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Wed, 2 May 07 - “ Strong Man “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Strong Man “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 2 May 07 - Episode # 4408)

Note – this ep guide is mostly in sequence (as the summary “flows” better that way)

As Martha ignores a phone call from cam, jack enters the diner and approaches her. Jack tells Martha that he & tony spoke hardly a word to each other on the flight back form Adelaide.

Jack is pleased when Martha tell him that she isn't going back to work at the club.

Kimmy enters the hunter house, with some flowers (to add to the massive amount of bunches of flowers already at the house in condolence of Beth). Kit is nursing the baby, when Rachel arrives – kimmy tells Rachel that they call the bub Archie (note – no explanation as to why). Rachel & kimmy then bail.

Cam arrives at the diner flat. He tells Martha that the club is surviving on its day to day takings and the the likes of Lou Bins are the only kind of inventor he can attract – after THAT drug raid.

Cam then lays it on well – he “emotionally” tells Martha that all of this happened because he let his guard down when he feel in love with her. I don’t rally need to tell you that Martha looks like she has bought his story.

Jack (hunter house) seems to begin to be worried at Tony, who seems to be trying to organise everything etc for Beth’s memorial. Jack also talks to Tony about Martha.

Cam arrives at the rocket club, and he finds 2 “heavies waiting for him. They “suggest” that the trio should go inside (the club).

Hugh bails for the diner after having lunch with kimmy & Rachel. After Hugh goes, kimmy & Rachel talk about kimmy being a father. Rachel seems concerned about how kimmy says that things are go V well for him, Kit & Archie.

Jack goes the the diner flat and talks to Martha. Jack questions the timing of cam telling Martha that he loves her. Jack wonders if Martha loves cam – but she is saved by a phone call.

Martha goes to the hospital – where Hugh is treating cam. The latter says that he fell down some staruirs, but high not believes. When cam ^ Martha are alone, cam tells Martha about the loan sharks’ thugs beating him up.

Colleen enters the hunter house, wondering if she can help. Both Tony & kit tell her (respectively) that things are totally under control when the baby & the memorial service.

Cam & Martha talk about what’s happened, and Martha tells cam that if it will keep the club in business, she will dance again etc.

Kimmy (Noh’s) tell Rachel that kit is focussing all her attention on Archie – he thinks it’s her way to avoid dealing with her grieve about Beth. Kimmy then gets a phone call from kit – and as he is bailing, Hugh enters Noah’s and approaches Rachel.

Martha & cam arrive at the diner and as they are about to use the internal stairs to get to the flat, they encounters jack. He can't believe that Martha is going to work at the rocket club again. Jack also asks Martha agins if she loves cam. Martha says that she wants to help out these ppl that she cares about.

Tony is walking on the beach and when he walks by Alf, Tony ignores Alf initially – as Tony is consumed by what’s happened.

Kit can’t believe that Archie stooped crying as she soon as kiimy started holding him. Kit insists that she is a bad mum (as things like things should come naturally).

Meanwhile, back at Noah’s, hugh is talking to Rachel but its clear she thinking of kimmy & kit (loved the way heard Hugh that way that Rachel was hearing him, like background noise).

Colleen (diner gives jack some lasagne to takes home. Colleen comment on how emotionally strong Tony is being through all this.

However, at the hunter house, Tony looks as though he about to “break” – after having lost another person V close to him. (end of ep)


Beth’s emotional memorial


Is it all over for Kelli ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Jack’s aqua (ocean themed motif) t

SILVER – Kit’s red (floral collar) plunge v neck top (with black top beneath)

BRONZE – Martha’s orange (with grey cross straps) top


Cam’s black (mottled) button up shirt

Colleen’s orange (white native floral) blouse

Hugh’s sky blue (with little grey square motifs) button up shirt

Kimmy’s off white (brown tropical motifs) t

Rachel’s off white (green jungle motifs) spaghetti strap top

Tony’s white (with red & blue stripes, and BONT, across the chest) t

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