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Wed, 9 May 07 - “ Saint Cassie “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Saint Cassie “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 9 May 07 - Episode # 4413)

Kit pulls away form the kiss – and apologises to kimmy for it [kiss] happening. Tony enters the house, and thinks that he’s walked in a serious moment [from Kimmy’s etc reaction. When kimmy goes home, kit tells Tony that she is WAAAY missing Beth – and they she’s done something stupid. Tony comforts kit a little by allowing her to hug him.

Next day, Hugh is up and about at the conference. He leaves Rachel to sleep her hangover off.

Soon after, Hugh is at the [northern districts] hospital when the just surfaced Rachel rings him. Rachel wonders if she said anything stupid etc when drunk. Hugh as that she didn’t – before telling her he is about to scrub up for an operation [although you know he is lying, as he looks as though he nowhere near theatre etc.

Meanwhile kit [hunter house] talks further to Tony & then kimmy about what’s happened, i.e. kimmy & kit agree to not concern Rachel with the kiss as it “meant nothing”

Kimmy [his place] is about to go to a job interview when Rachel returns from the conference. Kimmy apologises for what happened over Rachel paying that [baby capsule hire] bill.

Hugh enters the room and says that he is going to move out. Rachael thinks it’s because of her & kimmy arguing and she urges Hugh to consider, which he does [i.e. decides to stay].

Kimmy talks to kit about recent events – and is pleased that she has decided to go and see a counsellor about her grief etc.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rachel is talking to a female nurse [not Julie] about how Hugh came back early form the conference because of THAT surgery, but the nurse has no idea what she is talking about. This leaves Rachel perplexed.

At Leah’s place, Jules [in SBH uniform] doesn’t sound V enthusiastic about his 1st day at new school [today]. The subject of lily also comes up when he is talk to drew, and drew gets that impression that Jules DID see her at the hospital.

Brad [sBH] tells sally that a replacement for one of the female teachers won’t arrive until the end of the week, so he’ll take that teacher’s classes.

Brad also asks Maddie to show Jules around. Maddie thinks that drew would be more appropriate, but brad insists.

Cass, of course, badmouths Jules, but when drew come to his friends’ defence, he can’t believe it when Cass says that Jules never visited lily.

In class, Jules seems to be not listening to Brad, but he answers a question [about a novel] that brad asks – as Jules did this book at his old school.

Brad breaks the class up into groups for an assignment – naturally, Maddie, Cass, drew & Jules are put together.

The 4some talk [at lunch at Leah’s place] about the novel they should choose – and no one can agree,

After school, drew, Jules & Cass talk more about the decision. Frankenstein seems to be their ultimate choice.

Cass goes into kitchen, and sees [on Jules’ school bag] a latter addressed to lily. She starts to read it – but Jules walks in on her. He is SOOOOO not happy with Cass. He gabs the letter and storms out – and when Cass catches up with him at the beach, Jules explains that he just “froze” when he got to the hospital. Cass softly puts her hand on Jules back, for reassurance etc, but he hates it – and walks away.

Indeed, when Cass arrives at SBH, she finds Jules proudly standing beside a poster that he’s put on te notice board – with [a photo of] Cassie’s face on a cartoon angel, with words like “Saint Cassie – for problems big or small”. You can imagine the look of annoyance of Cassie’s face. [end of ep]


Luke is back !!!! [Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay] but could he be bailing again – with a prestigious scholarship??

Looks like Martha is in serious danger [and it looks like Lou Baines is involved]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s off white plunge v neck top [with red top beneath]

SILVER – Sally’s brown crossover top

BRONZE – Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top/light blue [unknown motifs] PJ pants


Brad’s yellow tie/white shirt/grey suit

Cassie’s yellow [white “Everlast” logo] singlet top/denim skirt

Dan’s brown [with black wave like stripes across the chest] button up shirt

Drew’s light brown [eagle’s head? motif] t

Hugh’s mauve button up shirt

Jules’ red [unknown motif] t

Kimmy’s black [white typewriter text motifs] t/blue & grey board shorts

Kimmy’s brown singlet/ blue & grey board shorts

Kimmy’s button up shirt/grey grey [with white spots] tie

Kimmy's purple (black cougar motif) t-shirt

Kit’s black top & shorts

Kit’s brown t

Kit’s red scoop neck t

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Rachel’s red plunge v neck top [with black top beneath]/dark jacket

Rachel’s royal blue zip up sports top

Tony’s brown [sunrise/sunset motif] t

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