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The Photograph

Guest Reo

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Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction

Rating: G

Main Characters: Holden Family - Including Kate Holden.

Genre: Drama

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: It's Kate Holden's birthday and Lucas, who has no memory of his mother, spends the day thinking about her. The memories his father and brother gave him and what life would be like if she was still alive.

The sun shined in his room and across his face, Lucas awoke slowly and put his hand over his eyes for cover. He turned to his side and looked at his bedside table. 'Hi Mum' he said while reaching his hand over and grabbing hold of a thick wooden frame. He brought it closer and looked down on it. 'Happy Birthday Mum', Lucas said while smiling softy at the picture showing a young beautiful woman looking down at a little blonde boy in her arms who was looking back at her, both smiling at each other. He sat up and continued staring at the picture. He looked at the hand in the corner of the picture, Jack had wanted attention when the picture was taken and ended up with his hand in the picture.

A few minutes had past and there was a knock at the door. He quickly put the picture back and sat up in bed. Tony opened the door and saw that Lucas was awake. 'Hey mate, just wanted to check that you were up'. Lucas nodded 'Yeah, I'm just about to get dressed'. Tony nodded and then shut the door. Lucas got out of bed and walked over to the dresser, he opened the drawers and got dressed. He then turned back to the picture on the bedside table, mother and son, as happy as can be. He walked forward and picked up the picture, He turned the frame over and took out the picture, giving it one last long before carefully putting it in his pocket.

'Take the picture Tony' Kate said while trying to keep a hold of Lucas. 'Stay still Luc, You want your picture taken, don't you?' she asked trying to get Lucas to settle. 'I think I got it now' Tony said finally pointing the camera at his wife and child and then bringing the camera back down to his side, 'He's still squirming, It's going to come out blurred'. 'I'm trying to calm him, He's watching Jackie and wants to play with him'. Kate said as she tried to turn Lucas away from Jack. Tony turned his head to see his eldest son doing a headstand on the sofa, 'Jackie, get down. You'll fall'.

'I wont fall' Jack said answering back to his father. 'Jackie' Kate said in a soft voice. Jack looked at her from upside down and then rolled on his side and sat down. 'Good boy' Kate said to him while smiling. 'He never does that with me' Tony moaned sarcastically while pointing the camera back at his wife and son. 'Have you got him now?' Tony asked laughing at Kate while seeing her losing her grip on Lucas as he tried to slip away. 'Luc, Luc. Come on sit back down' Kate was trying to settle him again. Lucas started to moan and cry, Kate turned her head to see what Lucas was staring at. She saw Jack making faces at Lucas, 'Jack!' she said in a stern voice. Jack stopped making faces and sat there, Lucas stopped crying and Kate moved him closer to her.

'All this to take a picture' Tony said pointing the camera once again at his wife and son. 'It will all be worth it' smiled Kate, 'A lasting memory'. Tony smiled at her and looked through the camera. Lucas had settled down and was looking up at Kate, Kate looked down at him and smiled. [Click] Tony had taken the picture. He put the camera down and laughed softly, Kate looked up at him as Lucas raised his hand to her face. 'What?' Kate asked. 'I think Jack may have put his hand in the picture just as I took it' Tony said looking at Jack who was standing beside his mother, Kate turned her head to see Jack smiling at her.

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Lucas walked into the kitchen and saw Jack sitting at the table reading the paper. He sat down opposite him. 'Where's Beth and Mattie?' Lucas asked as he turned around to see his father who was by the cooker. 'They went to the Diner for breakfast, said they would give us a bit of space today'. Tony put the pancakes on a plate, turned off the cooker and then walked to the table. He put the plate in the middle of the table and then sat down.

Jack put the paper down and reached over for a pancake, He looked up at Tony 'Are.. are we going to do something today?', Lucas looked at his father who looked back at both of them. 'I thought we would buy some flowers and take them up to The Lookout'. 'Sounds good dad' Jack said as he put the pancake onto his place. 'Luc, is that okay?' Tony asked, knowing anything to do with his mother was a very painful moment for him. Lucas nodded and already was trying to hold back his tears, He quickly leaned over to get a pancake, 'Yeah, that's good'.

