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Mon, 26 Mar 07 - “Pride Leads To … Being A Deer In The Headlights “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Pride Leads To … Being A Deer In The Headlights “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 26 Mar 07 - Episode # 4381)

Amanda, Dan, Leah, colleen, peter etc are talking in diner about tonight’s hens & bucks parties. Dan won’t reveal what he has planned for buck nights, whilst colleen gets her words mix up again – when talking of setting aside an area at Amanda’s place where hens party guests can “titillate” themselves, Leah suggest that she meant titivate.

Later, colleen is at the mansion (on maid duties) when a courier arrives with a letter – form Kitty.

When Kelli hears of this she is keen to get her hands on the letter, and has to chase everywhere for belle (who is help drew with an assignment.

When all the girls arrive at the mansion for the hen’s party, Kelli is way stressing when colleen mentions that letter form kitty. You see, kelli has just got the unoponed letter from belle’s bag – but when Amanda reads he letter out, it merely says that kitty got an acting job in London (west end) that was too good to refuse (naturally, kelli was relieved.)

Soon after (with all the hens party guests also wearing various colour feather boas), it sounds like that are play a truth or dare game and kelli can’t believe it when Amanda says the name of the 1st guy boy (in grade 1) that she is ever kissed, i.e. form the sounds of the way kelli was talking, the guy sounded like a bit of an idiot.

Amanda tells Kelli that she is soooooo looking fwd to wedding tomorrow – and you can see the discreet grin on Kelli’s face.

Meanwhile, the boys (Tony, peter, Dan, Ric, brad, drew) are at Leah’s place having a BBQ, Dan is pleased when their mini bus arrives – but drew isn’t, as dean says that the rest are going to a place where need to be 18 to get in.

Soon after, mini bus pulls up at the Rocket Club – and the likes of Brad & jack mention that this is where Martha works.

When the boys go inside, Ric likes the entertainment – a girl (not Martha) is pole dancing. Jack then asks (I think) Cindy where Martha is. Cindy says that she will be out soon (see below).

Cam & Cindy congratulate Martha backstage after her performance. They gave her a bottle of champagne that one of the crowd has given to Martha.

Later that night, Martha (diner flat) is in bed – when cam gives her a sizable amount of money (the same he would have given to a showgirl, with a bit extra).

next morn, Cam asks Martha if she will dance again – but Martha says that although she kinda liked being on stage like that she won’t do so again.

Soon after, sally vests Martha (cam has bailed btw). Sally wonders if Martha would like to some to Amanda’s hens night. Martha says that she is working tonight – and after sally tries to convince Martha to go (to hens party), Martha gets a phone call.

After sally bails (Martha said that she was expecting this call), Martha tells cam (on phone) that she has changed her mind and WILL dance again.

Martha goes downstaris, where jack tries to talk t her. She has a go at him for hitting cam.

Later, Martha is in the diner flat when Cindy arrives – with some of her old dancing costumes. Martha is surprised that Cindy used to dance but she is even more surprised when Cindy (like Misch, another of the club’s barmaids) has a child 0- in Cindy’s case, an 8 yr old named Krystal.

Cindy then starts showing Martha some of the skimpy outfits.

Soon after, Martha is backstage at Rocket Club– in her red dancing costume (see below). Cam & Cindy insist to Martha that she will once more “kill” the crowd.

When cam & Cindy have bailed, Martha looks as through she is dreading this situation that she has gotten herself into. She even tries to phone jack – but just gets his msg service.

In the eps final scene, the buck’s party boys are really excited when the see the latest dancing girl appears on stage. She has her back to them as she begins to WAAAY sexy dance. When Martha turns around, there is a reasonable amount of a smoke screen so the boys can’t see who is entertaining them.

Martha then come to the front and the stage – and when she sees whose in the crowd, she WAAAAAAY freezes !!!! – and tries to cover herself as much as possible !!!! (end of ep)


Kelli & Ethan destroy Amanda’s wedding, i.e. Ethan asks wed guests to look under their seats – from reactions, THOSE pics are under seats.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s light yellow plunge v-neck dress

SILVER – Belle’s hot pink (red eagle motif) top

BRONZE – Jack’s aqua (surf themed) t


Amanda’s apple green (floral) spaghetti strap top

Amanda’s dark aqua singlet top/black long pants

Amanda’s rich red (spangly “collar”) halter neck dress

Belle’s little black dress

Belle’s white (black sunglass wearing dude motif) t

Brad’s black (white pin stripe) button up shirt

Brad’s stylish black t

Cam’s “Irish” green button up shirt

Cam’s rich purple button shirt

Cindy’s black (jewel collared) top

Cindy’s black (lacey collar) v-neck top

Cindy’s royal blue (low cut, with silver strips at the ‘collar”) thin strap top

Colleen’s red (red & yellow native bird & floral motifs) top

Colleen’s sky blue skirt/bright purple & blue top

Courier’s fluro yellow t

Dan’s green, white & black polo shirt

Dan’s light blue button up shirt

Drew’s block (red “Glory” logo) polo shirt

Drew’s choc brown (Amsterdam motif) sleeveless t

Jack’s maroon (yellow marine motif) t/dark jacket

Kelli’s orange (with inverted brown triangle near collar) halter-top

Kelli’s white spaghetti strap top

Leah’s bright yellow (palm tree motifs) top

Martha’s dancing outfit, i.e. rich red tasselled Bra & panties

Martha’s light brown spaghetti strap top

Martha’s matching black blouse & skirt

Martha’s sexy sailor outfit

Martha’s white long sleeve jacket/black top

Peter’s choc brown button up shirt/dark suit

Peter’s white button up shirt/stylish grey long sleeve jacket

Ric’s blue, white & grey button up shirt

Ric’s maroon (gold crest) t-shirt

Sally’s dark aqua (light aqua floral motif) top/white shorts

Sally’s silver (multi colour mosaics) matching tube top & skirt

Tony’s faded red (white pin stripe) button up shirt

Tony’s white (with aqua & grey) polo shirt

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