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Thurs, 10 May 07 - “ [More] Emotional Blackmail “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ [More] Emotional Blackmail “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 10 May 07 - Episode # 4414)

Tony [diner] is talk to colleen & Irene. He is look fwd to seeing Luke again – and the man in question and jack enter the diner seconds later. Before Luke does anything else, he is keen for a surf with Tony.

When they rtn to the hunter house [post surf], both comment about still being in shock about Beth. Tony then starts getting the washing etc out of Luke’s bag, and discovers an offer of a scholarship [all expenses] in the USA. Luke say that he’s not sure sure about thing it – but is still thinking.

Luke talks to several ppl at he diner. he give ric that impression that he has a VERY good reason to stay in Oz, whilst colleen tells him just how much Tony missed Luke whilst he was away. Also when Luke asks jack about Tony, jack thinks that he is handling things pretty well.

Soon after, Luke is on the phone at the hunter house. Tony enters the house just as Luke tells the scholarship ppl that he is turn DOWN their. Luke [off phone] insists to Tony that there WILL be another time for this [scholarship etc]

Jules insists to Cass that the poster [saint Cassie] was just a joke, and he thinks that he’s just another person that she can help [like lily].

Soon after, sally approaches Cass, who insists that the poster wasn’t done by Jules etc. naturally; Jules [out of sight of Cass etc] overhears this.

Cass talk to Maddie about all this [esp. that she can tell that Jules has a sensitive side because of the lily letter] whilst Jules does the same with drew – who tell him about macca etc.

Naturally, when Cass & Jules clash again, Jules can’t help himself – by saying that Cass likes guys who treat her badly [macca, now Jules].

Soon after, sally finds Cass alone in a classroom – and Cass admits that it was Jules with the poster etc, whilst drew waaaaaaaaaaay has go at Jules [Leah’s house] for all this. Drew says that Jules is really running out of credit with him, but Jules rebukes this by reminding drew that he [Jules] took the “fall” for the fires lit at boarding school.

Martha [diner flat] is talking to cam when Cindy rings cam. Cam then tell Martha has has to go to club, where he finds lots of unhappy employees – they’ve not been paid. Cindy confronts cam alone – who admits that he is totally broke.

Cm tries to get Martha “on bord” with the Lou bains plan, but she’s not keen, but cam [being his usual shifty self] tells Martha that the thugs have indicated that they’ll hurt [his ^ Cindy’s daughter] crystal. Martha then agrees to9 at least have drinks with him.

Later, after Martha’s latest dance performance, she chats with Lou, cam etc – and Lou signs on the dotted line. He isn’t happy though when Martha bails form the table seconds later – and he, soon after, follows her into the change room. Cindy is NOT Happy bout – to say of Martha when she [in the middle of get changed] sees him enter the room and come towards her. [end of ep]


What’s the connection tween Luke and the new female [blonde] teacher???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cindy’s aqua top [with red spaghetti strap top beneath]

SILVER – Luke’s light purple board shorts/white [grey splotches] t

BRONZE – Luke’s brown & pink polo shirt


Cam’s light purple button up shirt

Cassies’s SBH uniform

Cindy’s black dress

Colleen’s apricot top/yellow blouse

Crystal’s twin tone blue school dress

Drew’s SBH uniform

Irene’s black top/green shorts

Jack’s black [white stripes etc] jacket

Jules’ blue [i have no life, save me] t

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Martha’s black leather crop top & matching short shirt [dance attire]/black robe

Martha’s black low cut thin strap top

Sally’s black low cut top/grey jacket

Tony’s blue & white t/black board shorts

Tony’s olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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