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Fri, 25 May 07 - “ The Letter “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Letter “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 25 May 07 - Episode # 4425)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story split etc]

Its way dark now, and Cass & Jules are in brad’s car. They kiss a few times, but Cass insists that if they have to stay the night in the car, then one of them will be in front seat, with the other in the back seat.

Naturally, when they kiss once more, they are busted – with al & brad shining torches on them.

When they all rtn to the vph, sally & co [incl ric] are so not impressed with Cass & Jules. After Alf & Jules bail [Alf says that he will drive Jules home], sally tells Cass that she thought she had more sense than to both take the car without permission, and to get into that [kiss][ situation with Jules.

Next day, Jules & drew are talking in the diner. Jules thinks that he’ll have another chance with Cass, and drew will have likewise with belle, at Drew’s 18th bday party. Drew thinks that Dan won’t exactly agree to that request.

At the counter, Luke & ric are chatting when Naomi enters the eatey – but when she immediately bails, Luke can’t believe that they can’t even be in the same room.

Cass [vph] insists to brad & sally that she’s seen another side [his good, caring side] now. They aren't so convinced.

When ric enters, brad asks him to take a look at his car today – to see what went wrong.

Tony & Naomi encounter each other on the beach. The "discussion" naturally gets heated tween them, and Luke sees the “chat” form afar.

Ric [vph] tells brad that he had inspected brad’s car – and it looks like drew has deliberately sabotaged the engine, so he could get Cass alone with him like that.

Brad then goes to the surf club, and he confronts Jules. Brad waaaaaay doesn't like what Jules did, and insists that Jules MUST tell Cass what REALLY happened.

Near the surf club, Cass tells Luke about this different side to Jules. The latter & drew approach Cass & Jules, and they tell Luke that Naomi won't be at school today [she’s unwell].

Luke [of course] goes to Naomi’s van and confronts her. He tells her that he saw her “chat” with Tony form afar this morning. Luke wonders what is going on. Naomi insists that Luke should speak to Tony.

Luke then goes to the hunter house, and asks Tony about the clash with Naomi, but Tony can't bring himself to tell Luke about what’s occurred.

Tony & Naomi have another encounter on the beach. Naomi tells Tony that her plan to avoid Luke [not going to school] backfired – as he came to her van. Both are way stressed, esp. Naomi who insists that tony seem to be acting as though his family are the only one affected be all this. She then kinda storms off.

Tony returns to the hunter house. Luke is in bed as they chat. Luke tells Tony that because he [Tony] is the strong one all of the time, it’s easy to forget that Tony still waaaaaaaaaaay is really feeling Beth’s passing etc.

Luke wonders, despite the awkwardness [or because of it] if they can go for a surf together soon. Tony agrees – before he bails form the room. Tony goes to the main area of the house, and starts writing a letter.

Next day, Brad [vph] is talking to sally about the whole Cass situation when Ric tells him that, form the way Cass was behaving this morn, Jules hasn't told her.

Luke enters the house and comments about Ric watching cartoons. He then tells ric that he is going to try to forget about Naomi. Ric [of course, knowing what he knows] says that that is a good idea

Tony goes to Naomi’s van – and puts the enveloped letter [i assume] on the front door. As Tony walks away, he encounters Alf. Tony says that he was looking fro colleen, but Tony [naturally] looks/sounds unsteady. Alf points out that not only is colleen’s place is another part of the van park, but that colleen will be at the diner by now.

Sally enters the surf club and she tells Cass about Jules disabling the car intentionally. She also lets Cass know that they gave Jules the opportunity to tell Cass this info.

Cass goes the diner where Jules is waiting [outside tables] with some flowers for her. Cass tells Jules that sally told her the whole story about the car. Jules insists tat he was planning to tell her this morn. Cass responds – by throwing some orange juice over him.

Cass goes to the vph, where she tells anyone who’ll listen that Jules is a liar.

Also, Alf tells Luke about how Tony was in the van park today. Alf also mentions how confused Tony seems to be.

Luke goes out into the van park – and heads straight for Naomi’s van. He sees the envelope addressed to her on her van door. Luke opens and reads the letter that Tony wrote – that reveals to Luke that he only did Tony &Naomi sleep together, but that Tony has NO intention right now in telling Luke what happened. (end of ep)


Hugh tells Rachel that he has feeling for her. Will Rachel get together with Hugh, esp. in light of kimmy all but ignoring Rachel in favour of kit & Archie?

Will drew & belle get back together at his bday party?


We hear Tony yell out for help [could it be Luke that's in danger?]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Luke’s black [pink double ended tri motifs on one leg] board shorts/light blue [white diag “naughts & crosses” pattern) t-shirt

SILVER – Naomi’s Irish green singlet top/ dark blue [knee length] shorts

BRONZE – Cassie’s white [with sky blue lining and BONT logo] singlet top


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf’s yellow [black check] button up shirt

Cassie’s hot pink [black tropical motifs] tube top/white shorts/BRG [‘Norton’ logo – with brown sleeves] jacket

Drew’s SBH uniform

Jules’ brown [with yellow ‘disco band” motif] t shirt/denim jeans

Luke’s SBH uniform

Naomi’s tan [ruffled] blouse/dark blue [knee length] shorts

Ric’s brown [blue coin-like motif] t

Ric’s grey [with black wide horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Ric’s red [white vertical stripes] shorts

Sally’s black [with red & blue curvy motifs] top

Sally’s black singlet top/white [with black floral motifs] skirt

Sally’s peach top/grey jacket

Tony’s dark brown (with light brown horizontal stripes across the chest) polo shirt

Tony’s light blue t

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