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Friday, 23 Mar 07 - " The Continuing Story Of The World’s Dumbes

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" The Continuing Story Of The World’s Dumbest Woman – Martha “

(Screened in Australia on Friday, 23 Mar 07 - Episode # 4380)

Note - i'm just trialling this centred format. what does everyone think ???

As kitty listen to Kelli on phone, she knock over a big make up case of table – alerts Kelli to her presence. Kitty doesn’t reveal that she heard – but as they pick up the things off floor, Kelli discovers that kitty is take pills for blood pressure.

Kitty meets back up wit Amanda & peter near diner. Kitty wonders about the state of Amanda & Kellie’s current relationship, and Amanda thinks that all is going v well tewwen them, and that she believes that Kelli has put the car crash in the past.

Kitty returns to the mansion, and confronts Kelli about her plans. Kelli is shocked that someone knows – and kitty insists that she will give Kelli 2 hours to stop her plans, or kitty will tell.

Kelli meets with Ethan – wondering how they will get kitty out of the way. Kelli mentions that kitty is only back in oz for help with financial issues. The evil duo realise that that is the key.

Kelli returns to mansion – offers kitty $80,000 (remainder of her insurance payout from car crash). Kelli says that kitty will be able to afford a lot better lawyer with the money that she is offering (than the one peter is lining up).

Peter, Amanda & Ryan enter and they all have some celebratory drinks. Naturally, Kelli is up to no good. When she goes into kitchen to gets another round for everyone, she grabs kitty’s blood pressure pills – and soon after, kitty feels V woozy.

After Amanda, peter & Ryan bail (to get some food), kelli makes kitty aware of what she did – and thinks that kitty would have told Amanda by now (about wed ruin plot) id she was going to.

Soon after, Amanda etc rtn to the mansion. No one appears to be there. Kelli comes downstairs – she says that kitty is taking a lie down, so Kelli hit the shower.

Peter finds a note from kitty – he has bailed form town (no explanation).

We then see Ethan & Kitty near a golf course. Kitty is counting the money & Ethan insists that kitty can’t tell a soul about this.

Kitty gets in her car. She is crying when says to herself “I’m sorry Amanda”

Cass (vph) has just told sally that they have raised lots and lots of money from calendar sales, when Martha & cam enter – to get the rest of her things. Cass annoyed that Martha not even say hello to her.

When Martha & cam are gone, phone rings – it’s Alf, and sally tells him about Martha. When off phone, sally suggest that Cass shouldn’t try to talk to Martha – might push further away,

Martha (diner flat) is talk on te phone to Alf. When call ends, she tells cam that Alf not happy with her move – and insists on 4 weeks rent in advance. Naturally, cam offers to tide her over financially.

Cam then gets a call on mobile – when off phone, he tells Martha that the dancing girl they had booked for toinght can’t do the show.

Cam begins to make other arrangements – but by the time that they are both at the Rocket Club, he still hasn’t got a replacement.

Cindy comments that if no show girl, then club not open tonight – and cam wonders if, just for tonight, Martha with do it (be the dancing girl). Martha says that that sort of thing isn’t her.

As the show time gets closer, cam gets more aggitated – still no one to perform and he “suggest” to Martha that it certainly looked like she was enjoying herself recently when she was dance on stage with mia. Martha then agrees to do it.

Soon after, Martha (sexy sailor outfit) is back stage. Cam insists that if Martha gets nervous etc, just look at him in the crowd and pretend that no one else in there.

Then it’s Showtime – and the crowd is MUCHLY LOVIUNG Martha’s (pole dancing) stage show. They aren’t the only ones though. Cam tells Cindy that Martha will make him a fortune – but he only say this after both Cindy & cam are sooooooo glad that Martha is sooooooooooo naive that she believed that “no show girl tonight” story !!!!! (end of ep)


Kelli & Ethan destroy Amanda’s wedding, i.e. Ethan asks wed guests to look under their seats – from reactions, THOSE pics are under seats.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s dancing outfit, i.e. white & navy blue crop top/navy blue [white frills on the bottom] short shirt

SILVER – Cam’s rich purple button shirt

BRONZE – Sally’s red low cut v neck top (with black top beneath)


Amanda’s dark aqua singlet top/black long pants

Cassie's yellow (everlast) singlet top/light blue shorts

Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt

Kelli’s light blue (with various dark blue stipes – some vertical, others diagonal) singlet top/white shorts

Kelli’s silver (red roses motifs) satin-y bathrobe

Kitty’s olive green long coat/black top/black long pants

Martha’s dark halter top

Ryan’s red (blues clues logo) t shirt

Martha’s cream (with black & gold edging) v neck top

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