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One Day

Guest Roccoluver

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Title: One Day

Author: Me

Category: One shot

Genre: angst

Main Characters: Kelli

Rating: t

Spoilers- Yesish

this is for kelli.vales.rules b'day, happy birthday:)

Fire raged around the car, as she lay trapped in it, looking out she saw Amanda standing there, watching her as she slowly burned with the car….

It had been five weeks since the accident and Kelli had heard nothing from her mother or sister, they hadn’t come to check up on her, to make sure she was alright.

They didn’t care.

How could they not care, how could they turn their backs to her pain and suffering.

No one cared.

She didn’t have anyone beside her, telling her she was going to be alright, just sitting there comforting her. Leaning back in her hospital bed, looking down at the scars that marred her body, the painful reminders of her family’s unforgivable betrayal.

As more painkillers slowly pumped into her body, she stared up at the ceiling.


Her sister didn’t think she could just get away with this. She had ruined her life and now she was going to pay. One day she would crush Amanda’s life, just as she had hers.

One day


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