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Type of story: One shot - Poem

Rating: G

Main Characters: Lucas

Genre: Angst/Elegy


Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: My interpretation of the "mature" poem that may have won Naomi's heart at the Writer's Circle :D...


He wore the word “Sweet” on his shirt

Warm brown beneath desolate black.

Orphaned, he sent a rose to the dirt;

Abandoned. My brother Jack

Watched over him knowing the pain

Of a son who’s seen his Mum’s curtain call

But for me, the grief wasn’t the same

Two years’ worth, or three, all-in-all.

My Dad’s second wife, had she said yes

Instead had to flock to her kind

To her children, and theirs, even bloodless

More tempting than us, in her mind.

Now for my trouble, I’m lost.

She’s dead. So how should I feel?

The bastard son of a ghost

Again. Cut open where I thought I would heal.

I haven’t been home since they told me

A town full of memories and dust

Is not what I need to be happy

Or to break through my heart’s bitter crust.

The wind trading sea salt for crying

The sand keeping footprints in grain

Will be there when I vow to start trying

To see Summer Bay again.


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