further and further towards her as he kept saying, "come on beautiful you know you want a piece of me"

Peter pressed the button to the third floor and waited patiently for the lift to go up, he couldn't help but smile happily as he waited.

Amanda was beginning to get really scared and she began to try and push the man away from her but it was hard because he was really trying to force himself on her.

Peter eventually got to the third floor and looked at the signs pointing left to rooms 31-35. He began to walk down the corridor.

Amanda was frantically pushing the mans head away from her face, she kept hitting him in the check and was eventually able to kick him in his stomach as he fell to the floor in pain.

He stood up a few seconds later and was just about to throw himself on a frightened Amanda when Peter ran into the room dragging him away from Amanda.

Amanda sat shaking on the bed as Peter threw the man up against the wall and punching him in the face leaving the man shocked.

Peter then slung him out the door as he shouted "security"

Two security officers walked over to Peter and took the man from him, "escort him out of the building". The man barely said a word as he was led away.

Peter turned as he shut the door and ran over to Amanda, she wrapped her arms around him as she managed to say "thank you".

Amanda looked up and looked into Peter's eyes as they both leaned towards each other and began to kiss passionately, she pushed him back onto the bed as they kissed roughly.

Amanda began to undo Pete's shirt as she felt him doing the same to her it wasn't long before she let out a slight moan of pleasure. Peter could barely control himself and he quickly helped Amanda take of his shirt as he felt her taking of his belt.

They were kissing each other roughly as Peter slipped his tongue into Amanda's mouth and massaging it with hers. Peter moved further up the bed as Amanda kissed his neck over and over. Peter touched her body all over as they both moaned with pleasure as Amanda pulled the bed sheets over the both of them as they carried on kissing each other roughly.

Peter slowly started to wake up as he looked at Amanda who was asleep next to him, he was so happy and the best thing was what they just did, didn't feel wrong like it felt last week. He leaned down as he kissed Amanda on her forehead and he watched her sleep peacefully.

After a few minutes Amanda woke up realising what she thought she just did was true, it wasn't a dream. All a sudden she quickly got up barely looking at Peter and grabbed the dressing gown from the side and covered herself up.

"Amanda?" Peter said confused.

Amanda walked round to the bottom of the bed and picked up Peter's clothes as she placed them on the bed and said, "You better go!"

"But Amanda…"

"Peter it will save us both the heartache, you will only change your mind in a few hours, I don't want to put you through this, its not fair on either of us"

Peter lifted the bed cover from over in and walked up to Amanda still naked, "Amanda look at me" he said as he pulled her towards him but she tried not to avoid eye contact

He took her hands as he said "I'm not going to change my mind Amanda, I didn't come here just for sex I came here because I want to be with you"

Amanda slowly looked at him and said, "Pete don't do this to me, I can't go through you leaving me again"

He cupped his hand under her chin and leaned forward, kissing her as he said "I love you"

"But you said that last time and you left me heartbroken"

"Amanda I can't live without you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" Peter said deadly serious.

Amanda saw in Peter's eyes how serious he was, she looked at him and her smile grew as she said, "I love you detective Baker"

Peter leaned further towards her as they kissed tenderly.

The End


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