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Jessica Tovey [Belle] Inside Soap!

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This is an article in British Mag Inside Soap about Jessica Tovey.

There was a article about characters to watch out for in the summer. It featured a character (female) from each soap and Jessica was picked as the one to watch.

Jessica Tovey joined the Aussie soap in 2006. The 19 year old Sydney born beauty is currently involved in a on-screen love triangle which is going to cause heartache in Summer Bay in the coming months.

The first thing I knew about Belle was that:

she was going to be a mysterious girl, i read an introduction to her character which said "How will Ric cope with this firecracker"- I thought to myself "I can do firecracker"

I was terrified as soon as I arrived:

I had no idea what I was doing on my first day. I had to jump off rocks in my very first scences- welcome to summer bay!

I got drunk before watching my first episode:

My family and friends came over to see it, but we all had champagne, and I ended up drinking the most!

Belle's best quality is her honesty:

But her worse is that she always shoots her mouth off!

I first realised I was famous:

The day after my first episode, when someone recongised me. I thought it would take two months!

I feel a little strange to be called a sex symbol:

because I was a schoolgirl for a year and a half! But if the producers ask me to walk around in a bikini, they must think I look okay.

My best mate on the show is:

Sharni Vinson (Cassie), probaly because we met at my audition. She took me under her wing.

A secret about myself?:

I can stick my whole fist in my mouth- Which means I either have a small fist or a big mouth!

Belle has a big decision to make between Lucas and Drew:

If people know Belle well enough, they'll know who she picks! Things dont get any easier after that though...

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