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The Love Of My Life

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: The Love Of My Life

Type of story: (A very long) One Shot (For now)

Main Characters: Jack & Martha

BTTB rating: T (to be safe)

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Jack and Martha have been best friends for five years. But behind their friendship is there love?

Jack looked down at the beach. It seemed like a nice enough place to live. Maybe he would find friends here; maybe he would find a nice home, a good job and maybe even a love of his life that he could settle down with and have children with. He watched as the waves came in and out on the sea shore, as the wind blew the sand down the beach. Then he saw her, Martha Mackenzie. He was blown away by her beauty; had never in his life seen a woman with such a lovely smile, with the blue eyes that had a wrinkle in them. He knew from that moment, she was the women for him.

“Hi, I’m Jack” he said as he walked over to her.

“Martha. Nice to meet you” she smiled “Are you new here?”

“Yes, only moved here today” Jack replied

“Oh really! So do you have a place to stay?” she asked

“No. I was going to stay in a hotel tonight and start looking in the morning” Jack answered

“Well. I own my house and I am looking for a housemate to help pay the rent. Would you like to stay with me?” Martha asked

“Sure” Jack smiled

“Great! Well. Here is the address. Move your things in when you are ready.” Martha said handing him a piece of paper and her keys to her apartment.

“Thanks! I will move them in straight away!” Jack smiled

“Ok. Well. See you later” Martha said and walked away


“I am getting married!” Martha said to Jack

“What?” Jack said stunned

“Yes. Kevin asked me to marry him and I said yes!” said Martha happily

It was 5 years later. Martha and Jack still lived together in the apartment. They had been though so much together, from the bad break – up’s that each of them had to Martha’s grandfather’s death. They were the best of friends. But now, today, Martha had this news, that she was getting married to her boyfriend of 2 years, Kevin. He was a great guy. Loved Martha like crazy. Jack couldn’t take it. What about them? What about their relationship? Yes, they had tired. A few months after Jack moved in, they slept together, after they had a few drinks. That night turned into many drunken night where the ended up sleeping together. Eventually this turned into something more. Something special. Something romantic. They had a relationship and dated for around a year. They broke up but it didn’t take long for Martha to find another guy to go out with and eventually she found Kevin. Martha and Jack never let their relationship ruin the strong friendship that they had. So after they broke it off, they remained the best of friends and nothing or nobody would ever be able to break that.

“Jack…Say something!” Martha smiled

“That is…great Martha….Really great” Jack said coming back to reality

“I know!” Martha replied “I am so happy, right now! Oh my god….” Martha said in a shocked tone of voice

“What is it?” Jack asked

“I am going to be a wife in a few months! A wife! Jack! Wife” she smiled

“Yeah! And Kevin is the luckiest man alive!” Jack replied

“Awww….Jack! That is so sweet” Martha said and hugged him

Jack’s heart melt when their body’s met. Martha was thinking about a completely different thing to what Jack was thinking. Martha was thinking about the wedding while Jack was thinking about the way he could never have Martha. That he had lost her...forever.


Over the next couple of months, plans got under way for the wedding. Whenever Jack came home, Martha was always talking to someone about it. Jack wondered how this would change his life. Would he have to move out? After Martha was married, would he see her much? Jack was always the person Martha went to when she had a problem. He would spend the whole night with her after a break up’s with her boyfriends and telling her why she deserved so much better than that. He would assure he that everything would be alright. But now, when Martha and Kevin get married he will not be a

able to do that. One day Jack came home. To his surprise there was nobody in the house but Martha.

“Hey Martha! Where is everyone today?” laughed Jack

“Funny!” Martha said looking up at him

“What are you doing?” Jack asked Martha

“Getting the guest list ready” Martha answered

“But the wedding is in, two months!” Jack said

“Yes! I am well aware when my wedding is, Jack! But I don’t think I will have enough time to do what I have left to do” Martha snapped

“Sorry! But what have you left to do?” Jack asked

“Here look at that list” Martha said handing him a piece of paper

Jack looked at the list. It seemed to go on and on and never ended.

