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Anzac Day Remembrance

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Anzac Day Remembrance

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Rocco, Ric, Cassie and Brad

BTTB rating: T


Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: An episode in the lives of Rocco, Ric, Cassie and Brad.

This was whacko_jen Idea, and an awesome one it was too, I don't know if its that good but hopefully it is.

“Come on time up to get” Brad knocked on the doors on the Summer Bay house, Ric moaned and rolled out of bed.

“What’s going?” Rocco asked, wiping the grog out of his eyes.

“Its ANZAC day, come on or we’ll miss the dawn parade down at the surfclub” Brad said, bouncing down the hall.

Sally came up the stairs and kiss Brad lightly, wearing a dark black dress with a red poppy.

“Come on guys, get dressed.”

Cassie pushed her way past Rocco and Ric and stumbled into the shower. Rocco followed Ric down the stairs.

The boy scouts marched along the road silently as the band played their music to the heavens above. As the scouts and band formed an orderly group in front of the stage, the mayor stepped up.

“It is on this lovely day that we celebrated and remember those who fought with courage and bravely to protect our fine nation in the two world war against the oppression on evil that threatened not only our nation but the world. We remember those who laid down their swords for us, their life in the name of the greater good. Those who thankfully were returned to us at the end and those who now rest in peace off shore, maybe we never forget their brave sacrifice that so many of them made for us. Lest we forget.”

The crowd clapped as the Mayor stood silently on the stage.

“Now may we have 1 minutes silence”

Ric, Rocco, Sally, Brad and Cassie all bowed their head and close their eyes in prayer for those who had died for them. Even the birds and waves on the beach seemed to stop for a minute. The mayor slowly raised his head.

“Lest we forget”

“Let we forget”

As the crowd dispersed and band began to play the last stand, a newspaper blew along the road, Cassie reached over and grabbed it. On the front page it read.

“Iran and US in stale mate over nuclear issues”

Cassie scrunched the newspaper up into a tight ball as Sally hugged her close.

“Why is it that ones who need to remember the most are the one who forget?” Rocco said quietly.


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