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Thurs, 16 May 07 - “ True Feelings “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ True Feelings “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 16 May 07 - Episode # 4419)

Even before they start, Cass, Jules, belle & drew [mop & bucket in hand etc] are complaining about their punishment. Naturally, the 4some trade barbs, lots of them [incl Jules suggesting that belle/drew should just admit that they still feel something for each other], and, of course, brad checks on their progress just as they are throws cleaning sponges at each other. Brad “suggest” that they will stay after school and finish the task.

Later, Belle & drew are in a classroom talking about what’s happened – and they are about to kiss when Jules or Cass interrupts.

Soon after, when most of the corridor & locker clearing is done, drew & co [naturally] decides to tip the buckets of water over each other. After the other 3 have had the bucket treatment, Cass tries to run away, but she slips and hurts her ankle. Jules in partic wants to enure that she is ok, and insists that Cass should stay off her feet whilst the other 3 finish off the cleaning.

As the 4some made their way home via the beach, they split into 2 groups [girls & boys] to go to their homes. Cass & Jules indicate to belle & drew that they are so not into each other [cass/jules], but at different times, Jules looks back to catch another glimpse of Cass, and Cass does to same things [to see Jules].

Rachel [her place] and kimmy are talking about what they plan to do today with baby Archie – as kit is going to a day spa with maddie – when Hugh enters the house. He’s just got back form the hospital – after working a double shift to cover for another doctor. Rachel notices that Hugh seem to take offence [a little] at the suggestion that he is working nights now to avoid Rachel & kimmy.

Maddie [hunter house] and kit are preparing to go to the day spa. Kit is also stressing out about being away form Archie. Kimmy & Rachel arrive – and kit is rally pained to be leaving her child even fro a while.

Kimmy & Rachel go to the diner with Archie, and kimmy gets a phone call there form Amanda. She wants him to got to yabby creek to pick up some new gym equipment [note – in case I missed it in an earlier ep guide, Tony & kimmy have got their jobs back now that all this kelli business is over]. Rachel says that she will be fine with Archie.

Rachel takes the baby back to her place, where its crying wakes the sleeping Hugh. He realises that Archie needs changing again. Hugh says that she thinks Rachel will makes a great mum, whilst Rachel thinks that kimmy is a way great father.

Rachel also further seems to think that Hugh has a problem with her – but gets nowhere in trying to find out.

Kit& maddie get back for the day spa, and when those two, kimmy ^ Archie are at the hunter house, the baby vomits on kimmy shirt – and maddie notices kit looking at kimmy as he removes his now dirty shirt.

Meanwhile, Rachel meets with brad at the diner. He realises that she isn't listened to him wondering if detention serves any REAL purpose. Rachel then tell him about how Hugh seem to be avoiding her, and lying to her, eg supposed coming back form the conference early.

Back at the hunter house, kimmy decides to bail – but not before lying on te couch and having Archie on her shirtless torso.

Late at night, maddie sees/hears kit crying in the lounge. Maddie wonders what’s up – and kit tells her about having feeling form kimmy. She even tells maddie about the kiss.

Kit insists that she IS doing to find a way to get kimmy out of her life – as she knows that she just shouldn’t be thinking this way etc. [end of ep]


What will happen on Naomi’s 1st day at SBH?

Looks like Hugh has a 1 night stand, whilst

Kit is in a quandary about kimmy

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kit’s blue v neck singlet top [with green thin strap top beneath]

SILVER – Rachel’s navy blue [white floral motifs] dress

BRONZE – Maddie’s pink singlet top


Belle’s SBH uniform

Brad’s maroon tie/black [white pin stripe] button up shirt

Drew’s SBH uniform

Hugh’s back & apple green (vertical stripes) button up shirt

Kimmy’s off white [very arty brown house motif] t

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