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Day of Romance

Guest ~Rosey~

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Story Title: Day of Romance

Type of story: Short/Medium - Two Parter

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Remake of JM wedding.

Hey all. This is my first JM 2 parts. It’s not very good. But I’ll accept any type of reviews.

Dedicated to the JM Crew – Rachel, Sam and Kat. Me (even though I cant really dedicate it to myself)

Oh…and happy birthday Paul!

This day had finally arrived. It was the day Martha had been dreaming about for months now. 7 months to be exact. It was the day she was going to get married to Jack.

He got up, got dressed and went to eat breakfast. She didn’t want to ruin her wedding dress so she just put on her bathrobe, and put her hair in rollers. She ate breakfast, smiling to herself. So long she had be dreaming of this day and it had finally arrived.

She heard a knock on the door, wondering who could be here. She looked at the clock. It was only 7:30. She went to open it and was surprised to see jack standing there.

"Jack! What on earth are you doing here? You know were not supposed to see each other 24 hours before the wedding, and right now its about 5 hours."

"I know babe, but I couldn’t stay away. I love you too much. Spending the night alone was too hard."

"Jack! Just go. I don’t want anything to ruin this wedding."

They shared a passionate kiss, before jack turned around and walked back out the gate, smiling to himself. He knew he shouldn’t have done that but he just had to. It had been too long since he had seen Martha and he didn’t want to wait until the wedding.

Those 5 hours went by really quickly. Before Martha knew it, she was standing up on the alter of the church, waiting for jack, everyone else was seated.

They heard a noise at the back of the church and all the guests turned around. There was jack, standing with Tony, who was going to occupy him down the aisle. Behind them, was Pippa walking down with a basket of flowers, throwing them every wear. People were smiling at them 3, as they reached the alter. Pippa began to cry because she wanted to throw more flowers, but there were none left, so sally took her outside.

When jack was standing in front of Martha, she began to whisper in his ear

"Jack, I was beginning to think you wouldn’t make it" she started complaining

"Yeah.. I had second thoughts. But spending even more time then I did without you last night was just to unbearable" He joked.

The priest starts talking

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Martha Jane Mackenzie and Jack Anthony Holden in Holy Matrimony.

If anyone objects to this union please speak now or forever hold your peace"

There is silence in the church. Then there’s a no. But that was only from Pippa, because she didn’t want to go back inside.

The priest smiles, and turns to jack-

"Jack do you take Martha to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor till death do you part"

"I do" Jack replied, looking at the priest

The priest nods in Jacks direction and turns to Martha

"Martha do you take Jack to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor till death do you part"

"I do" Martha replied, looking at the priest

------------- End part 1.

Sorry its so short, but I really have to go, so I made in to to a 2 part story. This originally was going to be a Oneshot. The next part wont be up till next week, as I’m going away and will be back on the 22nd

EDIT: Oh yeah..Thanks Tasha for helping me with the wedding stuff!! :D Much appreciated.

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i wrote some of this while I was sitting in a 3 hour long car trip on Friday, and i did the rest just then.

Btw, Tassie was awesome. Flying for the first time was scary, yet fun. And yesterday I went to Beanconsfield mine. And on Thursday I climbed a mountain. Anyway..

Still decideding if i should continue ofn after this. I kinda wrote my holiday into this fic :P because I didnt know where else they could go on honeymoon

Chapter 2.

Martha smiled. They had both just said I do, and they were now officially married. The priest had just told Jack that he could kiss the bride. And that’s exactly what he did. He lifted her veil, and rested it on the top of her head. They both leaned forward and kissed.

The congregation clapped, and Colleen cheered. They stopped kissing and smiled in each other’s eyes. This day, so far had gone to plan. They walked down the aisle holding hands. Alf was smiling at the couple, as was Tony.

They got into the limo that was waiting for them outside. They were going to have the reception at a place that had recently been rebuilt, due to a large fire, destroying it last year. A news reporter reported that the fire had been caused by a wedding gone wrong. Apparently, a happy couple were having there reception there, and some idiot decided to put sparklers on the cake, no knowing there were gas cylinders in the room. It blew up and a lot of people died, including the bride. Martha just hoped that wouldn’t happen on her special day.