'Good, I think we should go up at the end of the day' Tony said. The boys nodded, Tony looked at Lucas and saw how close he was to crying so he changed the subject, 'Pancakes alright?'. 'Yeah there good' Lucas said after successfully stopping the tears and reaching over to get the strawberry jam. 'Great' Jack chipped in with his mouth still full. Tony smiled and leaned over to get himself a pancake.

'Kate, can you pass me the pancake mix?' Tony asked, then turned around to see Kate had her hands full trying to put Lucas in the highchair and keep Jack from leaving the table. 'Or, I'll get it myself' he said while laughing at Kate still struggling with the boys. 'I'm glad I can rely on you being such a good and helpful father'. Tony laughed and walked walked towards Kate and took Lucas from her arms, He gently put Lucas in the highchair and smirked at Kate, 'Not so hard' he said jokingly.

Kate looked at him while still holding Jack in place. Tony continued smirking and then walked back to the counters. 'Jackie sit still' Kate begged her son. She bent down to his ear and whispered 'I'll buy you some sweets after school if you sit still'. 'I heard that' Tony said turning around. 'Bribing your own son with sweets' Tony laughed. Kate smiled back at him and then noticed that Jack was now still, 'Worked though'.

'Who wants pancakes?' Tony said enthusiastically to his sons who looked back at him unamused. Kate laughed as Tony stood there disappointed. 'Well I don't know about you guys, But I certainly want pancakes' Kate said grabbing some pancakes from the plate and putting them on her own, 'And I'm sure daddy wants pancakes aswell' she said while looking at Tony, hinting him to play along. 'Of course I do' Tony said as he sat down and put some pancakes on his own plate. Kate took a mouthful then looked at the boys 'These are really nice, Are you sure you don't want any? Jack looked at her and Lucas looked up at the ceiling. 'No?' Kate asked playfully. Jack reached out for the pancakes but couldn't reach them. 'Are you sure you don't want any Jack?' Tony said seeing his son struggling to get some. 'I want some' Jack finally said. Kate stood up and walked to the other side of the table and put some pancakes on Jacks plate.

'What about you Luc?' Kate asked as he was still looking up at the ceiling. He looked back down and shook his head. 'Not even a little one' Tony asked with a soft voice. Lucas again shook his head. 'What about if I add some strawberry jam to them?' Kate asked him as she picked up the jam, Lucas nodded. After Kate had given Lucas his pancakes with jam on, she sat back down and began eating her own pancakes, She looked up again to see her boys focusing on nothing else but the pancakes. Jack looked up and spoke with his mouth full 'Can I have more?', 'Only if you stop speaking with your mouth full' Kate said.

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Lucas helped Tony wash up, neither really spoke unless asking each other for a plate or towel. Jack had left to go to work and Tony was getting ready to go to the gym. 'Where are you going today Luc?' Tony asked him, 'I think I may just go for a walk' Lucas replied. 'Okay, I'll see you later' Tony said saying goodbye to him and walking out the door. Lucas left the house and locked the door and began walking.

He walked slowly down the path headed to the Diner. Today was going to be a quiet day, a day to think. He felt the picture in his pocket everytime he took a step, he reached the road and crossed over. He walked past the Diner and sat down on the bench looking out onto the beach. He took the picture out of his pocket and looked at it again.

He heard some shouting and screaming on the beach and looked up, He saw Ric chasing Matilda and Cassie around. Lucas smiled at them and then looked back at the picture. He closed his eyes.

'Mum' Lucas shouted. 'Mum' he shouted again after a few seconds desperately seeking his mothers attention. 'Mum' he shouted yet again like a impatient child. 'Okay Lucas, I'm watching' Kate finally said and smiled at him. Lucas turned and ran into the sea with his surfboard under his arm. Kate smiled as he swam alittle further out to sea.

Tony and Jack walked over to her and sat down next to her putting their surfboards infront of them. Tony held Kate's hand and Jack looked out at his brother surfing. 'I can do better than that' Jack noted. 'Get up there and show us then' Tony replied moving alittle closer to Kate. Jack stood up and picked up his board and ran into the sea.

Tony put his arm around Kate and she leaned her head on his shoulder looking out to sea and watching her sons trying to outdo each other surfing.

