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Wednesday, 21 Mar 07 - " Summer Bay & Camping ...

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Summer Bay & Camping ... Just Like Oil & Water “

(Screened in Australia on Wednesday, 21 Mar 07 - Episode # 4378)

Kit & James wonder what kimmy is doing look in James bag. Kimmy says that he saw James talk to known drug dealer today. James insists that Hamish did approach him – but he refused that offer of more drugs.

Rachel arrives (as kimmy seemed to be talking long time). She senses the tension in the room, but didn’t actually hear any of the “chat”.

Soon after, the y are all having dinner at Rachel’s [place. Kimmy thinks that a story that James is telling (that James claims happened to a friend) sounds just like a scene for a recent movie.

After kit & James bails at the end of dinner, Rachel wonders why kimmy is acting the way that he is, she says that she is going to think the worst (that kimmy is jealous of James) if kimmy not tell her what is gong on. Kimmy then tells her that James is a dope smoker.

Rachel goes to the hunter place, and confronts James about this. James tell her that he hasn’t smoked in ages (before the one that kimmy found in sink) and even that was AFTER he almost killed that patient. James pleads for another chance – and Rachel says that she will sleep on it.

Next day, When Rachel returns to the hunter place, she says that she won’t report him – after James gives her the assurance that he is totally off the drugs.

Rachel (diner) talks to kimmy. He isn’t happy with her decision about James -– but Rachel brings up her own trouble (with being reported).

Kimmy goes to the counter where he encounters kit. She tells him in no uncertain terms to “back off” with the accusations against James. Kit tells kimmy that if he doesn’t, then she’ll ensure that he’ll play NO part in the baby’s life. She also insists that she believes James 100% when he said that he way off the drugs.

However, outside the diner, James (in his car) removes the drugs form glove box and prepare to light up.

Maddie, Ric & Luke are talking in the diner. Maddie is surprised when Luke said that he doesn't have anything good enough to send into a short story comp. indeed, Maddie think that Luke could write a shopping list and still win.

Belle & drew enter. Drew has just got his P plates and hopes to borrow Leah’s car, whilst Luke immediatley bails form the diner. Belle tells drew that she hates that Luke still so angry. Maddie adds to belle’s woes by “suggesting” that Belle shouldn’t make this all about herself) as its Luke who is REALLY hurting)

Maddie, Ric & Ric are at the vph and Maddie & Ric convince Luke to go camping with them.

Naturally, just after they’ve set up the tent etc is a V nice spot in the bush, Maddie & co are shocked when Drew & Belle arrive (intending to camp in same spot). Maddie suggest that belle & drew should camp elsewhere, but when bell insists on camping here, Maddie at least wants belle etc to move a bit further away form where Maddie & co are (memories of kirsty suggesting that Kane should move as far away as he can when they were lost in the bush after the fairy disaster). Btw, Luke is ok with belle & drew being there.

Soon after, whilst Maddie & co enjoy some food, drew discovers that belle caught some tins of food, but no can opener.

Belle & draw’s lack of preparation continues when Maddie wonders when they are going to pitch their tent. Belle (sarcastically) says that she & drew are going to be all romantic and sleep unde the stars., but Maddie points out that rain is forecast – and sure enough, it starts pouring down seconds later.

Whilst Maddie is keen for belle & drew to go back to their car (hours away), Luke & Ric suggest that drew & ell can shelter in their tent.

Soon after (with rain still bucketing down), Ric’s guitar playing gets on belle’s nerves. She comments that Ric did that (paly same song) last time – when they were together. Drew is intrigued that belle seems to have taken all her b/f’s here, but Luke responds by seeing that he & bell never did (which reinforces his thoughts that belle was using him).

After Ric suggest that Luke could enters a story 9to the competition) about this camping trip, Luke is shocked that belle pieced together the story he wrote about them ["black heart"], type in up and entered it.

Belle can’t believe it when Luke says that she is just doing that to try to ease her own conscious. Indeed, belle’s had enough of Luke thinking that she is doing this all for her own benefit – and she bails form the tent, followed by drew It’s still raining [of course] and the angry belle slips down an embankment on the soaking wet rocks – drew does likewise. (end of ep)


Kitty (Kelli & Amanda’s mum) arrives back in town – sounds like she discovers Kelli’s evil plot, whilst Maddie & co are oblivious to what happened to drew & Belle

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s baby pink (gold old world woman etc motif) puffy shouldered t shirt/baby pink cardigan

SILVER – Belle’s sky blue (crest motif – possible rock band logo) scoop neck t

BRONZE – Kit’s emerald green v-neck top/white long pants


Belle’s hot pink (with black horizontal stripes) singlet

Drew’s black long pants/white Singlet

James’ maroon polo shirt/white (with faded gold vertical stripes) unbuttoned button up shirt

James’ white (with blue checks) shorts /cream long sleeve jumper

Kit’s red scoop neck t shirt/black pants

Kit’s way shiny red-orange scoop neck t

Leah’s red low cut top (with black top beneath)

Luke’s apple green (with several gold horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Luke’s light purple (unknown motif) t-shirt

Maddie’s white (pink floral) spaghetti strap top

Rachel’s maroon (with white floral collar) dress/light green blouse

Rachel’s red (white floral motif) v-neck t/denim knee length skirt

Ric’s light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t/choc brown zip up jacket

Ric’s light blue (unknown black motif) t-shirt

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