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Monday, 19 Mar 07 - " Why DOES Martha Pick .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Why DOES Martha Pick The WRONG Guy [Almost?] Every Time ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Monday, 19 Mar 07 - Episode # 4376)

At the vph, Cass (SBH uniform worn throughout the ep) tells bad & sally that she is keen to discover how the sales of the calendars are going.

She then gores to the hunter place – where Tony tells her that they have all sold out (at surf club) of the copies of the calendar that previously given him. Tony joked that it is all because of his pic in the calendar.

Cass then heads to the diner, where she asks Leah is she can leave flyers there for the new help line. Leah muchly agrees – and then says that the calendar sales at diner are going V well too. Leah kinda teases colleen as the latter bought 6 of the calendar. Colleen initially says that were for the bowls ladies etc, but then (flustered) mentions something about it being all for charity [suggesting that they were all for her maybe].

Cass talks to Dan about the funds raised – and that leads to a chat about possible (well trained) counselors who are looking to come aboard for the help line.

When Cass arrives home at the end of the day, she comments to brad & sally of her good [fundraising etc] day.

Brad is trying to get little pippa to eat breakfast [doing the old “this is so yummy” thing], then sally talk to him about how distant Martha is being.

Martha returns to the house (after it looks like a morning swim) and she isn’t that keen of what she thinks is sally’s fake pleasantness. Sally then tries to talk to her about recent events but Martha isn’t that keen on the chat, and wishes to be left alone.

Brad also tries to talk to Martha, and also gets nowhere.

Meanwhile, outside diner, Jack (on duty) puts a ticket on an illegally parked car. Cam returns to said car as jack is doing so. Cam thinks jack is on a total power trop by writing out such silly tickets.

Sally (vph) tries to talk to Martha again – but it’s all too much for Martha, who shocks sally by saying that she is moving out.

Soon after, with sally still trying to convince Martha to talk about this, cam arrives – and then he helps Martha move into her news place, the diner flat.

Martha likes that cam is being waaaaaaaay "supportive" of her (i.e. Cam is saying everything that Martha WANTS to hear, not what she NEEEDS to hear).

A little later, sally & jack are talking outside the diner. Sally tells jack that she thinks that Martha still isn’t dealing with the abortion, so jack suggests that he will talk to her. Sally doesn’t think it’s that best of ideas – but jack insists that hew has to try.

Martha (diner flat) and cam decides to have a house warning party tonight – with all pf cams’ friends.

Jack arrives – and Martha talks to him at the door. They talk about Sam initially, but when jack tries to get the matters more to do with Martha herself, cam stands behind Martha, and she seems to not talk as freely. Also, not surprisingly, the matter of the parking ticket was bought up.

When jack is gone, cam seems a tad annoyed that Martha not mentions to him that she had previously been married. Martha tells him that she didn’t as she & jack not married that long etc.

Later, Cass arrives home and she is shocked when sally & bead tell her that Martha has moved out. She is also initially concerned that sally etc not tell her sooner.

At the diner, colleen & Leah are already complaining about the rather loud music coming for the housewarming party upstairs.

Leah then bails (end of shift) and colleen isn’t impressed when a trio of party guests (incl one credited as Todd Harvey) try t enter the party via the stairwell which is accessed through the diner kitchen. Cam comes downstairs – and colleen complains to him about the noise, but her complaints are eased by a $100 note that cam gives her.

Jack goes to the vph, and tells sally & brad about the encounter with Martha & cam. Sally tells jack that she wasn’t sure about what kind of influence cam was on Martha, but she now thinks that he’s not the sort of person that she should be hanging around.

Jack (still on duty) then gets a call on the radio 0- about noise complaints about a party above the beachside diner.

The party is waaaaaaaaaay in full (loud) swing when jack arrives. He enters – and suggest to the already most likely drunk Martha that she should keep that noise down. Martha complies – and turns stereo down – but as soon as jack is out the door, the music goes back up.

Martha is waaaaaaay dancing to said music when Cindy comments to cam that Martha is a way sexy dancer – and he way agrees. Cam also has a similar facial expression is to when he saw Martha & mia dancing up on stage at the rocket club recently.

Soon after, Martha is talk to a woman named Misch. The latter surprises Martha when she comments that she has a 2 years son and she has no idea where the father is. When Misch shows Martha a pic of her son, it appear to further unsteady Martha, who (of course) tells cam that there is no problem, and that she just wants to [avoid thinking of the abortion by] be alone with him.

Next morn, Leah & colleen arrive at the diner – which has been trashed. There are bottles and other things (incl a “Cass” calendar or two) scattered about – both in the main area and the diner AND the kitchen. Both colleen & Leah are looking up the stairs (to diner flat) in disgust. (end of ep)


Martha continues to not listen to all her old friends, incl Jack

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s black (jewel encrusted “collar”) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Leah’s light yellow (v shaped straps) top

BRONZE – Little Pippa’s pink (with yellow straps) thin strapped top/pink skirt


Brad’s maroon tie/light blue button up shirt/black suit

Cam’s royal blue button up shirt (with black t shirt beneath)

Cindy’s red & blue [mosaic?] top

Colleen’s cream (with green & pink floral motifs) blouse

Colleen’s purple floral dress

Dan’s light green button up shirt/dark jacket

Leah’s red low cut top (with black top beneath)

Misch’s black tube top/choker necklace

Sally’s light blue-y/grey (with red vertical stripes) PJ top

Sally’s light pink blouse (with white top beneath)

Todd Harvey’s red polo shirt/black jacket

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