'Move over, let your big brother show how it is done' Jack said to Lucas as he got onto his board and allowed the wave to carry him. He stood up and the wave crashed causing him to fall off, when he resurfaced Lucas clapped and shouted to him 'I never knew it was done like that'. Jack swam back to him and pushed Lucas off his board as he continued to laugh.

Kate took Tony's arm off her shoulder 'why don't you show your sons how it is really done' Kate said smiling to him. 'I'd rather stay here' Tony replied looking at Kate smiling, he then looked out to see when he heard more shouting and saw Lucas and Jack trying to hold each other down in the water. 'Or I could go and show them how it is done' Tony said getting up and picking up his board.

Lucas opened his eyes and looked up into the sea and saw two boys surfing while their parents were on the sand watching them. He whispered to himself 'I wish'.

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I havent decided yet,But thinking about it now there are at least 3 more chapters.

Lucas continued to stare at the picture dreaming about what might have been, when he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned around to see Sally talking to Brad in the distance, he continued watching them. Sally leaned over and hugged Brad, Lucas looked to the right and saw Pippa bending down to pick up a flower, she stood up and then started walking to the road.

Lucas looked back as Sally and Brad continued talking, he then looked back at Pippa who was still slowly walking to the road. Sally turned and saw Pippa, she ran over to her and grabbed her hand. Lucas saw a car coming down the road.

'We are going to meet daddy from work and then go to the park' Kate said excitedly to Lucas as she pushed him in his pram along a quiet street. Lucas looked up at her and as Kate pushed him along she looked down and smiled back at him. Kate looked up and stopped infront of the curb, she looked both ways and waited for the traffic to stop. She pushed Lucas across the road and waited the other side. 'Won't be long now Lucas' she said as she bent down to him and gave him a drink.

Kate stood back up and held onto the side of the pram as she looked across the street at the school waiting to hear the bell ring and for Tony to come out. More people started to flock the street and cars driving by waiting to pick up their children from school. Kate smiled at Lucas as he held out a empty juice bottle, she took it from him and put it in the back of the pram. She looked back at the school after hearing the bell go. Children ran out and to their parents, walked down the street or got into cars. 'Daddy will be here in a minute' Kate said once again smiling at Lucas who was watching everyone walk by.

Suddenly Kate felt someone pulling hard on her bag and she turned around, a man was trying to take her bag away from her. Tugging and tugging at it, Kate instantly kept ahold and trying to pull it back from the man. She screamed out for help and Lucas cried. The man kept tugging and tugging, he managed to get the bag and run as he pushed Kate back who fell into the road and onto a oncoming car, she fell off the bonnet and rolled along the floor. Lucas continued to cry and the crowd around the gasped. 'Kate!' Tony shouted with fear as he had just come out of the gate to see his wife hit the car bonnet and onto the floor. He ran across the road and fell down on his knees at Kate's side.

Lucas quickly looked back at Sally who had picked Pippa up and waited for the car to drive slowly past and then she crossed the road. Lucas felt a tear fall down his cheek.

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Thanks both :D

And I have been trying to have something in present time in the memory,But for this I couldn't think of anything,But It's just Lucas wishing this was true.

Lucas wiped away the tear and then noticed his other hand was empty. The photograph, its gone. Lucas quickly checked his pockets, around and under the bench. He started to panic, standing up to check the area. Lucas worried that it got blown onto the beach and into the water, he looked back and saw something shine in the long grass by the fence.

He ran forward and dropped to his knees, he reached his hand forward and brushed away the grass, in the middle of the grass he saw the photograph, he grabbed it and brought it closer to him, he dropped his head and began to cry.

'I can't believe it, my youngest son is going to be a writer' Kate beamed as she looked at Lucas holding a scholarship letter to a prestigious writing school. Lucas smiled back and then spoke 'Are you sure it's okay? It's alittle far away'. 'It's fine' his father said reassuring him, 'You can't turn a offer like this down'. Kate walked up to him and took the letter, 'This is the best opportunity for your future and you will be going' she said smiling at him. 'Okay' Lucas said smiling, 'Okay' Kate said back to him.

