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Tue 27th Mar 07 - " Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies "

Guest dodge

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Thought I'd keep with JT's new centred fit


My very unofficial title for tonights corker:

"Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies!"


Peter & Amanda - "this time tomorrow, we'll be married"

The blokes file into the Rocket Club... stunned to see the pole dancer is Martha! Martha herself is stunned and stops in her tracks.

No Credits, just the Title Screen

INT. Rocket Club

Martha is mortified, almost to tears. She tears off the stage into her dressing room. The boys storm toward the stage, stopped only by a bevy of security. Cam comes out asking what the hell is going on... and orders the blokes to be removed from the premises.

INT. Rocket Club - Dressing Room

Martha is sobbing about everything - what her family will think, and despite Cam's reassurances, can't believe that she's doing the right thing. It almost seems as if she knows she's gone off the rails for a little while. She's in tears.

INT. Amanda's

The night is winding up - Leah is trying to pull Colleen free, who is three sheets to the wind and wants to share stories of being frisky with Les when they got married.

INT. Summer Bay House

The boys (Ric, Tony, Brad, Jack) are dropped at the house. Ric is convinced that Martha's being forced to dance and that Cam is responsible, while the other guys try to appease him. Sally walks in, and the guys are forced to fill her in - Martha's a pole dancer! Jack concedes Ric is probably right - Cam is likely forcing Martha. Speaking of Ric... he's gone!

INT. Martha's Apartment above the Diner

Martha slowly wanders in with Cam in tow, makeup all over her face and still glum. Cam continues to try and convince her to chin up about it all, if it's what she wants to do... basically feeds her line after line about her independence and such. There's a knock at the door and surprise surprise, it's Ric. Ric gets a bit rough with Cam before lecturing Martha - "how dumb are you? Can't you see what this guy is doing to you?". Cam tries to interject but Ric simply pins him against the wall with his hand tied behind his back. At this point the other three blokes plus Sal all pile in and pull him off Cam. Despite pleas, Martha orders them all out, Sal leaving last after pleading with Martha to please consider what she's doing - she just wants her to come home to the family. On some level, that has affected Martha.

Next day... Martha & Cam are in the kitchen discussing the turn of events. Cam has a sore wrist after Ric had roughed him up. Martha says Ric shouldn't have done that and she's sorry. Cam gets a text from Cindy and tells Martha he's needed at the club. He doesn't want to leave her given the circumstances, but she insists she'll be fine.

EXT. Summer Bay Beach, near SBSLSC

Sally and Brad walk along, discussing Martha. Ric bumps into them after a swim - apologises for flying off the handle... but he's still convinced Cam is in Martha's ear about the dancing. Brad on the other hand is convinced they all need to give Martha space. Once Ric moves on (he needs to go see Maddie before the wedding, or he'll be late), Sal insists to Brad she has to speak to Martha, sooner rather than later.

Commerical break

INT. Amanda's

Pete has tried to sneak in but Amanda's caught him.

A: "Let's say we get married and live happily ever after?"

P: "Ah ok, I think I've got some time free this afternoon"

They kiss, Pete leaves, and the girls (Kelli & Belle) wolf whistle from behind the door.

INT. Martha's apartment above the Diner

Sal knocks on the door. Martha doesn't answer, so Sally begins her plea. From the other side of the door, it's clear her words are affecting Martha, who is emotional and almost crying. Sal eventually concedes, telling the still silent Martha she'll be downstairs in the Diner waiting for as long as she can if she wants to talk.

INT. Rocket Club

Cam is heading up to his "office" when Jack trails him. They spar about Martha, with Jack eventually informing him that he'll do everything he can to bring Cam down. Cam looks troubled as the "copper" leaves.

INT. Diner

Sally waits for Martha, lamenting to Leah she probably won't come down. Martha appears at the bottom, smiling to Sally. All things positive, Sal makes her way over. Just then, Colleen comes in, sees Martha, and begins tearing strips off the girl over her dancing. Martha's back is immediately up, defending herself not only to Colleen but Sal and Leah as well, and she storms off. Sal looks less than impressed with Colleen.

INT. Rocket Club

Martha comes up to see Cam. She finds out about Jack's visit and subsequent offing of "I'll be watching you", and apologises for her 'meddling family and friends' once again. Then, she offers to dance for Cam yet again that night.

