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Thurs, 29 Mar 07 - “ Memories Of KK !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Memories Of KK !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 29 Mar 07 - Episode # 4384)

Maddie (hunter house) tells kit & James how V enthused she is about today’s 1st day of the new counselling phone help line.

Soon after, Maddie meets up with Cass & Bryan (a counsellor) at SBH. Maddie is keen t take calls herself – but Bryan “suggests” that she has to get some training 1st (which will be in the coming weeks).

Maddie then shows Cass an article in the local paper about 6he help line. Cass isn’t so sure about that fact that the article says that she is a victim of domestic abuse, but Bryan insists that its good that that was incl – as ppl who calls help lines like to know that they ppl they are talk to have been “in their shoes”

Cass begins to get worried when there are no calls – and things don’t exactly get better when the phone DOEWS ring. The person on the other end of the line sounds all serious – but then says that she is suffering form a bad hair day (with laughter of several of female caller’s friends being there to hear also).

Cass & Maddie go to get lunch and the diner – where they encounter another teen girl, Erin (and her friends). Erin brags about her prank call – and suggest that Cass shouldn’t have set up some pathetic help line just so she could feel better (after what happen with Macca).

As they walk back to SBh, Cass is rally down on the idea of the help line, but Maddie inists that she would have used it when she was having her (bulimia/self esteem) problems, and wonders if Cass would have (with her problems). This type of thinking form Maddie lifts Cass’s spirits – but they aren’t bought down again when there are no calls to the help line on that 1st day.

However, less than a minute after Cass, Maddie & Bryan bail, the help line phone (off course) rings – but since Cass & co are a sufficient distance away, neither of trio hears it.

(Note – in the background of some of the above scene, we heard songs by The Tulips, and the last time that I rem songs by this band being played on H&A was when KK were around, eg Kirsty’s wedding song to Kane, “rock n’ Roll’s mine” is a Tulips number).

Kit & James are talking about the life he saved, when Rachel arrives at the hunter place. Kit decide to take a walk – when Rachel; says that has to talk to James about medical business.

When kit gone, Rachel tells James about the mistake that he made. He tries to explain – but in the proceses, James reveals that he was high. Rachel insists that she WILL have to do to the board about this.

When kit returns, kit tell her what’s happened – she can’t believe that she trusted him the way that she did.

At the hospital, James & Rachel are in Dr Olivetti’s office. Olivetti tells James that this is a very serious offence – and informs James that he is suspended from his job until further notice.

After the meeting, James is walking in the hospital corridors with Dr Olivetti. Mr Sharp (a relative of woman that James almost kill) approaches James – and tries to physically attack him, Olivetti “suggest” that Mr Sharp should desist.

Soon after, Rachel talks to Kimmy near the surf club. Kimmy soooooo can’t believe that James has done this – but Rachel seems a bit more forgiving.

Indeed, Rachel goes to the diner and when she talks to kit, she suggest that kit should stick by James – as anyone can support a friend when things are going well, but it takes a TRUE friend to stick around when things aren’t so hot.

Meanwhile, Kimmy sees James near the surf club. He approaches and forcefully tells James that he is NEVER going to see kit and the baby ever gain.

The drug addled James goes to the hunter place. He keeps on saying that kit will never leave him – as he locks all the windows and draws all the curtains etc.

When kit arrives home, she is surprised by the dark state of the house. Seconds later, James enters the room – he locks the front door, and insists that Kit is NEVER going to leave him (end of ep)


Kill becomes ill whilst being held hostage – Maddie comes home and goes for help !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s white (lacy vertical stripes) top/pink short sleeve jacket/pink (diagonal blue check pattern) skirt

SILVER – Erin’s sky blue (frilled v neck) top

BRONZE – Rachel’s rich red blouse/back jacket & skirt


Bryan’s bright red button up shirt

Cassie’s way light yellow singlet top/denim short shorts/pink wrist banded watch

Dr Olivetti’s dark blue (yellow stairs-like pattern) tie/white button up shirt/dark suit

James’ choc brown (unknown motif) polo shirt

James’ black t shirt/white (with black vertical stripes) button up shirt

Kimmy’s grey & blue board shirts/white singlet

Kit’s orange scoop t (with green top beneath)/maroon track suit–like pants

Mr Sharp’s mustard button up shirt

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