“Man! That is a lot to do!” Jack said

”Tell me about it!” Martha replied “Right I will put you sitting with Ric, Mattie - ”

“What?” Jack asked confused.

“At the wedding!” Martha said

“Oh Martha, Em….I really don’t know how to tell you this…” Jack started to say “….I am not coming”

“What? Why? Jack! Your are my best - ”

“Martha, I am really sorry, but I have work commitments.” Jack lied

“Yeah and you know that how, Jack? The wedding is in two months not next week! How do you know whta work you will have in two months?” Martha replied

“Well I am a lawyer and people usually respond if they have a big case a while before they are in court. I have a court case that week. So I will not be able to attend” Jack explained

“I would really want to be there. I will miss you” Martha said sadly

They hugged each other. Jack had felt so guilty that he lied to Martha but he couldn’t watch the women he had love for so long get married to another man.


The wedding seemed to come very fast for Jack but very slow for Martha. On the day of the wedding, Martha got ready and did everything that needed to be done. However, Tasha noticed that she was not very excited and wasn’t smiling.

“What is the matter, Martha! This is your wedding day. The happiest day of you life” Tasha said

“Jack, my best friend, of five years isn’t here.” Martha replied

“Why don’t you call him?” Tasha suggested

“Yeah…I think I will…” smiled Martha

Tasha left the room. Martha picked up her phone and looked at the picture on in. It was her and Jack. A picture they had taken while on holiday in Italy when they were dating. Tears started to fill her eyes. Was she doing the right thing? He dialled in Jack number. He answered it

“Jack! Hey! It is Martha here” Martha smiled

“Martha! Hey. Aren’t you supposed to be getting married now?” Jack asked

“Another half an hour to go” Martha said

“Why did you call me?” Jack asked

“Just to here your voice” she laughed “Where are you? It seems very noisy…like a train or something”

“Oh well you know what the city is like” Jack said

He looked up at the sign. He got butter flies in his stomach. It read:

Summer Bay 1 mile

“I have to go!” Jack said “I will see you very soon”

“Wait! Jack! When?” Martha asked

“I should be back in about 3 or 4 days” Jack replied “I really have to go!”

“Ok, Jack….Goodbye” Martha said.

Martha hung up and Tasha walked into the room

“The limo is waiting” she said

“Right. I will be there very soon” Martha said

She looked at her phone again. She rubbed her finger over the picture of herself and Jack. Then she deleted it and put a picture of her and Kevin on it. Martha went out of her bedroom and got into the limo. Soon, she would become Mrs Martha Williams. Was that what she wanted? Mrs Martha Holden had a nicer ring to it. She though to herself


Eventually the ceremony started. Everyone sat down in their seats and the music was playing. Martha started to walk up the aisle. Kevin was standing at the altar waiting for her. He smiled at her and she returned the favour. She reached the altar and the ceremony started

“I now pronounce you man and - ”


Everyone turned around. Standing there was Jack

“You can marry these people” he said

“Jack! What are you doing?” Martha asked annoyed

“Martha! You know you don’t love him! You know it!” Jack said

“Why are you doing this? Of course I love Jack...Kevin - ”

“See you don’t! You just said my name!” Jack smirked

“If I don’t love Kevin, why am I marrying him?” Martha asked

“You know what! I really couldn’t answer that question, Martha” Jack replied

“I am getting married! Now go!” Martha ordered

“Ok….I will….But let me have my say first. Who was the person that held you tight when you were scared? Me. Who was the person the always cheered you up when you were down? Me. Who was the person that said that love last a life time and when you meet the person that you love you know in your heart that you will marry them, love them, care for them, and be with them you the rest of you life? Me. Who told you to listen to your heart and not you head? Me. Now, if you want to marry Kevin, then go ahead. But what is you heart telling you right now?”

Martha started to cry. Jack walked out of the church. Martha looked at Kevin. Jack waited a few minutes to see if Martha would come out. A few minutes later, Jack started to walk away.


He turned around and running up to him was Martha. He smiled and he ran into his arms and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. The guests at the wedding came out of the church and saw Martha still kissing Jack. They left the couple and headed back to the Surf Club. Jack and Martha spent that night together something which the haven’t done in a very long time.


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