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Fri, 30 Mar 07 - “ Influenced By History “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Influenced By History “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 30 Mar 07 - Episode # 4385)

Kit can’t believe what James is doing to her – with the locking her in the house. She tries to reason with his – with no affect.

Maddie arrives home – and James (rather scarily) appears at the window beside the door and “suggests” that she should go away. Kit pleads with Maddie to get help.

Rachel (diner) & kimmy are talking about James. Kimmy isn’t exactly impressed when Rachel thinks that he shouldn’t have gone “like a bull at a stage” when he approached James near the surf club.

Maddie enters frantically – and tells hem of James & Kit.

Maddie, Rachel & kimmy rush to the hunter place – and whilst kimmy is keen to bash the door down, Rachel is keen to try the diplomatic approach.

Kit starts to feel REAALY unwell – but James won’t let her get go. Maddie decides to call the police, whilst kimmy tries a more direct approach – he is able to smash the door open. James cowers behind a table etc, whilst Rachel begins to treat kit.

At the hospital, Dr Young & Rachel are in James’ room. Dr young confirms that James has suffered a massive psychiatric episode because of the drugs.

James asks reached if kit will talk to him – but when Rachel approaches kit (in corridor), kit says that she is not ready to do so yet. Rachel then goes back into James’ room – and tells him about kit’s response. James thinks that this is the end of the line for him – but Rachel insists that he can overcome this (note – I love how, because of her own troubles at the hospital in the past, Rachel IS willing to give James another go. I also don't mind that this is driving a little bit of a wedge tween the awesome Rachel and the moronic Kimmy).

Maddie, Kit & Kimmy rtn to the hunter house. Kimmy thinks that it won’t take to long o get the place back to looking normal. Kit waaaaay thanks him for today.

Maddie tells kit that she is going to ring Beth – and kit insists that Maddie not tell Beth about this James business (as Beth has got enough on her plate).

Next day, kimmy & Rachel meet up near the surf club. Kimmy is a tad annoyed when Rachel says that James ISN”T being admitted to a psych ward, or more to the point, kimmy is annoyed that Rachel has taken on the responsibility of treating James. Rachel insists that James has the potential to be a great nurse – and she wants to help in any way she can.

Cass re-enters the help line room - as she has forgotten something. The phone rings – Cass decides to answer it (even through she technically shouldn’t). It takes a bot before a girl named Lilly speaks. She sounds scared – as tells Cass that she rang earlier – but hung up with a man (Bryan) answered the phone. Lilly insists that she wants to only speak to a woman, esp. Cass because of the newspaper article.

Sally calls out to Cass – and the later tells lily that she has to bail, but Cass gives lily her mobile number – and insists that lily can call her anytime.

Sally enters the help line room – Cass comes out for unde the desk, insisting that she dropped her phone.

Later, at the vph, Lilly calls Cassia’s mobile. She is still V distressed about her b/f. Lilly ants to meet up with Cass to talk – but to Cass alone.

When the call ends, Cass tells sally & Dan (little pippa is nearby too) about Lilly – and how she thinks that it sounds like Lilly is being abused – and about to meeting. Dan & sally aren’t exactly impressed but agree to go along with it so now.

Late at night, (in a park somewhere), Cass meets up with Lily. Lily shows Cass some of her bruises – incl on her arms. As they start to talk, Lilly notices someone in a car nearby. Said person (Dan) emerges form the car – and Lily is WAY annoyed when Cass for betraying her trust. Lilly storms off – and Cass lets Dan know how annoyed she is at him.

However, when they rtn to the vph, both Sally & Dan make Cass promise to them to get Lilly to talk to a trained counsellor (Dan or ban) if she calls gain – which Cass doesn’t think she will btw.

However, when Cass is seemingly alone at the school later, Lilly phone her. Cass assures her that they can WAAAAAY meet in private form now on.

When the call is done, sally (just entering the corridor that Cass is in) wonders who was on phone – and Cass says that it was Maddie, and they they wee agreeing to meet for coffee later. (Note 1 - end of ep Note 2 – like Rachel with James, I can TOTALLY see how Cassie;s experiences in the past are affecting the way that she is handling this Lily situation)


Kelli’s revenge plan continues – leading to Amanda being in a car crash,

Whilst Cass & Maddie are forced to hide in Lilly’s house when her abusive b/f comes home

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s electric blue (spangly ”collar”) spaghetti strap top/dark blue (yellow floral) skirt

SILVER – Rachel’s white (multi colour floral motifs) v-neck top

BRONZE – Cassie’s sky blue (dark blue lining on “collar”) spaghetti strap top/darker blue short shorts


Cassie’s light pink singlet top (with white wide collar top beneath)

Cassie’s way light yellow singlet top/denim short shorts/pink wrist banded watch

Cassie’s white (red lining at collar, cuffs etc) hoodie/”camo” shorts

Dan’s light blue & off-white polo shirt

Dr Young’s “medical green” button up shirt

James’ black t shirt/white (with black vertical stripes) button up shirt

Kimmy’s black (unknown white motif) t shirt/royal blue (white wide stripe down the side) board shorts

Kimmy’s olive green button up shirt

Kit’s orange scoop t (with green top beneath)/maroon track suit–like pants

Lily’s yellow (with unknown green motif) top/denim jacket

Little Pippa’s green singlet top

Maddie’s white (lacy vertical stripes) top/pink short sleeve jacket/pink (diagonal blue check) skirt

Rachel’s rich red blouse/back jacket & skirt

Sally’s purple singlet top

Sally’s white (red vertical stripe) nightshirt


BTW, Top 5’s in each IADL category after week 11 (of 46), 2007 –

Best Dressed (medals) Female – Maddie, Martha, Belle, Amanda, Rachel

Best Dressed Male – Jack, Cam, Luke, Ric, Alf

Best Dressed Guest – Kelli, Sam, Lisa, Kit, Jess

Most Consistently Well Dressed (points) Female – Maddie, Amanda, Martha, Belle, Sally

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Ric, Jack, Luke, Alf, Drew

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – Kelli, Kit, Sam, Lisa, Cam

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