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Wed, 28 Mar 07 - “Kelli Vale – World’s BEST Actress

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Kelli Vale – World’s BEST Actress “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 28 Mar 07 - Episode # 4383)

Amanda tries to catch up to the still running peter when she looses her footing and crashes the (grassed). Peter stops – after Amanda wonders if they can talk about this. Peter is in no mood to do so – as storms off.

Back at the area of the gardens where wed was held, Dan & drew are ready to lynch Ethan (Dan in partci has to be restrained). Kelli adds wonderfully to her deception – by SLAPPING Ethan across the face !!!

As drew continues to be angry about the situation, Belle (trying to defend Amanda) lets it slip that she know about the one night stand. Drew is disgusted.

Kelli & belle than go and find the still on the ground Amanda. The latter is still of course V devastated.

Soon after, Leah drew & Dan are talking about the situation AT Leah’s place). Drew is still partic angry – and peter walk in as they are talking about what happened.

Kelli meets up with Ethan on the beach. He says that whilst he likes being slapped whilst they are in bed together, he was surprised by the one at wedding. Kelli assures him that it just added to charade (of her being caring sister). When Ethan tells Kelli that he is look fwd to them being together (and not apart because of this Amanda “thing”). Kelli surprises Ethan – by telling him that she won't stop now with Amanda – who has (Kelli says) “a lot further to fall”.

Drew arru8ves at the mansion- he further waaaaaaaaaay verbally attacks Belle for knowing all about this, Kelli “suggest” that he should bail.

Amanda works up the courage and goes to Leah’s place. Dan & the others “suggest” for Amanda to leave, but peter insists on speak to her.

Amanda kinda explains what happened (she says that she not remember most of that nigh). Peter wonders why she not come to him sooner about this (esp since Kelli & belle know). Amanda says that she was afriad of loosing peter.

After peter says that if she'd come to him sooner about this that they MAY have been able to get passed this (Ethan one night stand), Amanda hope that they still can. Peter insists that they CAN’T. Amanda leaves in tears.

Soon after, Peter is on the seaplane wharf. He removes weeding ruing – and drops it into the sea.

On the other side of things, Amanda is lying face down on the couch at her place. She is way crying. Kelli enters the room and (continuing the act) tries to comforrt Amanda.

Rachel & Kimmy at are diner talking to the likes of Dan & drew about the wedding disaster when kimmy gets a phone call form Kit.

Kimmy goes to hunter house – and is up in arms when kit says that he CAN”T be in the room with the baby is born (midwife wants as few ppl as possible – and kit has chosen her partner jams over kimmy). Kimmy’s angry reactions further strengthen kit’s stand point that having both kimmy & James at the birth will be stressful.

Kimmy bails – but he is NOT happy.

Soon after, kimmy is on the beach. James approaches him – but kimmy really reinforces his mistrust of James (with the implicating that kimmy still believe that James is on drugs).

When James returns to the hunter place, he tells kit of his encounter – so (naturally) kit bails form hunter place, and WAY verbally lays into kimmy when she encounters him.

Meanwhile, James takes some “stress relief”

Soon after, kit & James are talking (hunter place) when phone rings. It’s Rachel – she wants James to come to the hospital as they are down a few workers due to illness etc. James tries to get out of it (saying he has plans with kit) but kit thinks that he should go in.

When James arrives at the hospital, Rachel gives his about “a 1000” instructions all at once. When Rachel walks away form James, he can see that he is way stressing.

Later, Rachel and a nurse rush into a patient’s room (as emergency alarms have rung). James is performing CPR on patient, and he & Rachel are able to stabilise the patient again. Rachel is really pleased with James.

However, later (after James shift has finished), a nurse shows Rachel a drug vile, and Rachel sees that JAMES gave the patient (that he had to later save) the WRONG medication. (end of ep)


After James’ world falls apart, he barricades Kit inside that hunter place – insisting the she can NEVER leave him !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s sky blue (white frilly plunge v neck) top/black long pants

SILVER – Belle’s scarlet plunge v neck satin bridesmaid dress

BRONZE – Leah’s scarlet spaghetti strap dress


Amanda’s white (intricate patterned and WAAAY leggy) wedding dress

Dan’s white button up shirt/dark suit/apricot tie

Drew’s white button up shirt/dark suit/apricot tie

Ethan’s black (white unknown but it looked cool motif) t /blue-grey (unbuttoned) button up shirt

James’ orangey-red (unknown motif) t shirt/olive green (unbuttoned) button up shirt

James’ white (green check) shorts/off white t

Kit’s royal blue v neck t

Kelli’s apple green spaghetti strap top

Kelli’s scarlet plunge v neck satin bridesmaid dress

Kimmy’s white (fluro green floral motifs) board shots/tan (eagle crest) t

Leah’s black (kinda low cut) singlet top (with white top beneath)

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark suit/light pink tie

Rachel’s red (mini yellow check pattern) v-neck top (with red top beneath)

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