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Story Title: Burning

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Peter and Amanda

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes Episode 4412

Any warnings: None

Summary: I was wondering how Amanda got out of the car after it was set on fire so I wrote this.

Smoke smothered the air as the fire raged around the car, she tugged at the airbag trapping her in the car. It made no sense to her why her sister would do this to her, she forgave her!. The was a loud bang and the heat increased as fire grew, she could her clothes, hair, skin being to burn. She reached out and grabbed a screw driver, and stabbed the air bag with all her might. Reaching around her unbuckled her seat and crawled out the front windscreen of the rolled car. Crawling along the ground she saw Kelli’s four wheel drive driving, she remained frozen on the spot. What if Kelli saw her, what if Kelli can back. She had made it clear that she would not let Amanda live to rebuild her life. She felt her heart miss a beat as the four wheel drive stopped for a moment before letting out a sigh of relief as it roar off down the open roar.

A loud crackle remind her of the car that was about to explode at any minute right behind her, using her remanding strength she half crawl half dragged herself to the safety of some near by bushes and hide away. Closing her eyes she tried to clear her mind of all that had happened, all her sister had done to her. Belle, Peter, Ryan, the gym, her house, Kelli had ruined it all. How could she of been so stupid to think Kelli had forgiven her after no contact for years.

Lying in the ground, trying to recover from the ordeal Amanda wished Peter was here, Was there now a chance for her and him since it was Kelli fault all this happened, she still loved him with all her heart, like she’d loved no one before, she never wanted to hurt him or use him. She heard a car pulled up and ducked down further. What if Kelli had came back after all?.

“Amanda!, Amanda!, Amanda”

She looked up, was it really Peter.

“Peter!’ she called out as he ran over to her, she was safe again. He was here to save her.

“I’ve got you” he comforted her as he wrapped his arms around, holding her close to him. She grabbed onto him for life, she never wanted to let go of him. She felt so safe in his arms, Kelli was gone, Peter was back.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you” she tried to reply back, but she couldn’t, just a series of mumbled noises, it was all over she hoped. She still couldn’t believe Kelli had done this to her, betrayed her trust, ruined her life, crying she held onto Peter as the car burned.

tell me what you think, the bad, the good, etc


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