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Tues, 8 May 07 - “ Award Winning Drunk “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Award Winning Drunk “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 8 May 07 - Episode # 4412)

Amanda is trapped in the car [muchly by the airbag] as Kelli approaches. Amanda urges Kelli to help her –but Kelli insists that all this is V fair, as Amanda soooo didn’t help Kelli from the brining wreckage of THAT MVA.

Peter arrives at mansion and sees Ethan. He forcefully enquires where Amanda and Kelli are. Ethan insists he not know.

Back at the crash site, Kelli gloats about how Amanda’s sooo dumb that she never figured it out that Kelli was behind all of this. Kelli also rips open his blouse – revealing the still WAYY painful looking scars on her stomach that were a result of the crash.

Peter [in car driving – with Ethan beside him] in on the police radio – urging all to be on lookout for Kelli.

Amanda continue to plead for kelli to help her, but kelli insists that although she wanted Amanda be hurt like she was in an MVA, she doesn't mind it if Amanda dies – and kelli helps things along by pouring more petrol on the already beginning to burn car.

As Kelli walks away, the flames REALLY begin to intensity.

Son after, peter & Ethan pull up at the site of the crash. Pater gets out of car and goes to the crashed vehicle – calls out to amanda. She responds – and he finds her a reasonable distance AWAY form the car [ho she got out wasn’t explain]

Amanda is taken to hospital, where Hugh & the medics go to wok on her – and when she is back in ICU, Hugh tells Peter, belle etc that Amanda suffered a ruptured spleen which was causing her pain.

Belle, peter & Irene enetr ICU, and bell [in tears] hugs Amanda and waaaaaaaaay says that she’s sorry for ever thinking badly of manda.

A male police uniformed officer enters the room – Kelli has been captured heading for the city. Peter syas the statemnets of nboth Amanda & Etahn are more than enough t put Kelli away. Amanda insists on wanting to see Kelli.

When Kelli, in handcuffs etc enters the [iCU] room, Amanda says that it was so good to have Kelli bad in her life, but Kelli insists that she was never TRULY back in manda’ life. She also insists that she wouldn’t change a thing [about the revenge plot] if she had her time over.

Kelli then goads Amanda - wondering if she still wants to forgive Kelli, but Amanda gestures for the [police to take Kelli away.

When kelli is gone, Amanda[in tears] can’t believe that kelli feels that way about her, and peter admits that just like how the supposedly righteous kelli was wrong, he too got tings wrong about Amanda recently.

Kit is at the hospital with Archie. She’s just had an appointment snd it turns out that Archie has a bout of reflux.

Kit speaks to nurse Julie & Rachel, and is reminded that the baby capsule hire hasn’t been paid yet. Kit thought KIMMY had done that, and then Rachel offers to pay this bill.

When Rachel tells KIMMY this [at their place], he is NOT happy that she is taking away his “manhood” by doing so. An argument ensues, of course, and it not resolved before Rachel goes off to a medical conference. It doesn’t help that kimmy gets a phone cal from kit as Rachel is about to bail.

Kimmy heads over the hunter place and kit can't seem to get Archie to settle. Kit wishes that Beth were here etc, and she is surprised when Archie settles when kimmy holds him. Kimmy tells her that he rems form the birthing etc classes that the baby likes by held in a way that it can hear/fell the holders’ heartbeat, as bub fells like its back in the womb. Kit stresses further – as she didn’t even remember that etc, but kimmy tries to reassure her.

Hugh arrives the medical conference, where the gathered ppl, esp. Rachel, are enjoying a drink or … a lot more in Rachel’s case.

Hugh take Rachel up to his hotel room, as it sounds like a last minute decision for Rachel to go to the conference, and Hugh’s room [of course] has only double bed.

The incredibly drunk Rachel suggests that she and Hugh are waaaay better suited to each other [than kimmy/Rachel. Hugh, despite his feeling for Rachel, doesn’t reveal those feelings.

Back at the hunter place, kimmy & kit are talking about Archie [how kit think she is bad mum etc], and they unexpectedly KISS!!! [end of ep]


Will Rachel find out about THAT kiss???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s red plunge v neck top [with black top beneath]/dark jacket

SILVER – Kelli’s rich red blouse/black bra/white shorts

BRONZE – Hugh’s apple green button up shirt


Amanda’s blue sports top/gold tracksuit

Belle’s red singlet top

Ethan’s brown t/cream [floral] button up shirt

Hugh’s Irish green [black vertical stripes] button up shirt

Irene’s green [understated red floral pattern] dress

Kimmy's purple (black cougar motif) t-shirt

Nurse Julie’s white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Kit’s red scoop neck t

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark suit

Rachel’s white [red & grey swirl pattern] blouse

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