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I Won't Abandon You

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: I Won't Abandon You

Type of story: long one shot

Main Characters: Rocco, Sally

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Angst

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: N/A

This a b’day present to me and Adia. And all you guys get it just because Im nice :)

This takes place after Rocco runs away from Sally for the last time, will contains spoiler no doubt for people who haven’t seen the 2007 season yet.

I Won't Abandon You

Rocco laid down on the couch staring at the ceiling. He had lost everything, his future, his life, his last chance. He had stabbed the one person who cared for him, cared about him.

He was pathetic.

The door of the Bach opened, Jason walked in without saying a word, Rocco pushed himself off the couch and went to grab his bag.

“You won’t need that” Jason said firmly, starring Rocco right in the eyes, Rocco felt a chill run down his back. Jason walked over to him till there was a foot between them.

“Johnny’s finally letting you out of the gang” He said smugly. “Wanted me to tell you the good news myself”.

Rocco felt a shiver run down his spine, he went to move, escape but before he could a powerful punch land right into his stomach, he double over in pain. Jason keep hitting him as he laid on the floor.

He chuckled too himself at the irony. He had stabbed Sally to save himself, and now it had been all for nothing, he had betrayed her trust for nothing.

Suddenly there was another person in the building, He couldn’t quite make the guy out, he look so familiar to Rocco, the guy, slightly smaller than himself, fought Jason off before making his way back to Rocco bruised and bashed body. The last thing Rocco saw before slipping into darkness was the guy standing over him.

The other guys P.O.V

He felt all his anger, his hatred rush out of him as he looked down at Rocco’s beaten body. He had been as mad as hell for what he had done to poor Sally, Rocco betrayal and hurt, his lies which had almost destroyed his only true family.

But looking down at Rocco, he could only see someone like him, trying to do the right thing but always failing, used and abused by an uncaring family, a brother that rather him dead than happy.

“Hello, Ambulance please”.

He spoke as he check Rocco pulse, it was faint. Hopefully the ambulance would arrive in time.


Rocco point of view.

He tried to open his eyes but it was like they were glued shut, he could hear faint noises around him. He felt weak and defenseless, he had no idea what was going on, where he was, anything.

He tried to speak but his mouth wouldn’t co-operate.

A gentle hand held his hand tight, calming him down straight way, a sense of being safe and out of danger radiated out of the persons hand into him.

It had to be Sally.

Sally point of view

Rachel smiled sadly as she entered the room. Sally smiled back at her.

“Any change?”

“He was twisting and turning abit before but its stopped now”.

Sally lightly stroked Rocco hand, a part of her wanted Rocco not to wake up, life would be so much easier.


She had promised him she’d never turn her back on him and she did not intend to break that promise. He was just a scared, confused kid manipulated by his brother, she wasn’t going to let Rocco slipped away again.

Rachel smiled at Rocco as she ticked the last of the box on her chart she looked at Sally.

“I think there are real good chance of him waking soon”.

Sally smiled and held Rocco’s hand tighter.

“Come on Rocco, do it for me”.


Alf shook his head in disbelief at Sally, how could she be prepared to take the little mongrel back in after everything he had done to her. She had done everything to help him and he betrayed her on the highest level and now she was just going to forgive and forget.

“I don’t think…”

“Please Mr. Stewart, Brad I have made my decision”.

Sally turned and walked away, she could understand why they felt the way they did. They cared for her, but she cared for Rocco too and she wasn’t about to abandon him to the wolfs.


Rocco looked away as Sally entered the room, why would she want to see him?. He had been sure he was the last person Sally would want to see. She smiled at him as she sat in the chair next to him.

“Dr. Armstrong says you ready to leave soon, have you got a place to go?”.

Sally watched as Rocco nervously shook his head, he still refused to make eye contact with her. He looked as if he expect her to yell at him, insult him, attack him like he attack her.

But she wouldn’t, she couldn’t.

“Well I would really like you to come back to Carvan park.”

His eyes quickly scanned her, looking deep for a hidden joke, proof she was lying to him. He found none because there was none, she had no doubts about this.


His voice was rusty and pain filled, he look so vulnerable to her, she break him with just her words. Silently she vowed to herself to fix him.


Rocco hesitate slightly as he lifted the knife towards it’s victim , he couldn’t do this. He shook his head.

He had to.

He slide the knife slowly in, he stopped.

“It’s okay Rocco”.

Sally’s gently voice calmed him pushing away the horrible memories. He smiled slightly as he slice the tomato.

“Everything’s going to be okay, I promise Rocco”.

Please comment and give any ideas on the unknown guy who save Rocco :).


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