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Thurs, 24 May 07 - “ What’s With The NORTON Obsession??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ What’s With The NORTON Obsession??? “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 24 May 07 - Episode # 4424)

Outside the surf club, Alf tries to revive Kimmy – who, in his [Kimmy] semi unconscious state, has visions of some of his & KIT’s most memorable moments [incl being together whilst LOST]. Kimmy only then really “comes to”.

Rachel [her place] and Hugh say their goodbyes [with him moving out]. When Hugh is gone, Rachel gets a phone call – about kimmy.

Kimmy [lying in hospital bed] is talking to Alf & Nurse Julie. Kimmy tell Alf that he had visions – and Alf says that they [visions] are the brain telling us to not go anywhere, and they are what’s most important in someone’s life.

Rachel enters the room. Julie tells her that Kimmy’s obs are good, but that Dr Young wants kimmy to stay in hospital overnight. Btw, Kimmy’s hand is decently scarred.

Rachel tells kimmy about Hugh bailing – whilst, when Rachel enquires, kimmy tells her that he will phone kit later. Rachel bails form the room – and she looks way stressed when she gets into the corridor.

Brad [vph] tells sally that he’s gong over to see Rachel.

Speaking of whom, Rachel is surprised when Hugh returns to her house – he’s there to pick up the last of his things. Hugh notices that Rachel is feeling way down, so he hugs her – and brad walks in as they are hugging.

When Hugh bails, brad wonders what is happening, Rachel insists that she’s rally confused at the moment, as she SHOULD be thinking of kimmy at the moment, but she is sooooooo not.

Meanwhile, Hugh is at Noah’s – and Martha [who is working her shift] comments on Hugh drowning his sorrows.

Rachel [her place] tells brad that she and kimmy seem to be drift apart. She also thinks that something is going on with Hugh [inference that he likes Rachel]. Rachel tells brad that she hopes all this confusion in her life passes.

Back at Noah’s, Martha comments that she thinks Hugh did the noble thing by bailing from living in the same house as the one he loves. Hugh responds by telling Martha that he thinks Rachel is just as confused as he is.

Next day, Rachel & kimmy enters their house – after he’s bought him home form hospital. Rachel says that she will invite kit & Archie over – but kimmy insists that he wants today to just be about Rachel/kimmy.

Soon after, Rachel and kimmy are talking when his phone rings. Its kit – but he doesn’t answer and he tells Rachel that it was a number unknown to him.

Martha & Hugh are have breakfast at diner when Colleen approaches. She is V pleased that Martha isn’t living alone anymore. When colleen walks away, Hugh & Martha wonder if she was trying to match make them or not.

Rachel & kimmy enter, and whilst Martha is interested if [like her] kimmy has any memories of the time just after he received that electric shock – kimmy says that he can’t remember, Hugh bails form the diner.

Rachel & kimmy are walk on the beach. Both seem to be waaaaaaaay fighting their true feelings, as they tell each other that it’s great to be together like this. The [stubbornly together] point is furthered when Rachel sees Hugh [in the distance] as she hugs kimmy.

At the vph, Cass is eagerly looking for her road rules book. Brad comments that little pippa well and truly helped his with the washing, and brad also finds Cassie’s road rules book – as little pippa hand been ‘studying” it earlier. Brad & Cass then bail – for her road rules test.

Later, Brad enters the vph. He gives sally the impression that Cass failed, but virtually as soon as Cass enters, Cassie’s frown turns to a smile. When Cass comments that she wants to do double [100 hours] the amount of expected driver training, sally insists that brad can take her all the time for lessons [because of prank].

Cass [surf club] enters the pool room, and she’s not that keen to see that Jules is there [as she was looking for maddie]. She does agree to play pool against Jules though.

Soon after, Cass has bested Jules in their game of pool. She decides to bail – before his ‘dark side’ emerges.

Next morn, Cass [vph] is disappointed that neither brad & sally have time to takes her form driving lessons today – as both are busy [eg brad has to clear up some issue at SBH]. When sally & brad have bailed, Jules enters the house, and insists that he can give her lessons. Cass eventually agrees – even though Jules himself isn’t that much more advanced [driving wise] than she is.

[Note – Jules is wearing a Norton jacket, and seriously, what is with the likes of Rocco, Jules, belle & drew ALL wearing clothing with the famous UK motorcycle brand?]

Soon after, Jules brings brad’s car [a 4wd] to a halt on a country back road. They change positions – Cass into driver’s seat, and she steadily starts to drive.

Sally enters the vph with little pippa. She is surprised that brad is home already – as his car isn’t in the yard. They both suspect that Cass is involved in the car not be there.

Cass is going rather well with the driving, but Jules insists that she should pull over as he thought he heard as weird noises form the engine. Cass brings the car to a halt – and when Jules looks unde the bonnet, he disables the engine somehow, and the car won’t start. Cass is partic worried – as she not have her mobile with her.

Sally, brad & Alf [vph] are getting worried about Cass. This is furthered when Dan phones – Jules isn’t answering his mobile either. Alf & brad decides to go and look for Cass & Jules [in sally’s car].

By the roadside, Cass is getting worried, and cold. Jules takes off his jacket, and puts it on Cass. She tells Jules that she hates him [said in a playful way though] which leads to Cass & Jules KISSING!!! (end of ep)


Will Luke find out about Naomi/Tony??

Jules plan to be alone with Cass backfires [torches on them in Brad’s car]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cassie’s hot pink [black tropical motifs] tube top/white shorts

SILVER – Jules’ British Racing Green [‘Norton’ logo – with brown sleeves] jacket/brown [with yellow ‘disco band” motif] t shirt/denim jeans

BRONZE – Martha’s brown [sparkly butterfly-like motif across the bust] spaghetti strap top


Alf’s light blue [green check] button up shirt

Brad’s light blue long sleeve top

Brad’s white [blue pin stripes] button up shirt/black trousers

Cassie’s light brown singlet top

Colleen’s orange (white native floral) blouse

Hugh’s white (black diagonal stripes) button up shirt

Hugh's green (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Jules’ red [white ‘seek – ride – Norton” logo] t

Kimmy’s light blue {black crest} t/dark colour shorts

Little Pippa's baby pink top

Martha’s stylish dark grey (Noah’s) blouse

Nurse Julie’s white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Rachel’s mustard (red tropical motifs) spaghetti strap dress

Rachel’s navy blue polo shirt

Rachel’s red v neck top/black skirt

Sally’s black singlet top/white [with black floral motifs] skirt

Sally’s red v neck top [with white top beneath]

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