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Kate's winter winners

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Kate's winter winners

Interview by Lara Zamiatin

Sydney Morning Herald, 26 April 2007

© 2007 Copyright John Fairfax Holdings Limited.

My look - Kate Ritchie, actor and new face of Gatineau Cosmetics.

Describe an average day

I'm up between 5am and 6.30am and on location for Home and Away. As often as I can, I rush off in the afternoon to do drive time with Nova FM. Sometimes I'll return to the set to finish a shoot but I'm normally home by 7pm. I'm a bit of a homebody, so I'll first take a shower, put on my pyjamas and cook dinner. I can't really do anything too exciting on school nights.

Your style aesthetic

On the conservative side. I like black, so I'm classic in that sense. During the day I'll wear jeans, a sweater and my Converse sneakers. I prefer winter fashions and love coats and scarves. I also love a hat. We don't wear enough hats.

Favourite designers

Leona Edmiston and Alex Perry. Alex did my Logies dress last year and working with him was fantastic. He's very talented.

Favourite shops

I'm addicted to department stores because I love the way they present things. For homewares, I like Orson & Blake in Woollahra. Nicola Finetti has beautiful clothes. Tuchuzy has the best mix of labels and great denim.

Style icons

Kate Moss has confidence and looks fantastic in anything. Jennifer Aniston looks immaculate and doesn't overaccessorise. Sienna Miller can throw a thousand things together and still look great.

Favourite garment

I'm addicted to buying jeans. I've got about 20 pairs. I love Paper Denim & Cloth jeans but you can always get a fabulous pair of Lee jeans.

Favourite trends

I do love a pencil skirt and I love the '50s look of peep-toe shoes and

pearl buttons on clothes. I'm also loving all the smocks this season. Wear them with tights and you're dressed for anything.

What trends should be dead and buried?

High-waisted jeans. They're hideous. I wish they would go away quietly.

What's your greatest extravagance?

I bought a pair of Chanel sling-back wedges from Hong Kong airport. They looked so beautiful but they're the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn.

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