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Tues, 22 May 07 - "The [IADL Points Race] Queen Abdicates!&#3

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ The [iADL Points Race] Queen Abdicates!!! “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 22 May 07 - Episode # 4422)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation] as it works better that way

Its early morning and tiny & Naomi are asleep [arm in arm] in her van when there’s a knock at the door. Naomi hurridly gets her nightgown on and answers the door. It’s Luke – and she tells him that it way too early for a visit like this.

After Luke bails, Tony wakes – and he’s DEEP in regret about what’s happened, i.e. betraying Beth by sleeping with Naomi so quickly after Beth died. Tiny puts his clothes on and bail – but ric sees him exit the van and scurry away.

Near the surf club, drew & belle encounter each other. After joking about the nutrional content of belle’s breakfast muffin, they talk about peter & Amanda, incl drew offering to lend belle a hand with the surprise farewell party.

When Tony returns to the hunter house, he apologises to kit about going off at her & maddie because of the insurance money, but he still says that he can’t accept it.

Amanda arrives at the house – and she tells Tony that she is selling the gym, and is offering it to him 1st. Tony says that he’ll have to think about it.

Of course, kit also heard Amanda’s offer – so she [kit] talk to ric & maddie at the diner about using some of the insurance money to but the gym for Tony.

Meanwhile, Tony is in the shower at the hunter house – and he is way stressing about I imagine a few things.

Amanda [mansion] comments – to Ryan, Dan & colleen - that she has to be somewhere this arvo, but colleen insists that she can’t, as the surprise party is this arvo. Belle enters the house – and can't believe hat colleen has blabbed already. Amanda insists that she NOT want a party.

Belle talks to Irene in the diner about Amanda’s’ decision. Belle hoped that it would send Amanda out of town on a positive note – but belle knows that they can’t give up on Amanda.

Naomi in lying in the bed in her van when Luke knocks on the door. She tells him to go away once more, so Luke all but shoves the bag [that book that the bag is in] at Naomi.

Irene goes to the mansion – and has a word to Amanda. Irene insist that the party is a way to mend some bridges [on all sides] and that it will be good for Amanda to leave the bay on a positive note.

That seems to do the trick, and many many ppl turn out of the surf club for Amanda’s farewell. Dan admits that he was kinda terrified when Amanda 1st hit town. Colleen then gives a speech – starting of with talking about how Amanda helped with one that plays that she out on [the one where Luke & maddie 1st kissed]. Colleen also infers to the various skirmishes that Amanda’s’ been in, but that leads her to saying that it’s good that Amanda & the townsfolk are now friends once more. Peter shows up and the party – but drew sees him walk away again.

Luke [hunter house] tells Tony that he way needs a 2nd opinion about a story he wrote – as he no longer trusts Naomi’s opinion. This leads to Luke revealing that he & Naomi slept together at the writer’s circle – and you can see that Tony is way in a quandry/shock.

Tony goes to Naomi’s van. He can’t believe that Naomi let this [she & Tony sleep together happen], but she insists that ‘WE let it happen’

At Noah's, there’s more farewells for Amanda [esp. amongst her family]. Also belle approaches drew – whose been trying to phone peter without luck.

Nearby, ric approaches Tony – and he tells Tony that he saw him emerge from Naomi’s van today. Ric also tells Tony that he is the only one that Luke had previously told about luke/naomi. Tony asks ric not to tell ppl about this [tony/naomi] as it could be a “tad’ bad if news got out.

Tony enters the hunter house – and when kit & maddie show him that the gym now belongs to him, he isn’t keen to accept. Kit insists that he should at least keep it for their [hunter siblings] grandkids.

Back at Noah’s, drew & belle both hope that Amanda will cope in the city.

Speaking in which, we then sees Amanda enetr8ng to bar at the hotel she is staying at for the time being.

Dan & Drew [Noah’s] launch an ‘attack’ on peter – insisting that he SHOULD be with Amanda if it makes him happy. Dan suggest that if drew can [even with his history with Amanda] wants that for peter, then peter should go for it.

Amanda is approached at the bar by an unknown guy, but she rejects his advances and moves to a table away for the bar. She’s looking all forlorn when we see peter approach form behind her. Amanda can’t believe that peter is here. He says that he’s asked for a transfer back t the city police and theta he CAN NOT live without her.

Peter & Amanda waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay PASH !!! [end of ep]


Kimmy/Rachel continue to fall apart,


Kimmy is unconscious outside the surf club

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s aqua [way glam] halter top

SILVER – Belle’s hot pink [with plum lining] spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Irene’s cream [with apricot floral motifs] plunge v neck top


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Amanda’s black [with sparkly vertical “stripes”] spaghetti strap top/cream jacket

Amanda’s white [black leafy etc motifs] thin strap top

Belle’s pink [with black horizontal stripes] singlet top

Colleen’s red [with gold floral motifs] top

Colleen’s white [with black & light blue swirls patterns] top

Dan’s dark green t

Dan’s light blue button up shirt

Drew’s black t /black jacket

Irene’s orange top/red long sleeve blouse

Kit’s black [deliberately ruffled] top

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top/light blue PJ pants

Kit’s white [black tropical motifs] top/black long pants

Luke’s white [with black S&K nautical logo and grey & pink tri pattern] polo shirt

Maddie’s aqua singlet top

Maddie’s white [with multi coloured vertical stripes] dress

Naomi’s orange halter top

Naomi’s red singlet top/dark colour shorts

Naomi’s silver satin nightgown

Peter’s light purple button up shirt

Ric’s green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

Ric’s light green [with darker green forest motif] t

Ric’s white [black swirl pattern] button up shirt

Ryan’s orange [with white sides] polo shirt/green board shorts

Ryan’s white [with light blue vertical stripes] button up shirt

Tony’s navy blue button up shirt

Tony’s white [with dark grey & a bit of aqua] polo shirt

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