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Wed, 23 May 07 - "How Much Longer CAN They Last???"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ How Much Longer CAN They Last??? “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 23 May 07 - Episode # 4423)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story split etc]

Rachel [her place] is cooking pancakes, and wonders if kimmy & Hugh would like any. Kimmy insists that he has to bail now – to see Archie before work, whilst Hugh says that he will be back after a swim.

Kimmy indeed goes over to the hunter house and talks to kit. Colleen enters – and wonders if they can use a voucher for a free [photo] portrait that expires today. Colleen thinks it will be great for their [kit etc] little family, and kit & kimmy agree.

Rachel is having breakfast on the front patio of her place when Ingrid arrives, wanting to talk to Hugh. Rachel suggests that Hugh could be a while, but Ingrid insists on hanging there for now.

Colleen [diner] approaches kit & kimmy. She’s so pleased that they’ve agreed top having these photos done. Hugh enters the eatery whist this is doing on.

Meanwhile, Rachel [her place] has now changed out of her night clothes, and is listening to Ingrid “slightly” going on & on about how good she thinks that she [ingrid] and Hugh are together. Rachel is pleased when she is finally able to convince Ingrid to bail.

Rachel goes to the diner, where she encounters Hug. She tells him all about how Ingrid was at her place “forever” waiting form him. Hugh notes that Rachel; is agitated, and he wonders why she is attacking him this way. [Note – you just KNOW why].

Kit arrives at Noah’s [with Archie] and starts talking to Alf before kimmy joins them. Moments later, the photographer, Prue, arrives. She thinks that it would be better if they took advantage of this great place – and did the photos on the beach. Kit was to correct Prue when the latter makes the natural assumption that kimmy is kit’s husband/partner.

Hugh approaches the counter at the diner [Rachel is gone btw] and Irene wonders about Hugh’s “discussion” with Rachel. He insists that it was one of those “we know each other too well” type of chats.

Hugh then wonders about possible new local accommodation for himself – and Irene points out that Martha is looking for a flatmate [poster up in the diner and all].

Meanwhile, at Noah’s, Alf tells jack that Martha is after a flatmate, and when Rachel arrives [looking for kimmy], Alf is a little surprised that she not knows about the photo shoot.

Prue takes pics of kimmy & Archie, before taking pics of mum & bub. As Prue does the later, Rachel approaches. Kimmy assures Rachel that the photos hoot was a spurt of moment thing [i.e. colleen approached them this morn].

Jack & Martha are talking at the hunter house about the whole flatmate thing. Jack thinks that HE is the perfect candidate for the “job”.

Hugh is lying on the beach when Ingrid approaches. They sport things out [1 night stand etc] but not before Ingrid lets Hugh know about [her take on] Rachel‘s feeling about all this.

Rachel & kimmy are at the diner, and the topic of Hugh & Ingrid naturally come up. Rachel isn’t exactly pleased when kimmy says that it wasn’t Rachel’s “place” to comment about them.

Kimmy goes to the surf club, where Alf asks him to help inspect/test the surf safety gear.

Also at the club, Martha tells jack that, although they are good friends [or maybe even because of that], she doesn't want him as flatmate. Martha tells jack that she has chosen someone though.

Rachel enters her house, and sees that Hugh is doing a spot of cleaning up. He tells her about his encounter on beach with Ingrid, and he also tells Rachel that he is moving out – as HE is Martha’s new flatmate!!!

Outside the surf club, Alf comments about how “put out” Rachel she to be when kimmy wasn’t at the gym earlier [like he said he would be]. This talk with Alf obviously distracts kimmy, who, as soon as he plugs in an electrical cord, receives a MASIVE shock, which throw his backward into the side of a nearby rescue vehicle. Kimmy [unconscious it seems] slumps to the ground!!!! (end of ep)


Will Kimmy survive?

When Cass & Jules go on a date, their car “dies”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s electric blue satin night gown/black satin night shirt combo

SILVER – Rachel’s mustard (red tropical motifs) spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE – Ingrid’s black [strapless] bikini top/red bikini bottoms


Alf’s light blue [green check] button up shirt

Colleen’s cream (with green & pink floral motifs) blouse

Hugh’s black [with blue circular motif] t/sky blue board shorts

Ingrid’s black tube top

Irene’s aqua (black leafy motifs) top

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jack’s black [with 2 white horizontal stripes across chest) jacket/light blue police uniform shirt

Kimmy’s white [sB gym] singlet

Kit’s Irish green v neck top/denim jeans

Martha’s brown singlet top

Prue’s aqua [ocean themed motifs] singlet top/red headband/black long pants

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