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Thursday, 22 Mar 07 - " Ethan’s New Job ??? “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Ethan’s New Job ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Thursday, 22 Mar 07 - Episode # 4379)

Belle (rock ledge) tells drew that she hurt re hurt arm that she hurt last year.

Ass Ric & Co are talking, Luke commets that they appear to be lost. Bell hears voices above – and calls out for help. Drew does too – and drew & belle are rescued by Luke, maddie & Ric.

When maddie & co rtn to civilisation (the diner), the likes of colleen & Tony wonder why bell went out in rain like that – but get nowhere.

Naturally when belle & drew arrive at mansion, lots of fuss is made over belle (whose left arm has several painful looking abrasions).

When Luke gets home, Tony (as he is baling) tells him a letter came for Luke. Luke open the letter, he discovers the he’s won the short story comp – but he screw up the letter and throws away.

When Tony finds the screwed up letter, He tries to find Luke at diner. He not there, but maddie & Ric are, they find Luke nearby – but he insists that he not accepting the prize.

Son after, bell is in the diner when colleen mentions about the prize that Luke won, and there‘s another luke-bell confrontation when the former enters the eatery.

A little later, at hunter house, Tony “suggests” to Luke that he has to let this anger go – as it is hurting Luke (not belle).

Luke goes over to mansion – and he & belle call a truce – as Luke says that he doesn’t want to have to leave a room every time belle enterers.

Luke then goes home – and rings the writers circle ppl, to confirm that he IS accepting the prize.

Ethan (park) tells Kelli that he is worry that something could still happen, but she thinks that nothing can stop them.

Amanda (mansion) hears knock on door – is surprised that its KITTY at the door. The latter says that she is back form London as she is now in WAAAAY much debt, as her manager (who become her b/f) took all her money, and has now disappeared and left her with a LOT of debt,

Amanda offers for kitty to stay at mansion (as kitty has to sell her house) whilst peter offers to help with sorting (with his solicitor) kitty’s fiances.

Both the bruised & battered Belle AND Kelli rtn to the mansion, they are really surprised to see Kitty. Kelli insist to kitty that she has worked thorough her issues with amanda.3

Soon after, kitty, peter, belle, Amanda & Kelli are talk when Kelli phones rings – its’ Ethan. As Kelli go outside, she says that its hens party business. Amanda subsequently tells kitty etc that she not want stripper at hen’s night.

Kitty is out walking when she sees (form afar) Kelli & Ethan. Kelli tells ethane that kitty isn’t a problem form them 0- only see what want to see.

When Kelli & kitty are back at the mansion, kitty tells Kelli to not go ahead with her stripper plans (as that’s who kitty thinks Ethan is),

Son after, Amanda, peter & kitty are about to bail fom the mansion, when kitty realises that she forgets something. She goes back inside – where she overhears Kelli (on phone) talking to Ethan about destroying Amanda. (end of ep)


Cam tricks Martha into pole dancing, whilst Kelli offers kitty $80,000 to bail form bay (and not say anything to Amanda).

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s dark pink (red motorcycle motif) singlet top

SILVER – Colleen’s white (dark blue floral motifs) blouse

BRONZE – Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt


Amanda’s black satin nightgown

Amanda’s dark aqua singlet top/black long pants

Belle’s aqua zip up jacket

Drew’s cream (with light brown across the chest) zip up jacket

Kelli’s sky blue (state track logo) thin strap top

Kelli’s’ light blue (with various dark blue stipes – somni vertical, others diagonal) singlet top

Kitty’s olive green long coat/black top/black long pants

Luke’s light purple (unknown motif) t-shirt

Luke’s light purple (with diagonal naughts & crosses board) t-shirt

Maddie’s baby pink (gold old world woman etc motif) puffy shouldered t-shirt

Maddie’s light brown (spangly low cut v neck) top/black (with blue & light pink floral motif) shorts

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark suit

Ric’ light green (with darker green house motif) t shirt

Ric’s light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t shirt

Tony’s choc brown polo shirt/olive green shorts

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