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Helping A Stalker

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Helping A Stalker

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Kelli and Eve

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC

Summary: Kelli and Eve have returned to the Bay to get revenge.

And I will go down with this ship,

And I wont put my hands up and surrender,

There will be no white flag above my door,

I’m in love,

And always will be.

Dear diary,

I’ve just started my life in home and away, I’ve come to ruin my sisters life, she nearly killed me when we were teenagers, all she got was a few bumps and bruises as for me I was worst off, I could of died, now Amanda must feel that pain.

Kelli saw the welcome to Summer Bay sign as she drove past, she saw some one in the near distance, it looked like they needed a lift,

“hey, do you need a lift?” asked Kelli, staring the young lady up,

“are you going to Summer Bay?” asked the young woman,

“sure am, hop in” said Kelli, opening the passengers door,

“thanks I owe you one!!” replied Eve,

“nah no problem, I was going that way to visit my uh sister, so what brings you to the bay?” asked Kelli,

“Payback, do you know Peter Baker?” asked Eve, biting her nails,

“cant say I do, no why?” asked Kelli, staring at the long windy road ahead,

“he made my girlfriend, Sarah Lewis, kill herself, he’s a damn bastard, if it wasn’t for him she’d be here with me right now!!” replied Eve, she remembered that night, Sarah had called her just before she died,

“good on you for getting revenge on him then!!” said Kelli,

“what brings you here?” asked Eve,

“I’m getting revenge on my sister, Amanda Vale, she nearly killed me wen we were teenagers!!” said Kelli, her sister was going to get it good,

“we could help each other seen as we’re both in the bay for revenge” replied Eve smirking, Kelli would come in handy,

“that would be awesome, I wouldn’t mind doing that!!” said Kelli, she liked the idea of helping Eve out,

“sweet so its sorted then” replied Eve.

Half an hour later they arrived in the bay, it was all sunny and hot, people walking along the beach,

“so we’re finally here in the Bay!!” said Eve, the rest of there trip was silent,

“yup in this **** hole of a town!” replied Kelli, looking around,

“lets get revenge!!” said Eve, she saw Peter kissing Amanda in the distance,

“wow, Peter and Amanda are together, this’ll be more easier than I thought” replied Kelli, with an evil smile on her face,

“imagine that, the two people we’re getting revenge on together, there relationship will be short lived” said Eve, opening her car door,

“silly fools, they don’t even look good together!!” replied Kelli, locking her car.

Amanda saw her sister walking there way, she couldn’t believe Kelli was here, they hadn’t talked since the accident, she thought she hated her, she probably does and she couldn’t blame her if she did,

“hello Amanda!!” said Kelli, putting a fake smile on her face,

“hello, I thought you weren’t talking to me?” asked Amanda, smiling back at Kelli,

“I thought I’d come and make it up to you Mandy, after all these years, we cant fight forever, so I forgive you sis!!” said Kelli, hugging Amanda to let her know she’s forgiven her,

“really, do you forgive me, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to what I did was stupid” replied Amanda, letting go of Kelli,

“yes I do, its time to put the past in the past and move on, we’re sisters!!” said Kelli, what she said was one big lie, it would never be the truth,

“wow ok, well this is my fiancée Peter, Peter this is my sister Kelli” replied Amanda, introducing her sister to Peter,

“hi, nice to meet you!” said Peter, shaking Kelli’s hand,

“like wise” replied Kelli, smiling at Peter,

“you seem like a lovely lady!! Amanda’s lucky to have you as her sister” said Peter,

“yeah she is, any way I better get going!!” replied Kelli,

“have you got anywhere to stay?” asked Amanda,

“yeah I’m staying with a friend who lives here in the bay!!” lied Kelli, she had no where to stay, but she’d find somewhere with Eve,

“oh ok bye sis, catch up soon!!” said Amanda,

“yeah sometime soon, bye!!” replied Kelli, going to where Eve was hiding.

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Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

Oh my gosh my sister is so foolish she really thinks I forgive her, she’s so gullible , well the more she believes the harder she’ll fall, no one nearly kills me and gets away with.

where should I put her?” asked Eve,

hmm with Peterreplied Kelli, looking at Belle and laughing at her,

I still cant believe you got him!” said Eve, putting a tighter grip on Belle, she wasn’t going to get away just yet,

it was easy sweetie, he’s such a fool, so what are we going to do with the two of them?” asked Kelli, pushing Belle into the room with Peter and locking the door behind her,

should we kill them?” asked Eve, throwing herself down beside Kelli,

I’d love to, if you want to as well!!” replied Kelli, she could feel Eve’s breath on her cheek,

ooh it would devastate Amanda, losing her daughter and fiancée!!” laughed Eve.

Dear Diary,

I cant believe we’re going to kill Belle and Peter, it’s the perfect revenge for Amanda, she deserves it, she’ll be next but she’ll get it a lot worse than Belle and Peter, I’ll torture her, keep her alive for days.

I shall be going now Eve’s just making us dinner, she’s a lovely young woman I think I’m beginning to…………

Kelli xXxXxX

Belle was lying on the floor, she had no where else to go, she banged and she banged till she could no more, but there was no point, no one would here her, Peter was asleep next to her, he gave up fighting long ago,

let me out!!” screamed Belle, banging on the door,

shut up in there already, no ones coming to save you!” Eve screamed back,

let me the **** out now!!!!” spat Belle in tears,

go do it Kel, shut her up!!” said Eve, Kelli caught the gun Eve threw at her and walked into the room,

are you going to shut up now?” asked Kelli,

Kelli, just let me out, I wont tell mum its you, just please!!” pleaded Belle,

I cant do that Belle, your mum needs revenge, you see she could of killed me when we were teenagers and now its her turn to feel the pain” said Kelli, dragging Belle out of the room so they wouldn’t disturb Peter,

let go of me!! I don’t want to die!!” replied Belle, trying to pull away from Kelli’s grip, but it was to strong,

sweetie you have no choice so stop trying to get away!!” said Kelli, moving Belle’s fringe to the side of her face,

let me go please, I’ve got friends here they’ll wonder where I am!!” replied Belle, pleading with Kelli to let her go,

Eve sweetie, tie her to the chair for me will you!” said Kelli, throwing Belle to Eve, Eve did as she was said and tied Belle to the chair tightly,

does it have to be so ****ing tight!!” replied Belle,

so you don’t try and get away, now say your prayers and good byes!!” said Kelli, aiming the gun at Belles head, Eve watching from the couch,

don’t ****ing shoot please no!!” screamed Belle, those were her last words spoken,

glad she’s gone, hope Peters a bit easier for you!!” said Kelli, looking at Belles dead body, tied to the chair.

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