They finally arrived at the place, and jack walked around inspecting the room. He found a few old gas cylinders at the back of the room, that were all rusty and had spiders webs, but never less, he through them out the window just to be sure. Martha laughed at him. She went and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his waste. They looked around the room, without those gas cylinders it looked perfect. There were tables and chairs set up, and everything was in place. Soon everyone started arriving from the church. Waitresses were walking around making sure everything went to plan. And it did. There were no explosions, no one fainting. No nothing. It was the perfect wedding day that anyone could ever imagine and Maratha was pleased

5 hours later, they were sitting at home, trying to pack all their stuff into a suitcase, for their honeymoon tomorrow. They were flying over to Tasmania in the morning and staying there for a week and they were really excited about it. Martha practically had to try and sit on her suitcase to close it. She had packed so much stuff in there and Jack was laughing at her. He had just managed to pack his suitcase just fine, and he didn’t have to sit on it. He didn’t know how girls did that, packed so much stuff. They were only going for a week. How much did she need to pack?

Jack left that question to be answered, and feel asleep with Martha wrapped in his arms.

They woke up really early the next morning and called for a taxi. They were really excited to both be getting away on their honeymoon for a week. Their weeding had been excellent and now they hoped there honeymoon would be the best as well. They got to the airport in record time, and checked in their luggage, as they didn’t want to be carrying it around. After what felt like hours of waiting, they finally boarded the plane.

Martha got so bored sitting on the plane that she just fell asleep in Jacks arms. He woke her up about 20 minutes before they were going to land, because he had pins and needles in his arm, but they also had to put their seatbelt on. When they finally landed at Launceston airport, they went and collected their baggage and hired their car for that week. They drove off and went to the waterfront to have lunch. Jack then decided it would be nice to go on the harbour cruise, which was leaving at 1:30. They went and got the tickets, and boarded the boat. It was a nice smooth trip along the river. Martha really enjoyed it. The boat was small but the captain was really nice and funny. When it ended, they both thought they better go and check in and their accommodation. They drove for about an hour and checked in. the place they were staying at was gorgeous. They put their bags in the room and went across the road for a walk in the park. They took many photos and got up close with the ducks. Martha bought an ice cream from the shop that was next door, but to her surprise, a goose kept chasing her for it.

Jack was surprised about how good the past 2 days had been. There hadn’t been anything bad at all, and he was now happily married to the one he loved. They both went and got takeaway for dinner, and after eating it, fell asleep.

They woke up and Martha fell out of bed, because jack had taken up most of the room. She got up off the floor and went over to the toaster to make breakfast, because jack was still asleep. Suddenly she felt a pillow hit her back. She turned around to see Jack cheekily smiling at her. He got up and ran to have a shower, while Martha made breakfast for the both of them. Today they weren’t planning to do much. They had a car trip planned ahead, which was to get to the next accommodation.

They headed out of the house at about 9:30 and arrived at the next place, were it was freezing cold at about 2pm. They checked into their accommodation and then had a rest. By now, they were sick and tired of driving and dint want to do any more. But they had too. They had just booked them selves in for a fairy penguin tour, because they wanted to occupy them selves for a night this place didn’t have a television, or anything useful. They drove into town at about 5 pm and ate pizza. They got back at the motel and hour later, and found out the bus for the penguin tour was going to pick them up soon. Martha has a quick shower, using up most of the hot water, and when she finally finished, the bus was outside waiting for her. She looked embarrassed as she walked on, because she had kept everyone waiting about 5 minutes.

But the bus driver dint care. He just smiled at her and drove down to the beach, where another person would lead them around. 1 hour later when that was over the bus took them back home again, and when they finally arrived home, they were quite bored. The night was only young and this accommodation didn’t offer much. Martha sat on her bed and read the same magazine over and over again. Finally at 11:30, they decided it was time to get to sleep, tomorrow they had yet again, another long car drive to Hobart.

The next few days went by in a blur. They did everything they wanted to do, and before they knew it, they were dropping of the car at the airport, ready to fly back to Sydney. They boarded the plane at about 11, and before they knew it, they were landing in Sydney. They got a taxi back to palm beach and walked into their house. It smelt abit t musty because it had been shut up for a week.

Martha realised, as she was unpacking, that half the stuff she took, she didn’t actually used. But there was one thing she had bought at the airport while jack was in the bathroom. She didn’t want him to know just incase it wasn’t where the though it was. She walked into the bathroom, and pulled the stick out of its packed. She did what the instructions told her to do, and then waited for what seemed like forever. She suddenly heard it beep. She didn’t know weather she wanted to look at the stick of not but she did. She walked over to it, now knowing what to expect. She picked it up, stared at it, and smiled.

She was pregnant.


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