'When is Jack coming home?' Lucas asked wanting to share his news. 'Any minute now, If he isn't working overtime'. Tony said looking at his watch. 'Who would of thought it' Kate said, Tony asked 'Thought what?'. 'That we would have two successful, handsome, mature boys' Kate said smiling at Lucas. 'I think they may get all that from me' Tony said jokingly, Lucas laughed.

'What time is Jack getting home?' Lucas asked again. 'You already asked that Lucas' Kate replied. 'I know, I'm just excited'. 'Well I have some other good news for you all later' Kate said hoping to get them wondering. 'What is it?' Tony asked. 'I don't want to take the celebration away from Lucas, so I will tell you after he has told Jack about the scholarship'. Kate said smiling at Tony being eager to know.

'Hey guys' Jack said as he entered the house still in his police uniform. 'What's going on?' he asked. 'Lucas has had some good news and he wants to share it with you' Kate said happily to his oldest son knowing that after Lucas shares his news she would reveal something that would make the day better than ever. 'Well, what is it?' Jack asked eager to know what had happened. 'I got a letter today, from that writing school'. Lucas explain. 'You got in?!' Jack said interrupting him. Lucas smiled and then said 'Yeah'. 'That's great!' Jack said with excitement. 'Well done, I knew you could do it'. 'Thanks' Lucas beamed.

'So, Kate. What is your news?' Tony asked waiting to hear. 'Well, I didn't want to take away Lucas's limelight, but I'm pregnant' Kate said smiling. Tony stood there in shock, Kate smiled at him never for a second thinking that this was a bad thing, Tony's face suddenly erupted in the biggest smile he gave Lucas when he opened the letter. He ran towards Kate and hugged her lifting her feet off the ground.

Tears ran down Lucas's cheeks, he was no longer fighting against them. He broke down and cried, he looked down and saw his tear drops just missing the photograph. He heard someone behind him and felt them kneel down behind and put their hand infront of him and grabbed him tight, hugging him hard. 'It's okay, I'm here' Tony whispered to his heartbroken son.

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Last Chapter. :D

Tony drove Lucas up to The Lookout and they waited for Jack to arrive. Lucas was sitting on the rocks looking out to sea and holding on to the photo, Tony was looking up the road waiting for Jack to arrive, he turned to check on his son a few times before Jack finally arrived. He got out of his car and walked down to them. 'Sorry I'm late' Jack said while taking the flowers that Tony gave him. 'What's wrong with Luc?' he asked seeing that Lucas was sitting on the rocks and hadn't noticed he arrived. 'He had a tough day' Tony said quietly

Jack took some more flowers from Tony and walked up to Lucas, he put his hand out. Lucas looked around and saw Jack standing there holding out the flowers. He took them from him and then looked back out to sea. Jack put his hand on Lucas's shoulder and stood there silent, no words could help Lucas, only knowing that he had people there that loved him. Tony walked over to them both and put his hand on Lucas's other shoulder and his arm around Jack.

Tony cut up some sandwiches and put them on a plate, he put that plate in the fridge and then shut the door. He turned around to see Jack playing with Lucas on the floor, all of them were dressed in black. Tony walked forward and sat down near his sons. Jack was holding up some wooden blocks that Lucas was taking out of his hand and putting them on top of a tower he was building.

All was quiet apart from the small tapping noises made when Lucas put the next block on his tower. Tony put his hand up to his eyes and quietly sobbed, stopping himself when he realized he had to be strong for his sons. He felt someone move his hand away, he looked up to see Jack holding his hand and Lucas walking forward holding out a block, Tony took the block from Lucas and smiled at them.

Tony got out of the car and reached back in to help Lucas out, he held onto his hand and waited for Jack to get out of the car, when he did Tony held on to his hand and they all walked forward. Groups of people were gathered each side of them, all dressed in black and all silent as they all walked forward.

Tony sat down and picked up Lucas and placed him on his lap, wrapping his left arm around Lucas and his right arm over Jack who sat next to him. Jack gave them both another look and held them close and then looked forward to a oak coffin and flowers that covered the church.

Lucas looked up and smiled at his brother and father and then got up, they all walked to the edge of The Lookout and put out there arms dropping the flowers into the sea. Tony wrapped his arm around Lucas and put his other arm around Jack's shoulder. They all stood there silent.


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