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Thursday, 15 Mar 07 - " NOT A Fiery End “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " NOT A Fiery End “

(Screened in Australia on Thursday, 15 Mar 07 - Episode # 4374)

Note – what is happening? We’ve had the opening credits 3 or the 4 days this week !!!

When Amanda returns to the mansion she is way stressing out. She tells Kelli that she saw Ethon at the police station – Amanda is already thinks that she should tell peter about this, but Kelli insists the Amanda should chill out in a hot bath.

When Amanda is upstairs, Kelli rings Ethan - arranges a meeting.

They meet on the beach. She is annoyed that he couldn't keen nose clean. Ethan insists that it was freak occurrence that Amanda should be at police sation at same time. Kelli insist that Eaton must make it so Amanda isn't worried about THOSE photos etc.

When kelli returns, Amanda is way stressed, as she wonders where Kelli was. Te later says that she was out buying a bottle of wine (to further ease Amanda nerves). Amanda think the she should go to peter – no need for Kelli to go to jail now as Ethan not dead.

Ethan then arrives at mansion – he insists that Amanda pay him $75000 or peter sees the pics.

When he is gone, Kelli say that she will see if she can access all ($20000) of her money – but Amanda thinks that won’t be enough. Amanda also thinks that Ethan could baclckmail her again. Kelli wonders where the motel that the one nightstand took place is – so they can go to and destroy the pics, the copies AND the memory stick.

Boon after, Kelli & Amanda break into Ethan’s hotel room – Kelli comments on learning various skills when she was drug dependent after the crash. Kelli finds a box with the pics etc. when Amanda looks at them she has flashback to THAT night. She then begins to burn them – just as Ethan tries to enter. Memory stick etc are “toast” by the time that Eaton makes it in the room. Amanda then lunges at him several times – with kelli trying to control her. Amanda then bails, followed by kelli, who smiles a knowing smile at Ethan.

At the mansion, Amanda is deliriously happy again, and toy can tell the kelli is just waiting (for the wedding day) to TOTALLY destroy Amanda.

Kit arrives at the hunter place and finds that James is there, and he has cooked dinner form them. Kit likes this. Kimmy arrives moments later, and James offers that he & Rachel can coin them for dinner tonight, but Kimmy say that Rachel is working tonight.

Soon after, James notes that kit isn’t looking the best. She thinks it just a headache – not a migraine (think car over cliff). James insists on taking kit to hospital.

Rachel has just finished her shift to the hospital when kit & James enter. Nurse Julie insists that Rachel should go, but Rachael says that Kimmy wouldn't forgive her if she left this treatment to another doctor.

When the ultrasound is done, Rachael tells kit & James that there is indeed no problem – it was just a headache.

Rachel goes to the diner where she apologises to Kimmy for being late finishing her shift. Kimmy isn’t pleased when she tells him that kit went to0 thee hospital without his knowledge tonight. Rachel insists that it was just a headache, but Kimmy thinks that it’s not the point.

Kimmy goes to Hunter place. James tells him that kit was gone to sleep. Kimmy “suggests” to James that he should have been contacted about kit going to hospital. James tries to ease kimmy’s annoyance by showing him some of the new ultrasound pics, but Kimmy still doesn’t seem that pleased at events.

Next morn, kit speaks with kit & Rachel at the diner, she tells them that James makes her brekkie in bed this morn – after sleep on couch last night.

At the hospital, James looks a little worse for wear before Rachel instructs him to administer some meds to a patient. As he is doing so, Rachel enters the room in haste. She can’t believe that he was about to inject some drugs into the pateint via the IV line, rather than a needle to the skin.

Rachel & Nurse Julie both way6 have a go at James for this – but Rachel says that she won’t put a black mark on his official record. When Rachel has walked away, Julie tell James that he is V lucky that Rachel hasn't taken this further.

Later, James enter the hunter place, and calls out to see if anyone is home. When he get no response, He removes several packets of what look to be drugs form his backpack.

Kit then enters – with the basket of washing that she just took in. James tries to put all the drugs back in his bag –but kit see one packet that he couldn't get in his bag before she saw him. (end of ep)


Jack risks his career in a bid to see Sam just one last time !!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s twin tone blue [dark blue on bust, sky blue for the rest] sports top/bluey-grey zip up jacket

SILVER – Kit’s orange v-neck t-shirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s white (with a wide black band at top, and purple floral motifs) tube top


Amanda’s (deliberately faded?) orange, green, blue & white (floral pattern) plunging V-neck spaghetti strap dress

Amanda’s black bathrobe

James’ white (with green horizontal stripes) button up shirt/white (grey crest) t-shirt

Kelli’s red V-neck t shirt/white top beneath/white knee length shorts/grey zip up jacket

Kelli’s silver (with red around collar and floral motifs) nightdress/red long pants

Kimmy’s way light pink (“7 S”) t-shirt

Kimmy’s white (white stars on black shield) t-shirt

Kit’s dark blue singlet top/white long pants

Nurse Julie’s white (with small purple circles pattern) blouse

Rachel’s black kinda low cut dress

Rachel’s red plunge v-neck dress

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