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Wed, 25 Apr 07 - “ Mother Superior “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Mother Superior “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 25 Apr 07 - Episode # 4403)

Rachel (hospital) l tells Hugh & Nurse Julie that kimmy & kit etc has gone to Adelaide for beth's funeral.

Soon after, Rachel sees Hugh looking in the newspaper for a new place to stay – and Rachel suggest her place, but Hugh isn't so sure.

He tries to9 get a van at the van park, but it (and the sands resort) are booked out because of the yabbie creek show.

Rachel (hospital) is talking to Julie about Hugh’s situation, and Julie suggest that Hugh may gave declined her offer (for him toy move in) because Julie thinks that Hugh is still interested in Rachel.

Soon after, Rachel (diner) and Hugh are talking. Rachel puts Julie’s theory to Hugh – and he way denies it. He also accepts her offer to movie in (to the spare room at Rachel’s place)

Jules & Drew are outside the surf club. Jules is trying to get his bike started, and He comment that he wishes that lily were here – and that Cass wasn't so protective of her.

Soon after, Jules 6 drew are at the diner. Jules tells drew that his parents are ok with his decision to bail form bearding school, but when Jules’ parents ring drew, Jules gestures to draw to say that he has no idea where Jules is. Jules doesn’t reveal to drew what he’s been up to though.

Jules then approaches the nearby lily –and hopes that she will go to the beach with him and a few others, like drew & belle. Cass suggested not – prompting Jules to tell drew (when Cass & lily have walked away) that he wishes he could get past mother superior (Cass).

Soon after, Jules arrives at the vph with some flowers (lilies) from lily. Cass answers that door – and suggests that he should leave lily alone. However, when lily sees that flowers, she really likes them, and has a go at Cass for being overprotective.

At the diner, Jules insists to drew that he &* bell should come to the beach (for the bonfire that he is planning). Both aren’t keen – esp. it light of Beth’s death. Irene however scuttles belle’s excuse for not going – she allows belle to finish her diner shift early as there’s not that many customers at the diner at the moment.

Drew & Jules go to the surf club – where jules gets a txt msg from lily, saying that she is coming to the beach. Jules also goes into Noah’s and clearly has his eyes on some bottles of alcohol that are on display.

Everyone (drew, Jules, belle, Cass, lily) arrives at the beach – and belle & drew go to get some firewood. Drew asks belle that help him extricate a rather large tree branch form being stuck in the sand. When the branch come free, both belle & drew are thrown backwards a bit – with belle all but atop drew.

They are about the kiss when Dan calls out to them to get to where lily *& the others are. Peter tells all that some alcohol (2 bottles0 have gone missing form Noah’s. drew looks in his bag – tips out the contents, but there is no sign of the grog. He then checks jule’s bag – the alcohol is in there, but drew ‘takes the fall” and says that HE stole it (end of ep)


Sound like Cass discovers some of Jules lees than brilliant past,

And will Amanda bust Kelli & Ethan kissing in the gym???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cassie’s white (with fluro green ‘collar’) haler top, beneath a grey plunge v neck top

SILVER – Belle’s faded hot pink & black singlet top

BRONZE – Lily’s royal blue t/sky blue shorts


Alf’s darkish blue (with brown check pattern) button up shirt

Dan’s olive green ‘frontier’ polo shirt

Drew’s brown (‘Amsterdam’ crest) sleeveless t

Hugh’s back & apple green (vertical stripes) button up shirt

Irene’s black (with white rope pattern) top

Jules’ white (green ‘Norton motorcycles” logo) t

Lily’s red & off white (horizontal stripes) long sleeve top

Nurse Julie’s white (with blue wave pattern) blouse/dark blue long pants

Peter’s stylish grey button up shirt

Rachel’s red (woven) top/dark jacket & skirt

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