INT. Leah & Dan's

The four blokes are dressed & ready - Peter, Dan, Drew and little Ryan. Dan makes the usual "pretend I forgot the rings" joke, and soon after Drew and Peter share an emotional moment, realising they have it all.

EXT. Wedding Garden

We pan over a beautiful garden wedding set, then the camera zeroes in on our friend Ethan, with a devious look on his face.

Commerical Break

INT. Amanda's

Belle and Kelli are in the mirror, complimenting themselves on how hot they look - and Amanda will have to look incredible to beat them. She appears, looking stunning in a shimmering white dress, and the girls gush over her.

EXT. Wedding Garden

Pete and Dan exchange a nice moment about happiness and looking and feeling good. We pan across to Sally, who is approached by Colleen. Colleen tries to apologise for the Martha foot-in-mouth incident but Sal isn't interested.

Amanda arrives.

A trail of petals leads the bridal party in, with Amanda given away by her son Ryan.

The ceremony begins, the vows are spoken:

Peter speaks about how lucky he's been, and remembers how everything could have fallen apart. He also credits friends and family for helping the pair get to where they are today.

Amanda praises her new husband, waxing on about how he makes her a better person and she promises to show much she loves him for the rest of her days.

The pair kiss briefly, as we pan to evil Kelli, looking on wickedly.

Commerical break

EXT. Wedding Garden

The recitation of the giving of rings occurs, and the celebrant pronounces the happy couple man and wife. The group stands to applaud, Colleen throwing petals and congratulations all around are abound.

A voice begins to drown out the cheers - Ethan has arrived. He says he knows it's early, but he wanted to give his gift early... so if everyone can look under their chairs...

Everyone pulls out a photo from underneath... Colleen remarks "that's scandalous", while other guests are simply mortified. Peter asks to see a photo - and through the shock shows Amanda. Shaking his head, he runs off down the aisle, with Amanda not too far behind. Ethan shrugs, Kelli looks mildly pleased without giving too much away...

End of episode

PREVIEW: ...but the plan is far from over... what's Kelli got in store next for poor Amanda? Also, Belle and Drew are surely over - Drew is disgusted that Belle didn't tell him of Amanda's sordid ways.

JT's absolutely huge Wedding IADL will be up tomorrow.


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GREAT ep guide, dodge !!! .... and VERY cool abou he centering

Before I ghetto IADL, I love how everytime the ppl of the bay try the softly softly approach with Martha (think jack last week, and sally in this ep) they get positive results, eg Martha softly crying when sally spoke to her.

I know its human nature, but it also infuriates me that when Martha is verbally attacked (eg colleen’s comments in this ep), she does a Jean Luc-Picard, i.e. “Shields Up !!!”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s white (intricate patterned and WAAAY leggy) wedding dress

SILVER – Sally’s royal blue spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE – Ric’s maron button up shirt


Amanda’s rich red (spangly “collar”) halter neck dress

Amanda’s silver (wedding prepare) robe

Belle’s scarlet plunge v-neck satin bridesmaid dress

Brad’s dark blue (green check) shorts/light blue t

Brad’s grey suit/yellow tie/light purple button up shirt

Cam’s “Irish” green button up shirt

Cam’s light purple button up shirt

Colleen’s pink (white floral) dress

Dan’s white button up shirt/dark suit/apricot tie

Drew’s white button up shirt/dark suit/apricot tie

Ethan’s black (white unknown but it looked cool motif) t

Jack’s light green polo shirt

Jack’s maroon (yellow marine motif) t

Jack’s white button up shirt/dark suit/maroon tie

Kelli’s scarlet plunge v neck satin bridesmaid dress

Kelli’s silvery (floral motifs, rich red lining) nightgown

Leah’s orange (silver spangly bust) spaghetti strap top

Leah’s light yellow plunge v-neck dress

Martha’s black satin (gold crest on the back) robe

Martha’s red (white circle motifs) robe

Martha’s red dancing oufit

Martha’s royal blue halter-top

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark suit/light pink tie

Ryan’s white button up shirt/dark suit/silver tie

Sally’ red blouse/black shorts

Sally’s silver (multi colour mosaics) matching tube top & skirt

Tony’s white button up shirt/dark suit/silver tie

Wedding Celebrant’s light blue top/cream jacket

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