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Tues, 17 Apr 07 - “ If Amanda Was A Football Coach, .... '

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ If Amanda Was A Football Coach, She Would SURELY Be Sacked “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 17 Apr 07 - Episode # 4397)

Note 1 – BIG apologies for omitting something ”slightly” important from yesterday’s ep guide, ie that Dan told Amanda that he is going for FULL CUSTODY of Ryan.

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Belle is walk on beach when she sees someone arrives outside the diner on a motorcycle. The guy aboard tells her that his name is Jules – and that he is interested in belle – but she declines.

Jules go into diner and tries to “hit on” Leah – she shows him her wed ring etc.

Jules then runs into old (boarding school roomie) mate drew – before he has another go at ‘chatting up’ belle. After he suggests that she dropped his phone number, she suggests that he drops …. DEAD!!

Drew suggest to Jules that he can stay at Leah’s place (his aunt), and Leah says that it is – but when they get to her place, and drew tells Jules that peter really isn’t dead, Jules looks worried )and goes and removes the rear licence plate form his motorcycle.

Jack enters diner, and talks to Tony about the Martha drugs thing. Sally, colleen & Alf (nearby) overhear. Colleen goes into hysterics, whilst sally is genuinely worried that Martha may have fallen that far. Jack tries to reassure them that she hasn’t – without revealing the truth of course.

Sally goes up to diner flat – but gets nowhere when she tries to talk to Martha.

Cam then suggest to Martha (when sally gone) that jack may have arranged for these drugs to be planted on her.

Soon after, jack (near finer) sees Martha. He tells her that he knows that she isn’t a druggie, and will do all he can to asset her.

Jack goes to the police station –and talk to pater, who reminds him that a perron can’t be convicted without the evidence. Both make it clear to the other that this chat never happened.

Later, when alone in the station, jack ores to the cabinet in peter’s office with the evidence against Martha, and “borrows it”

Dan goes to the mansion – and gives Amanda the info about their meeting today. Amanda tells Dan that she thought that he was KIDDING about the custody thing. Dan assure her that he is muchly not.

After he bails, Amanda tries to contact her solicitor – without luck. Kelli assures manta that she can arrange one in time, but after Kelli bails (to do so), Amanda is waaaaaaay perplexed about what to do.

She speaks to Ryan, assuring him the she waaaaaaaaay loves him – and soon after, we see the two of them hurtling away form the bay in her Audi TT.

When Kelli rtns to the mansion, she see a note form Amanda – and rushes to the diner, where she tells Leah & Dan that Amanda has bailed with Ryan.

The police gets involved (after all, manda is driving without licence) and they set up roadblock. Amanda continues at speed – and jack (roadblock) think that she won’t stop – he gets in his police car and gives Amanda what he thinks is enough room to not collide., but she (with another police car on her tale) slams on the brakes (just avoiding jack’s police car).

At the police station, Dan again lets manda (verbally) ‘have it’. He also suggests that she should not put Ryan through more pin – by signing over full custody to Dan now. Manda (dejected) agree.

When back at the mansion, manda (in tears) laments another HEAVY LOSS (1st peter, then belle, now Ryan). Kelli tells Amanda that ‘you always have me’ as manda looks at a pic (in much happier time) of herself, belle & Ryan. (end of ep)


Will Belle & Drew get back together?

Sounds like Jules is keen on Lily

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s maroon low cut top (with maroon top beneath)

SILVER – Belle’s white (with silver swirl pattern across the bust, and orange cloud like motifs elsewhere) singlet top)

BRONZE – Kelli’s aqua (with a black band at the top) spaghetti strap top


Amanda’s white (woven, with frilly collar) low cut blouse (with black top neath)

Belle’s black & grey bikini top/denim (short) skirt

Colleen’s aqua top/dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse

Dan’s brown (unknown white & orange motif) t

Dan’s light blue button up shirt/dark jacket

Jules’ black (white crest) t /black leather jacket

Kelli’s silver (floral motifs) nightgown

Leah’s black (v neck) top/white long pants

Leah’s orange kinda low cut top

Martha’s black blouse & matching short shorts

Martha’s grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark jacket

Ryan’s red (blue clues logo) t

Tony’s white & grey polo shirt

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