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Advice From A Dead Person

Guest Roccoluver

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Type- One shot

Genre- Im not sure- Angst?

Characters- Belle, Amanda, Rocco

warnings- could contain spoilers for non Aus/NZ viewers

enjoy :)

Summer Bay Cemetery

Belle walked in silence to his grave, the thought of him being buried in an unmarked grave sickened her, how could they still allow it?. He deserve so much better than this.

Kneeling in front of Rocco’s grave, she pulled out the brass nameplate she had gotten made, smiling sadly she ran her hand over it. Rocco Cooper it proudly read, carefully attaching it to his cross she said a silent prayer for him.

It wasn’t like she and Rocco had been close, she’d used him as a tool to get back at Drew for cheating on her, to her he was just another tool. She wiped away a tear, despite what she had done, he’d still given her on piece of advice, standing up, she stood tall, she couldn’t change the past, but she could at least honor him.



“Hey” Rocco smiled at Belle, “Get lost” she said, turning her back to him, he didn’t catch the hint. “I know, about Amanda and …”. Belle turned and glared at him “What business is it of yours” she yelled.

He rubbed his hands together, looking at the ground he said “Look, I know what’s it like to grow up without a parent, you have a wonderful opportunity here to start again, Belle we all make mistakes”. Belle glared at him, holding back tears that threaten to bust, she pushed him out of the way.

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” he called after her fleeing body.

End flashback

Amanda’s house

“Coming” Amanda called out, opening the door she hardly had time to braced herself before Belle hugged her tightly. “Belle?” she asked, she had been trying to fix their relationship, but it certainly hadn’t been going this well.

“I forgive you mum” Belle cried, “Life’s too short” Amanda hugged her back. “I’m so sorry Belle” she said, she had Belle back and that was all that matter. Belle felt a heavy weight lift off her shoulder, hating and carrying grudges where so depressing, she felt alive again, happy even.

Standing out on the balcony of Amanda’s house, Belle smiled at the sky. “Thank you Rocco” she said “Be free”


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