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Thurs, 19 Apr 07 - “ In Kane’s Footsteps “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ In Kane’s Footsteps “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 19 Apr 07 - Episode # 4399)

Cass & Ric tell Sally & brad what happened – and it’s clear that Cass is annoyed at Ric for being violent around Lily.

Next day, Cass & sally go to the hostel to talk to lily, but they can’t convince her to come back to the vph with them.

When they return home, they tell Ric what happened, and Cass confronts Ric about his temper. She insists that he should go something about it – and sally doesn’t disagree.

Ric then goes to the hostel – and speak to lily. He tells her about how his father beat him, and that he knows he has a temper, but it’s only because he now wants to try and help others (as he couldn’t fight back against his dad when he was a kid).

Ric returns to the vph, and Cass & Sally aren’t impressed that he went to the hotel, esp. when he says that he couldn’t convince lily to come back her with him.

Just as he finishes sayimg that lily arrives at the door. Cass is esp. pleased to see her. Lily also Ric if what he said to her – that he will go to counselling sessions for controlling his temper – is true. Ric assures her that it is. Lily tells Ric that he is NOITHING like Kyle – whilst Cass is REALLY pleased that lily is back here (vph) to stay.

Rachel (hospital) is pleased when kit & kimmy tell her that (because of Kit’s condition) a home birth is out of the question.

Rachel then approaches Hugh – who is sharing a joke with Nurse Julie, which certainly seems to give Rachel an idea.

Next day, on the beach, Rachel talk to kimmy about the possibility of getting nurse Julie & ugh together – although she does admit that she is trying anything to keep herself from stressing about the immanent arrival of kit’s baby

Alf visits the hunter place, to give Tiny & co a fish that he’s just caught, as a food option different to the ones they’ve been having has been on holiday.

Just before Alf bails, Kimmy arrives – with a “make it yourself” cot and telling everyone that it takes 22 minutes to make form the hospital to the hunter place, but he suggest allowing a half hour.

There’s also further talk about Beth form Maddie & Kit, esp. the things that they’ve “suggested” for Beth to get them duty free – as she will back in next few days.

After kimmy (complete with Allen key) constructs the cot, he bails to have lunch with Rachel, Hugh & Julie.

When Rachel & Julie arrive at the diner, Julie goes to the bathroom, and when she is there, colleen realises that Rachel to trying to match make Hugh & Julie. Colleen says (intentionally or otherwise) that she will be a model of INdiscretion.

When Hugh (and then kimmy) arrives, colleen sets it up so Hugh & Julie are sit side by side – and put a rose on the table.

The humorous stories about Hugh & Rachel’s (partic medical) past then commence.

Back at the hunter place, Maddie see the new cleaning roster that Tony has put on the fridge. She is annoyed that it seems like she has to do a lot of the work (to get the place looking great for Beth’s rtn) by herself.

Tony bails, and as kit is about to do some (non strenuous) dusting – that is her job on the roster, she feels a pain in her stomach, that another. Maddie exits – to try and find Tony, but kit insists rings the diner (as kimmy has lest his phone at the hunter place).he

Colleen (of course) goes onto hysterics – about the situation – when she takes the phone call form kit. It turned out that it was just Braxton hicks (false contractions) that kit was suffering from.

Back at the diner, Julie & Hugh (now alone) are both annoyed that Rachel tries to match make them, and Julie hits a nerve when she says that she thinks Hugh still have feeling for Rachel.

When the latter approaches Hugh (at the hospital), we has a go at her form trying to set him up with Julie – but you can see that Rachel thinks his attack was about something more that that. (end of ep)


Will Hugh tell Rachel how he fells about her??

How will Martha react when she finds out Cam is not as sweet is she thinks?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s brown & black (native Australian artwork) skirt/black cami top

SILVER – Rachel’s red cami top/black long pants/dark jacket

BRONZE – Ric’s white (with thin purple horizontal stripes) polo shirt


Alf’s brown polo shirt/khaki shorts

Brad’s denim jeans/grey jumper

Cassie’s apricot singlet top

Cassie’s yellow (tropical motifs) halter dress

Colleen’s orange (white floral) blouse

Hugh’s apple green (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Hugh’s sky blue (with little grey square motifs) button up shirt

Kimmy’s off-white (red “Mombassa University” logo) t/denim jeans

Kimmy’s royal blue board shorts

Kimmy’s tan (BONT logo) singlet

Kit’s red scoop neck t

Kit's red (yellow leave motifs) v-neck top (with black top beneath)

Lily’s yellow (blue & green countryside motif) long sleeve top/light blue shorts

Maddie’s orange dress

Maddie’s white (sky blue diagonal check pattern) dress

Nurse Julie’s white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Nurse Julie’s white see through blouse (with white v neck top beneath)

Rachel’s (v shaped stripes) blouse

Rachel’s orange blouse (with white top beneath)

Sally’s maroon low cut top (with maroon top beneath)

Tony’s brown (sunrise or sunset motif) t

Tony’s white & grey polo shirt

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