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Mon, 21 May 07 - “ Just When We Thought We’d NEVER See The Inside Of A

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Just When We Thought We’d NEVER See The Inside Of A Caravan Again … “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 21 May 07 - Episode # 4421)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation] as it works better that way

It’s relatively early in the morning and Maddie {hunter house} is talking to kit about recent events. Kit insists that despite her own feelings towards kimmy, she’s putting Archie 1st [by letting kimmy see etc his son]. Luke enters the room, and wonders where Tony is. Kit says that she has been up for a while and tony must have bailed before she got up.

Tony is siting on the beach when Naomi approaches. After she sits beside him, tiny tells her the he just needs a bit of time [like this] away form the family. He changes the subject by asking about her surfing. Naomi still thinks she’s hopeless, so Tony insists on helping her – and they head for the water.

Dan enters the mansion where he is surprised that Amanda still appears to be packing up her things. He wonders wheat is happening – she insists that he must wait till belle arrives. Belle does seconds later – and Amanda tells them the she IS still leaving the bay – the mansion is already on the market etc. belle in partic is shocked.

Kit & Maddie [hunter house] are talking as kit opens the mail. Kit is kinda shocked that they’ve received a letter about Beth’s life insurance – worth $300,000

Luke & ric [diner] are talking about the whole Naomi thing, i.e. ric tell Luke that there is no way that the relationship can continue. Tony & Naomi [her top half dressed only in the aqua kini top] enter the diner and they sit with Luke & ric. Tony gets a phone call – and when he’s odd the phone, he tells Luke & co that kit wants him at home.

After Tony bails, ric goes to the counter, and after Naomi & Luke share an uneasy silence, Naomi bails, When ric returns to the table, he’s not to happy with Luke, eg ‘didn’t you listen to what I said’

Kit has just got off the phone to Scott when Tony arrives at the hunter house. Maddie is nursing Archie in her arms whilst kit tells Tony that they got bath’s life insurance money today – and they want Tony to have some [$50,000] of it. Kit wonders if Tony can go to solicitors etc with them later today – but tiny [way in shock] insists that he is pretty busy.

At the beach, ric & Luke talk about the Naomi situation, or more to the pints, ric kinda lectures Luke bout it. He tells Luke that Naomi is acting the way she is because she is freaked out that she is now his teacher at school – and that like should way back off.

Elsewhere on the beach, tony looks way stressed before he dives into the ocean for a swim.

Belle [diner] tells Irene about what’s happening with Amanda when pater enters. Belle accuses peter of not caring about Amanda at all.

Naomi is in her caravan when Luke knocks on the door. She lets him in and he comments on a book that he sees on the table – he says that he rememers that that is the book that got Naomi into writing. Naomi says that her own copy is lost, and that this is one form the library. Luke tells Naomi that he knows that he has been immature about all this, whilst Naomi [now that that is settled] insists that Luke should bail – as it’s not a good look for one of her student to be in her ‘van.

Luke goes to the nearby vph, where he talks to ric [who is play video games]. Ric can’t believe that, despite everything, Luke is still thinking that something can happen tween he & Naomi. Indeed, ric insists that Luke should waaaaaaaaaay know better – as the Colleen’s of this world WILL have a field day with this.

Luke, however, decides to get Naomi a copy of THAT book – he even interrupts ric’s video game and is JUST able to convince him to drive Luke to the city to get a copy of said book.

After Irene goes to mansion and has a word to Amanda, the latter goes to the diner and talks to belle. Amanda insists that she needs to get away, as her ‘big achievement” since coming to the bay has been stuffing everything up. She insists that she wants belle to have a mum that she can be proud of. Belle [all but in tears says that IS proud of Amanda, but the latter won’t be swayed. Soon after, Amanda enters Noah’s looking for Tony [something about the gym being valued]. Alf says that he’s not arrived as yet. Peter is also at the club. Peter insists to Amanda that he hopes that she finds happiness. Amanda tells Alf that Tony can phone here, but as she bails, she looks back longingly at peter.

At the diner, ric tells Luke can’t believe that he’s just driven to the city & back for THAT book. In the kitchen, Irene insists to belle that she thinks that these days, Amanda is ‘part of the furniture” bayside. Irene also thinks that many ppl would want to attend Amanda’s going away party.

Tony is doing some sweeping at the surf club when a delivery guy asks about when Beth is returning. Alf directs the guy towards Noah’s whilst Naomi [whose just enters the room] wonders if she can help Tony. She insists that a stranger might be able to help him more that someone who is close to the situation.

Luke, Maddie & Kit are talking [hunter house] about Tony, and how he’s got no one [really] to talk to these days, as he used to tell Beth everything.

Tony arrives – and he vehemently tells kit & Maddie that he CAN”T accept their offer [the $50,000].

Tony then bails – and he goes to Naomi [her van]. He tells her that he had nowhere to go, and that he thinks that Beth is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than $300,000, and that he wishes oh so much that she is still alive.

Soon after, Tony is curled up on Naomi’s bed. He is waaaaaaaaaaaay tears, and Naomi lies beside him – with her arm over him!!! [end of ep]


Tony discovers that luke/naomi were together

Will peter follow his heart – and leave with Amanda???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts

SILVER – Amanda’s baby pink [elbow length sleeves] top

BRONZE – Naomi’s tropical [multicolour] short shorts/aqua bikini top/black ‘Lorna Jane’ singlet top


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Amanda’s dark blue sports top/sky blue zip up jacket

Belle’s black (“Rip Curl”) singlet top/grey [check] skirt

Dan’s green [with brown horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Irene’s bluey-grey [silver eagle crest motif] t

Kit’s orange scoop neck t

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top/light blue PJ pants

Luke’s yellow (grey urban? Motif) t shirt/light grey [with occasional black double ended triangles] board shorts

Maddie’s apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top

Naomi’s silver satin nightdress/silver satin nightgown

Naomi’s sky blue [green & red floral motifs] spaghetti strap top/bone [knee length] shorts

Peter’s grey button up shirt

Ric’s waaaaay light blue [with black human face & tree etc motifs] t/khaki board shorts

Tony’s navy blue [small ‘Bont” logo] polo shirt

Tony’s white (with red & blue stripes, and BONT, across the chest) t/red board shorts

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