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Rosie and Frazer

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Can some one help me,

Is frazer already married that is why he said no? does anyone know??

i wont be able to watch tonight epp as i am going to the pink concert but it says that he tells her why?

can some one help me a fill me up todate with what is going on???

Thanks Heaps! x

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I have no idea. I started to get the feeling he wanted to do it the traditional way, and he will propose to her. Hmmm...i'll have to watch tonight to see what happens with that. But whether Fraser is married, i have no clue whatsoever :P

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i shall be watching, so i shall update you :)

EDIT: they just showed it, and well what i said happened. He took her to someplace, and took out the ring and proposed, and she said yes. The ring was gorgeous <3

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