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The Roses

Guest Reo

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Type of story: OneShot

Rating: G (VD)

Main Characters: Matilda

Genre: Romance

Warnings: (VD)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Can't really give a summary without spoiling it,But it's just Matilda thinking back at her memories while trying to come to terms with something.

Matilda looked around the room as she sat on the bed, She saw on the bed next to her was a guitar, Untouched for days, She stood up and immediately smelled a strong sense of roses. She lifted her head up and closed her eyes. She stood there taking in the wonderful smell, her mind drifted away.

'Mattie, Come over here'' A voice said. Matilda couldn't see who it was. She tried to look but could only hear. 'Mattie, Come on. Follow me.' Matilda walked forward following the voice, She walked down some small brick steps and into a large green park, Tree's lined the park with beautiful flowers. 'Mattie, This way' The voice seemed to come from behind her. She turned around, Confused to see that no-one was there. 'Mattie'. Matilda turned around again. 'Mattie'. Matilda ran forward. 'Mattie!' The voice suddenly lost its soft tone and turned to panic. 'Mattie!'. Matilda started to run to where she heard the voice but as soon as she got there, The voice spoke again but from behind her. 'Mattie'. 'Where are you?' Mattie said panicking. 'I can't find you'. 'Mattie' The voice was fading but never lost it's fear. 'Mattie, Find me!' Matilda ran forward through the trees and leaves on the ground. 'Mattie, Please!'. Matilda turned round and ran again, She tripped over a tree root, She put her hands out and landed in a pile of leaves. She lifted her hands after feeling something wet. Blood. She stared and started to pant. Blood poured from her hands. She looked down in the leaves and moved them away. She started to pant more when she saw that she was kneeing in a pool of blood. The voice spoke again, 'Mattie!'.

Matilda opened her eyes, The smell of roses had gone. She walked forward slowly and though the door in front of her. Stopping to look at all the pictures that hanged from the wall. Her eyes gazed through them, Stopping at the last, The boy. He was looking forward and smiling, Matilda stared at him. 'Why did you have to come into my life?'.

'Matilda' A voice shouted. Matilda looked over and waved. She ran over to her friend. 'Hey, Mattie' said her best friend smiling. Her friend grabbed Matilda's arm and pulled her down some stairs that were covered from above by trees. 'You have to meet someone' her friend said eagerly. 'Who?' Matilda asked inquisitively. 'You'll see' her friend said trying to make a game of it. 'Is it a guy?' Matilda said, Not amused remembering the last boy that her friend tried to set her up with. 'You'll see' her friend said again, Pulling Matilda along. They walked further down a quiet lane. Matilda saw at the end of the lane stood a tall handsome boy. 'Is that him?' Matilda asked, Now keen after having seen him. The boy stepped forward and the girls stopped in front of him. 'Hello Matilda' The boy said with a soft voice.

Matilda put her hand on the banister and took a deep breath and looked down. She took a step and paused. She closed her eyes and quietly recited the words, 'This isn't happening, It's all a dream and I will wake up, This isn't happening, It's all a dream and I will wake up.' Matilda opened her eyes finding herself still on the same step. She felt a tear coming but held back and took another step downstairs.

Matilda felt the waves slowly crash against her feet as she walked hand in hand with her lover. She looked up at him and he looked back at her and smiled. Matilda couldn't help but give the biggest smile back at him. 'You have a beautiful smile' said the voice. Matilda held his hand tighter, 'Careful, People may think you actually like me' said the voice with a laugh. 'Maybe I do actually like you' Matilda said not letting go of her grip. The boy stopped and leaned in closer, Matilda closed her eyes as she felt his lips touch hers. Seconds, Minutes, Hours, It felt like a life time. The boy leaned away and as Matilda opened her eyes she saw his smile.

Matilda walked down the last step of the stairs and paused, Letting go of the banister. She looked into the mirror in front of her. She couldn't look at herself and wasn't looking at herself. She looked straight through. She stepped forward not taking her gaze away from the mirror, She closed her eyes slowly as she felt tears coming. She took a deep breathe and opened them, She looked back into the mirror and saw behind her was another picture, Another picture of the boy she lost her heart to.

'Mattie, Let's go to the park today' he said excitedly. 'Why the park?' Matilda asked intrigued. 'Roses.' the boy said simply. 'Roses? I never took you to be a roses type of boy.' Matilda said with a smirk. The boy laughed, Held her hands and spoke. 'Until I met you I never found anything so beautiful, The most romantic flower in the world is a rose. I will only give the best to you.' Matilda felt a tear run down her cheek and then the boy let go of her hands and wiped it away. 'Mushy ain't I?' the boy laughed.

Matilda turned away from the mirror and wiped away the tear that had escaped her. It was even more sad that she had to wipe away the tear with her own hands. She took another deep breath and walked forward, She turned and looked through the door and saw everyone standing around. Dressed in black and speaking with soft voices, Holding the hands of the ones they cared for. Matilda turned her head suddenly to the side and looked into the kitchen as someone dropped a glass and it shattered.

Matilda tightened her grip as they both walked down some small brick steps and on to fresh green grass, Tall trees lined the park and leaves had fallen. 'The gardener who looks after the park planted some roses in his greenhouse at the end of the park, They are the best ones, The ones he cares for most' the boy said. 'Those are the ones you deserve'. They walked between a line of trees and through piles of leaves. They stopped at a tall wall. 'How are you going to get over there?' Matilda asked after seeing how high the wall was and a lock on the gate. 'I'll climb up the tree that is next to the wall and then slide down.' he said while looking at Matilda. 'It's really sweet and romantic that you want to do this for me, But it looks dangerous'. 'I'll be okay' the boy said smiling trying to relieve Matilda's fear. He let go of her hand and walked to the tree, He turned around and gave her one last smile as he climbed up the tree, Gripping onto the branches and pulling himself up. He reached the top of the wall and and leaned over it, He put his leg over and then slowly slid down. Suddenly Matilda jumped back as she heard a scream and glass shatter. 'What happened? Are you okay?' Matilda ran to the wall panicked. 'It hurts' The voice said the other side trying to speak and gasp for breath at the same time. 'I'll get help' Matilda exclaimed as she ran to a couple that had set up for a picnic. The gate was kicked open and Matilda ran to his side. The sun shined off the broken glass and blood poured around it, Leaves from the tree above fell down on top of them and among the rose petals that scattered the ground. Matilda held onto his hand and saw a glass piece through his chest, Blood oozed out. Matilda took off her jumper and put it over the wound and then looked at him in his eyes. He was gasping for breath but looked straight into her eyes. Matilda felt something touch her arm, She looked down and saw his hand slide down her arm and too her hand, He gripped tight. 'Matilda' he gasped 'I love you'. Matilda looked back at him, Tears ran down her eyes, 'I love you too Ric'. She said as he gasped one last time and closed his eyes.

'I'm glad you came into my life'. Matilda said quietly, Raising her head and smiling softly, Matilda walked through the doors and announced 'I'm ready'.


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